Hunting for Witches

Posted: 25/01/2010 in General, Life, Playing Games, Xbox360
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Well, not much has really happened over the last few days… so expect this to be short…. maybe… Well, I’d hope so anyway.

So Wednesday seemed to be the end of my good week. It started off pretty crap, a sudden crap…. but not in the sense that it sounds like. This slowly picked up over the day and ended up being horrible. Archery in the afternoon was good. I was on my A game! I got 30/30 and was hitting consistent golds and reds…. which is shocking, I normally do SHIT!

Afterwards I had to wait outside of the school for about 30 minutes talking with Nico, yay…

Thursday continued to be a bit shit. Period 1 was a laugh though, Peter came in being sad because he got 4 Us and 4 Unsatisfactories on his report. So Jennings was gonna have a go at him saying about how he’ll be kicked from the school or something. He was saying how the system isn’t fair and how they only care about numbers not the personality of the student. But to be honest Peter, I think those Unsatisfactories show your personality, or at least how the teachers see it… that’s why the effort grade is there…  So Adam and I sat there concealing our giggles whilst Rosie gave him words of comfort and that sort of malark.

Thursday had a lot of Biology, it was nicely quiet. Well, the lesson wasn’t exactly quiet, just everything else was nicely quiet.

When I got home my mum asked for the times for Parent’s Evening. I gave them to her and she said, “Because I need to know what time we need to leave.” To which I replied, “What do you mean we?” to which she said, “You’re going.” I was sad…

Well, boredom happened until we had to leave. My mum went 40mph down the 30mph roads, 45mph down the 40mph roads and 40 down the country speed limit free roads. We were in no hurry.

We waited about for Mr Peters… who loves me…. like properly loves me! (Not like Nico (suck on that one bitch!)) but then seeing as there wasn’t much to say about me, my brother got brought up…. eww…. Then Mr Halls said how he loved me (again… not like that) so that was good. Biology I was told that I’m a smart boy and I should DEFINITELY get an A… otherwise my Wheeler will be sad (he ignored the fact my targets are Cs (cause of the messed up GCSE average) unlike the other two teachers) which made me happy because it showed that Mr Wheeler really sees something in me and is passionate about how well I can do. Maths was a let down, they didn’t say anything negative… more of they didn’t say anything interesting…

Then we left.

Friday was just the peak of the crap mountain.  The whole day was just poor. Physics didn’t seem that difficult (despite everyone saying it was hard… so I had to go with the flow), Chemistry was WELL easy! I was ONLY just second to finish, but i was by myself and had to wait about for the other groups to give the models back to their spots (who were working in pairs or more). Lunch was boring! I forget what happened.

Maths was okay, I remember it being some simple stuff again… then period 6 turned out to be shitter than I expected…. I can’t say it went well… not for any reasons that I’m sharing…. I mean, those here were there and wouldn’t have noticed me do anything, so it is obv something else…. Suck on that sudden short hand….

The weekend has mostly been me playing more Tales of Vesperia… giving up on an achievement in it, because you have to knock a boss over when it rears up on it’s back legs… which it only does when you’re far away… and it only does it for about 2 seconds… and you have to hit it a fair few times… so it’d either kill me grosely cause I couldn’t be bothered to heal, or I’d kill it too soon. I’d spent about two hours trying to kill it before I gave up, not trying to kill it, trying to get the achievement. With each attempt came such a long cut scene… well, not REALLY long, just when you’ve seen it about 20 times or more, it gets boring. Which is really why I gave up… I then did a load more of it, AND RAPPED IT UP!

I also played more Gears of War on INSANE mode with my brother. Cause we started to play it again on Friday (not sure if my brother saw I was sad or if he was just bored… I’d say the second), we’ve finished Act 2 so we only have the final act, I believe…..

Other than that, I have done barely anything with my life. Mostly staying up WELL late talking to Bethany in Florida.

OH! Something fun to talk about… When naked I weigh 48.2kg Yes…. I’m that light… wearing clothing I’m less than 50

I lost about 1kg over the weekend… which is HILARIOUS! I’m hungry though….

frick, something…. I remember something about something but I forgot.. oh well, probs nothing important…..

  1. joethearachnid says:

    I did finally get around to reading it. See, I did.
    My parents don’t really care about parent’s evening… not in terms of me being there anyway; they always take notes and shit and tell me what all the teachers said.

    Fridays are hit and miss – they’re either good to average or totally shit. Not a good way to start the weekend.

  2. Max says:

    I hate your new blog theme. The date is displayed as 01/25, either change that or get a new theme. It is confusing for people used to English date formats.

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