It’s the New year! (Incase you forgot)

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Yes, it is now 2010… meaning if you hadn’t gotten used to writing 2009 (which I hadn’t) then having to write 2010 is really going to mess you up!
So then, let’s look at last year’s resolutions and see which have been achieved…

This year!
1. Do well in my GCSEs and NOT fail a single one (Fail being below C)… Currently this is the fail-train…. As far as I know, I am going to fail French and Art… Some say I’m pessimistic…. I say…. I probably am…. but I have a good feeling about this sort of thing…..
2. Go to a party…. AND ENJOY IT! Or… at least half the parties I go to, I have to enjoy….. I mean, about…. all but one of the parties I went to, that I can remember, I didn’t really enjoy… This mostly came down to the amount of booze at the party OR just the fact that I could be talking to someone and then they started having an intimate hug with someone leaving me to just support the wall in case it decided to fall and crush everyone….
3. Revise for my exams MORE than just the day before! All last year I waited till like the last day before my exams mostly goofing off and playing games the weeks before. When it came to that day… I goofed off till late at night, about 11pm and then opened a revision book and then goofed off some more….
4. Enjoy Prom.
5. Try and read my book more. I think this has mostly been due to the season, but recently in the morning it is too cold for me to read my book due to VIOLENT shivers, then when going home, it is too dark to read…. I only really get the chance to read in car journeys because I have this laptop made of magic and FIRE.
6. Try and get back onto the horse that is socialising…. For the past 3 weeks I have done NOTHING but sit in my bed under my quilt due to the lack of heating (it broke a lot) with my laptop on my lap, playing Maplestory. Nothing but, I went on MSN for about 2 hours…. from 11:30pm to 1:30am or something, which I mostly spent my time talking to Simon…. that was the day I was meant to not play maplestory… funny how that turned out.
7. And then the ones from last year… which I think I’ve forgotten… I think I have it written down somewhere.
8. Do more of my story.

Okay, so… well…
Number 1… FAIL! French was a D.
Number 2… Well, this one kinda varies… in terms of proper parties… the sort of image you get when you hear the word “Party!” it is a FAIL! However, Max’s Birthday party which was different and the exam results party was okay… I’m still undecided about Eliza’s one…
Number 3… Well, in terms of GCSEs… FAIL! But slightly better fail because instead of the last few hours of consciousness being full of revision I spent an entire day to revise the sciences and maths… okay, they were the days before… and even then it was half the day…. But… A-Levels… it is mega fail… cause I have yet to revise for a single test we’ve had all year in Sixth form… I’ve only started revision for Physics today….
Number 4… Oh boy… FAIL! It had it’s good bits… and then it had some mega-shit bits…
Number 5… I finished the book series I was reading at the time… so that’s good… but then the only other book I read in the year was Scud The Disposable Assassin: The Whole Shebang… which is a big comic book… Hey, I’ve started a new book series now though…
Number 6… Well, I guess this one actually worked… I mean, SHIT! I actually went out with friends on more than one occasion! I mean SWEET JESUS! Okay, for the last two weeks or so I’ve mostly played Maplestory… but shut up… this one went well…
Number 7… FAIL! I can’t remember them all, but yeah…. it was a FAIL!
Number 8… Semi-FAIL… Well, I wrote more… but only about two chapters of it…

So… this year’s resolutions…:

  1. Finish my story!
  2. Do VERY well in my AS exams. (So higher than B in all… ALL)
  3. Revise more… MUCH MORE… these are proper exams people… let’s get this shit serious…
  4. Go to a big party with music and not be supporting the wall/imaginary wall by the end of it… Good luck with that one…
  5. The ones from two years ago!
  7. Don’t Smoke.

If you’re wondering about the last one… it is so I can have one pass by the end of 2010…. I hope…

So the year review… which you may remember from last time…. Basically this year… during the first part of the year it was quite good and enjoyable. Soon this was slowly destroyed as exams encroached in which it wavered between good and bad like the main character in Fable. Once the exams were over things were quite good…. over the extended summer holiday. Towards the end the air became anxious as sixth form approached… Max’s party put this at rest for us a bit…

Sixth form appeared and it started off quite well. Soon as the weather forced everyone inside meaning some people went to place where I wasn’t excepted meant that it got pretty shit. Towards the end of the year it once again swapped between really crappy and really good. The last few days were really crap but Max’s Party was once again a shining light in the brown coloured haze (cause it was shit (not Max’s party…)) which although started out with over shadow of the previous week became insanely good.

Slowly the year boiled down and I became increasingly tired… I found myself waking up at 9:00am to even 11:00am because the mornings got too cold. Although there was a slight depressive nail in there at one point hopefully that nail will be removed in the early start of the year.

But now as we go into the new year there is no feeling of enjoyment, more of anticipation for the oncoming exams that could spell enjoyment (somehow being spelled with 4 As) or Defeat (With 4 letters from D, E or U… somehow).

That was only school life…

Gaming through the year seemed slow for me, not many releases for the DS left me with not many new games to play. I was left to replay the Final Fantasy Series 7-9 as well as playing many PS2 games. Occasionally getting a multiplayer game waggled in my face by my brother lead to the odd shining beacon to relieve the boredom. Towards the end with birthday games as well as chirstmas games left me with some better DS games to play as well as PS2…

TV has been bad and sort of undistinguishable… the main thing that can be noticed is the lack of new Bleach English Dub until the summer of 2010. Films revealed  some real real jewels. Avatar and Up probably taking the title for the animation category. Up for plot and general feel whilst Avatar took it hands down for the animation. Music lead to let downs such as the lack of great Foo Fighters and the New Muse Album being a bit lacking. Weezer’s new album was pretty good though.

And so wraps up last year from the top of that hill over there to the center of the planet… Okay, so maybe the highs are better than the top of that hill…. maybe the top of a tall building? But a REALLY pointy one… because it didn’t last much… However, those tall pointy bits are all separated by about 2 months each… well… the last of the three is like 4 months after the one before… but I think from that anyone can tell what it is…

Well, see you sometime in the future then… I’ve just realised I need to wrap Ben’s present for Monday… do we take our bags and physics folders and stuff? For like, taking notes?

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