Well, it WAS Xmas…. but no more… it is now the new year! So look forward to that blog post!

So yeah, basically, over the last few days sweet FA has happened, weather means no grandparents and it was xmas…

Oh yeah… this…

To avoid having to explain it all, just check the description, makes life WAY much easier… so yeah, my jacket is made of win… I’ve just realised my keyboard has blood on it from yesterday…. and not much else has happened, I have yet to start to revise… which bites…. and also I need to start writing my book again and try and finish it because I’m suddenly thinking up a new book and it isn’t fun… well, the book idea is good  (okay, so it will be like the first chapter or so… but I am getting some other ideas going…) I just always hate it when this happens… Near the start or during the time in which I stop writing a story, I suddenly start to get ideas of other things, sure they could be ideas that I’ve had for ages, just ideas that I wouldn’t have originally built up on due to the original and main priority…. I also need to clean my room and desk…. the latter with Chemicals…. Tomorrow I’ll start revision…. then I guess once the exams are over and life is easier… I’ll go at my room chemicals blazing. The main problem is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is REALLY addictive…. seriously…. I can’t put it down… too often into the wee hours of the night…. I also seem to have messed up because I currently own only a physics revision guide… Well, today in Waterstones I bought a Chemistry one, that I believe to apply to my course, but the one I could do with (other than Physics which I own) is biology…. because biology is so up and down…. one moment I’m top in the class, the next I’ve got a U…. So, Physics revision, Bleach, FMA and Hotshots…. this mission is go tomorrow…. and No gaming…. Although I may play some more We ❤ Katamari…. just because it FUCKING ROCKS! but yeah, DS is going away…. which will hurt… SO much… Not to mention I’ve been ever so lonely with not many people to talk to… Everyone is not on MSN… Bethany Huls went away for xmas… so I’ve been playing maplestory like NONE stop…. because they just HAD to release some very new and awesome content just before the exam period (December 11th is just before, right?) meaning I don’t stop playing because I’m leveling up the new and fun job…. oh well… guess I’ll stop this long story of a paragraph and do somethign else….. (which will be playing KH:358/2 Days)


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