Happy 100th

Posted: 09/12/2009 in General, Homework, Life
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OhLook! As of the end of this I will have written 100 blog posts on this blog and have had 300 comments… and possibly 600 tags… if I just have four… 100s all round!!!!! Sweet! I just found 5 £20 notes…. under my sub woofer! mmm….

ANYWHO, not much has really happened recently… I’ve basically… not done much of significant interest… but here we go anyway… I’ll probably get into something and go on that…

Okay… so Thursday! Well, I had paired reading, and I’ve only just noticed how filthy my child is… and he smells ): So then there were that Biology lesson (after a free) with Miss Cresdee… I’ve actually begun to like Miss Cresdee… I think most of the lack of learning that happens is due to the interruptive class I’m in… So because there was a Psychology trip Nico was not here… I sat alone… well, Ceryse and the upper sixth form girl were to my right but they were a few seats away.

Not much happened over period 3 and 4… I think…  Yeah… not much happened… the last two lessons Ceryse had left so the sixth form girl had moved to sit next to someone else… leaving me properly on my own! The entire row was just me… row/column thing…. We got a test back which I think I got a B or a C in… Then I finished the work we were doing and had my hand up for like 15 minutes whilst waiting for the teacher to EVENTUALLY notice and then ask her what to do… she said I could start notes on Vaccine… Only 10 minutes of the lesson left… I passed on that idea.

Friday, we had our first lesson with Mrs Smith. This was… it seemed great because we had got a lot of work done… however… turns out I didn’t quite pick up on it as much as I had hoped… because some homework questions later… I had no idea what to do… this was proved by the Monday lesson where we did the sheet…. in the lesson… and I think every answer of mine was different and I had no idea how she got her answers because like Fletch, she goes off on tangents… unlike Fletch, they are Physics Tangents so you’ll start trying to learn what she’ll be saying, getting a bit confused then she says, “Okay, back to the work.” where you suddenly realise you have no idea what is going on and may have missed something somewhere… at least with Fletch’s tangents they are amusing and you know where the work starts and stops.

Chemistry I can’t remember what was happening… I recall an experiment where we watched a flame-thrower form from the end of a test tube… JUST missing Andy’s hand as he pulled it out of the way of the flame just in time… the rest was a bit of a blur… it was mostly Group 2 metal reactions which I’ve sort of picked up, but not as much as I’d like…

Okay, then in Maths we sort of lost our class room… so sort of decided to steal an empty one… and stuff… we then decided we had no work… and it was Self revision… yay…

Period 6… Can’t quite remember… at all really… oh yeah I do! I talked to Chloé and people whilst trying to do the physics work…. so yeah.

The weekend was a bit dull. I basically played more FF12 whilst my brother was working and then finished reading the current chapters of FMA. Which rocked! I want more! Silly monthly chapters… made by sexy Square-enix….

The week started… maths in the morning was more self revision. Hillier was boring revision exam questions…. Lunch was something… Physics was confusing and chemistry I was told that I shouldn’t be doing the exam questions from the top of my head (like an exam would work) instead I should do it from my notes… also I had a few silly mistakes from where Mr Hillier would be writing something similar on the board at the same time and I would end up writing that down… or writing Chlorine instead of Chloride… which I hate when he sees those… because he goes on and on about it as if I didn’t know… but no, it was just a slip…

Tuesday with my 4 lessons o’ freedom I tried to do my maths stuff and my physics for Mr Halls (which I sort of copied one or two questions from someone (Max)) whilst also doing the work or other maths work for other people who were normally at different stages to me… I then began to watch Tom make his Star Wars thing, until I told him to start revising… ^.^

Today… Wednesday? Why do I have to keep thinking that????!?!?!

Okay, Maths double in the morning was boring… Mr Wheeler biology was good. Got a quick, “Doing Archery today?” From Wheeler! Period 5 Chloé and I did some work in the library. Maths last lesson was boring. It turned out that the Archery was then cancelled… which caused Chloé and I to phone our parents at the start of Period 5… her conversation was longer than mine… I like how Mr Wheeler cares about us enough to give the sixth formers the notice despite it being for the lower schoolers!

Oh… Technically Tuesday I went to sleep at 3am…. and today I went to sleep at 2am or something… yeah, something like that… and each go waking up at 6:45am… you may have seen on my now super active twitter… it is so active because I have TweetDeck making it easier to update Twitter and Facebook.

I have also been reading/finished reading the archives of…. Chugworth! and Chugworth Academy. The latter being the much longer one is actually pretty hilarious! Despite it ending a bit… suddenly… I liked it anyway… the art does improved very quickly!

I’ve also been laptoping from my bed… this destroyed by bed so I moved back to my desk which ended up having to be cleaned…. there was a lot of junk on it, still is… it also smells….

It is December!!! Hopefully tomorrow I will order my sister’s, brother’s and Ben’s xmas present in the morning… don’t feel sad everyone else… Ben only gets a present because we are basically buying it for ourselves… but still gifting each other… it’s complicated…

So my Advent Children Chocolate has also been getting thicker with each day… mmmmm…. chocolate….

Happy 100th post and now to find out how to turn the snow on….

“Seeing as how you are the woman, you will fix my meals, do my laundry and of course birth our children. In exchange, I will constantly watch out television, making sure nobody steals it.”

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    Stunning, I didn’t heard about this topic up to the present. Thx!!

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