In which only cool people will understand that…. and even then…. hmmm…. Because WISDOM, WAR, STRATEGY, JUSTICE and skill are all very so cool…

ANYWHO, on with the currently very capital blog. So sweet fuck all has happened… you can go now…

Oh wait, there’s more… (PS a shiny penny for s/he who can crack my title) so yeah, not much happened over the last week. Basically….


I got Three new Deadpool comics on Thursday!!! They were Deadpool #17. Very good! Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth #5 not as funny but had some pretty classic lines. Deadpool #899 Team up with Hercules. Pretty good really. Although some bits were odd and probably required some more comic background knowledge… however… DEADPOOL = SEXY!!!!

The weekend I spent some of Saturday playing more FF12… and I’ve gotten to that part where I’ve sort of finish the story arc so I just walk about a bit tying up loose ends hither and dither before continuing the story… I’ve also become really good really quick… like, most of my team nearly have their full limit breaks… or “Quickenings” and overall, I have most of the skill License board filled out and a fair amount of the weapon and armour one as well….  Now just to kill everything and then skip away!

Sunday… I got bored, so I found myself playing FF7… I started off playing for level 99, however… this dream died when I got bored, so I finished leveling one materia so it cloned itself then went off in search of Emerald Weapon… That bitch is hard! You may have seen my screams on my twitter… and facebook. Basically… my current strategy is to have someone with BahamutZero paired to Quadra Magic, and also have Knights of the Round paired with HP Absorb as well as having W-Summon so they can summon twice a go. This means that they can have BahamutZero attack 4 times followed by a Knights of the Round for healing. Then I have Cloud having the Mimic ability so when the first person uses their skill, he then mimics with their move, and it costs no MP. Then just have cloud the only attacker, and he doesn’t die… This “he doesn’t die” plan only works for a while… then Emerald Weapon will be an arse and use Aire Tam (which is Materia spelled backwards) which does equivalent damage to how much Materia equipped x 1,111. So Cloud suffers about 5,555 damage… you’d think he’d live, however normally JUST before… Emerald Weapon will use Revenge Stamp (doesn’t do large amounts but takes me down to like 300hp and it attacks before I can…) or it will use it’s Emerald Cannon thing… which will end with my death… I have a way around this… Cloud is paired with the “Final Attack” Materia with Phoenix… so when he dies… he uses Phoenix… and everyone is alive so we then continue the attack… all well and good… it then uses Aire Tam AGAIN later… meaning everyone is near death… then kills Cloud and because Final Attack is only level one… he dies for good… go of BahamutZero x 4 and Knights of the Round x 1 takes a sum total of 5 minutes!!! pretty much anyway… which does like… 200k damage or something… and Emerald Weapon has 1mil… before I knew it… the day was over…. so I’ll start that again and level Final Attack a bit before going again.

That was long…. um….


Well, it seems Bleach has stopped with the English Dub until summer 2010… so I’m now in Withdrawal… not to mention there was no new Manga chapter last week. I’ve begun to read the rest of FMA manga… and I am on chapter 63/101… and each chapter is like 50 pages long or something… I watched the ending of Hellsing… I can’t say I like it for the plot… more of the shear bad-assness of Alucard.  Now I’m out of stuff to watch and I r sad… I was thinking of watching Yu-Gi-Oh! to relive my childhood…. *shrugs*


Right now I’m meant to be trying to finish about 6 or 8 pages of Biology notes that were set two weeks ago… I also have another 15 pages of other Biology notes I could be doing… however I know it well enough to get me by from GCSE knowledge… heck, it is enough to get me to the top of the class… so *flicks some Vs*

I hear it is December… meaning…………… ADVENT CHILDREN CALENDAR!!!! I’ve only just realised my advent children calendar doesn’t have a chocolate for the 25th…. doesn’t matter… I’m at my Grandparents’ house for Xmas morning… MEGA sad face… However… it did mean this morning Ash brought in some chocolate coins which we chewed on…. mmm….

It also means I have to start thinking about being festive and getting people stuff, knowing that less than half will give me a card let alone anything in some form of festive paper… ah well, I’m used to it.

OH! Monday I went to the Orthodontist… I had the horrible Ideals that my Retainer will be coming off for good… no… he took it out, did something… put it back in my mouth with a shove… and voila! it was tightened…. I also got an ACTUAL retainer case…. So within seconds my retainer was out and in the case… cause I can now have it out for like 8 hours a day!!! meaning I  can have it out for school… however… some times that is discouraged by me… this is because the new tightness (as I found out Monday after-school (as you may have seen on Facebook and twitter)) HURTS LIKE FUNK! It pretty much crushes my back teeth… although I think I’ve had it in enough for either the metal to deform a bit or my teeth to move…

Archery today was pretty good as well! We started off shooting… and it ended up with about 4 sixth formers shooting at the same target trying to murder a power ranger… towards the end the Sixth formers moved one of the targets round and we started shooting from afar… I sucked with my first arrow, however I was used to shooting from like Arms length…. so of course it was going to go low, it also turns out I had a small bow as well… I then got to wait for twenty to twenty-five minutes in the rain by myself, surrounded by some Year 11s listening to Muse with my one working headphone… it was cold… sad face….

I really need to start that Biology notes… well… I have started some… however, when I started them… 5th period today (wednesday) it seems I accidentally spent too much time talking to Chloé instead and we didn’t get much in terms of Biology OR Classics notes done…

RRRRRRRRRRROCK…. on? <—- sad

  1. joethearachnid says:

    Parthenon? SRSLY? Why would you call you blog ‘Maiden’s chamber’ anyway? Is there something you haven’t been telling us?
    Also, lulz@ your multiple losses to various things, including games and natural elements.

  2. Chris says:

    Sad face…. Eh, it was cause I was talking to Chloé on that day, she was doing classics work ‘n’ stuff… so yeah…
    Did you just copy ‘n’ paste it into a translator or did you recognise the symbols?

    • joethearachnid says:

      Do you not believe that the ancient Greek lessons I do actually do anything? Yes, I can read bloody Greek text. PiAlphaRhoThetaEpsilonNuOmegaNu, thank you very much.

      • Chris says:

        Okay… calm down, I was just wondering whether you read it or just got it from classics is all…. don’t go mental or anything.

        • joethearachnid says:

          It was really just the insinuation that I might need an online translator that offended me.

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