From the Dust I Emerge

Posted: 25/11/2009 in Exams, General, Life
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The Dust of the Mock Exams has settled and all that is left is… a lot I guess… as far as I know pretty much no one was really affected by the mock exam period… But, anyway, time to do a QUICK run down of the last three weeks of activity… from present to past.

Mock Exams!

Basically, my results are as follows (this includes various tests we may have gotten back).

Maths! The one that EVERYONE dreaded. Not to mention the one that MOST people in each group hadn’t been taught all the subject material. I got an E with 35 marks, as far as I know, this is fairly good…

Physics! Another one that was let down by the lack of teachering, although this is due to Fletch’s unfortunate illness she has been suffering since last Monday. I got a D with 52%, I know that in my group Ash beat me with 55% and Max got pretty muchz the same. Other groups, Chloé got the same as me, Adam being a silly FOOL got like 82% or something like that, can’t quite remember… I just know it is an A…

Chemistry! An exam which I hoped to wipe the smug smile Mr Hillier has on his face towards me due to me not showing all my working and what not… but oh look, 80% I got an A! In yo’ face Mr Hillier… granted, upon that he took a shining to me and saying how what with my low expectations from the GCSE results, I’m gonna give them statistics people some fun.

BIOLOGY! This one is last because it is the one I think I could possibly be most proud of… I got a C in the mock exam at 60%… as far as I know… this was the best in our group… so that is pretty FINE! We also got Mr Wheeler’s end o’ unit test… I got an A with 79% (in any other science it’d be a B with everyone else’s marks being lower) with 23/29… highest in the class! mmm, mm, mmmmmmmmmmmmm…

I also got my maths challenge result back, I got… 58!! Which is a Bronze! I tried to not be a jerk about it… but when I was told I was also the last to be told, got the highest in the group, so I started to scribble it down in BIG letters on the back of my hand whilst Mr Hydes said, “And congratulations to Chris who got a Bronze.” Meaning everyone turned to look at me, and instead of my normal, “eh… it doesn’t really matter.” lean on hand demeanour I normally have, I was happily scrawling my result on my hand… ah well…

Really that is it for achievement… now it is just trying to roughly remember what I may have done over the last two to three weeks… which didn’t have any revision in, I can tell you that.

At some point it was Tom Baine’s birthday so we went out and had Birthday Waffles! My treat! Then later that day we went to Prezzos (or is it Prezzo’s) where we ate to celebrate my Sister’s Birthday that had been the day before. This, for me, consisted of a Quatro Formaggi which was soon made Cinquo (?) due to the addition of parmesan cheese. Then for desert I took a stab at a slice of Choco fudge cake… however, I began to feel ill and bloated, so I could not finish it…. sadly.

Other events include…….. not much really…  I’m sure there may have been some stuff to talk about, but sadly I can’t remember it all…

Well, that is a slight lie… (by slight I mean huge, I just don’t trust any of you with it…) cause I drew a picture based on something in my mind that has been running around for months… Then I thought, I could try this project… however it failed because I forgot I can’t actually draw, and although it could be accepted, in my mind and when I look at it whilst drawing, I hate it… doesn’t help I can’t draw hands EVER… or feet.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can’t believe I forgot this….

ANIME! So Max and anyone not really interested in this can just skip ahead until the next chunk of bold writing, I guess…

Okay, so I have recently watched all of Trigun… to be honest… I FUCKING LOVED IT! It wasn’t as good as some of the other things I’ve seen, like FMA and Elemental Gelade. It didn’t have any teary eye moments… there is one, but then it doesn’t really try to do that. The main character, Vash, is awesome! His mysterious past is pretty awesome, however very poorly explained. From what I’ve read, I can assume that the Manga is very different, but I have also read the chance of a film… maybe. Nicholas D Wolfwood, a great Character… but yeah… Legato, one of the main antagonists… is a jerk, but sexy in the Sephiroth way….

Also, Bleach… it got to one of the slightly good, narrative bits… where there is actual character developement… the Grimmjow and Ichigo fight, however… the change from this to what is coming next week, the Amargi filler, is crap. The fight finishes… Ichigo and Orihime talk a bit, then they look up into the sky and instead of the normal. “to be continued…” slight colour change thing… it was, “To the next episode.” and it’s like… what?

There was no new Bleach Chapter last week, sadly, however the previous ones have been quite good with the large amounts of Byakuya and Kenpachi. Oh, not to mention the power development that I love in things where they actually explain why someone is so insane or why something does that, instead of, “WooOooOooo! Magic?”.

I have started to watch Hellsing, which is shorta than Trigun at only 12 episodes instead of 26… but is is okay. My main hatred towards it is the overly British Accents everyone has… like, not everyone in London or even Britain says, “Fooking hell!” all the time or talks like a lil’ cockney sparra! Ah well, Alucard is pretty cool… not much in terms of a deep narrative though… more of, “Bad guys… shoot… dead…” oh well, these things normally throw it in towards the end anyway… However, once I finished watching that… I don’t know what I’ll end up watching… I may joking watch Yu-Gi-Oh again after a talk with my brother at how sad my childhood was and how I knew the words to pretty much EVERY pokemon opening despite only watching the series once, the words to Cardcaptors, Yu-gi-oh (not hard) Digimon… apart from some of the weird parts… a lot of Beyblades (LET’S! BEYBLADE! BEYBLADE! LET IT RIP!) and yeah… my childhood  is a bleak and depressing one… oh well… I now wake up to, “It’s time to D-d-d-d-duel!”


I am beginning to think that the title of this may be a bit too… deep…  but I think I successfully managed to cover that up by ruining it within the second line or so…

Oh Hugo has twitter… time to go find him!


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