Posted: 11/11/2009 in General, Homework, Life, Playing Games, Xbox360
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*Throws Confetti*

… yeah!

Okay, not much has happened over the last bunch of days.

I played Halo 3 with my brother and the internet actually held enough to play a lot of games, alas my XBL Gold account free trial expired so now I can’t play anything online… I can only add friends… and NOTHING ELSE. I finished doing the advanced levels on Portal, these were fun, a bit annoying to start with… then I slowly realised on one level (second from last that can be advanced mapped) that I had to momentum my way onto the turret platforms and push them over… which involved a lot of… glitching? Like, walking through the orange portal, then JUST enough so I can fire the portal gun, then change the position of the orange portal, jumping down and firing the blue… yeah…

School has been aight… I guess… Chemistry I got accused of not understanding the work, and I’ve already been through this all with someone else… basically, if I were to use his figures I’d be out by a factor of 10… my figures (which were apparently wrong…) got me the answer… so… I dunno.

In other news, I ended up PAINFULLY teaching Melissa Speakman Osmosis, a simple process made complicated. Mr. Hydes hates our group with a passion that it seems he decided not to teach us so in order to do the work I’ve ended up having to teach myself… I hate having to do that…

Weekend was boring… not much happened, not much does really.

Today whilst trying to work I had to explain characters in comics. Because Melissa was looking at an “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” picture… and I was drooling at Deadpool and Gambit, by far the best characters to be associated with X-Men… whilst she was drooling over Hugh Jackman… Who ruined Wolverine as a character… just because girls like him because it’s Hugh Jackman, not because it’s fucking Wolverine… So no one cared about Deadpool (ala Wade Wilson) or Gambit… We (Tom, James and I) agreed that Nightcrawler, aka Kirt Wagner (pronounced Vagner) was the best thing about X-Men 2, and although X-men 3 was pretty good, it was a bit corny… too much comic methinks… (no one cares for Sabertooth…)


So, yeah, I hadn’t finished mine by this morning due to the lack of the materials worksheet last night where I added a lot more stuff. However, I managed to burn through my edits… The lesson came and I was a bit nervous… two people volunteered to go first… Charlotte and I… because I’m second last in the register… Max being last, I went second… when I got up… I thought, “shit…” and began to get NEEEEEEEEEEEERVOUS… so yeah, that went tits up… when I sat down again, I felt my shirt on my back… it was WELL sticky… FAILED.



RADITUDE! Aka, the new Weezer album. Unfortunately Spotify has only put a small amount of the stuff for non-paying customers… so that sucks, still good though.

Writing this my pinky finger locked twice… meaning that the shift key wasn’t applied…


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