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So yeah! I finally got round to doing this!!!


These were a bitch to actually take… mostly because about half way through my batteries in my crap camera died… meaning I had to go to the draw… there were none… so I then had to search my room for old batteries hoping that various combinations would work. Eventually one worked… Now I just have all my work scattered on my bed…

So… really, the previous school life was  a bit boring. We got our progress reports back, which I was fairly annoyed by. I didn’t get a single A. Mr Peters said that he was giving us our grade we were meant to be getting (mine is meant to be a C but I got a B). Mr Hillier has REALLY pissed me off. He gave me a C. DESPITE getting (technically) 100% on EVERY piece of homework we’ve done, even though he has marked them all as 8/10 because I don’t show all the unneeded working. Maths I think I got a B and a C… and apparently one late homework for Mr Hydes… even though it was for Mr Tapscott… Then Bio I got a B from Wheeler and a D from Cresdee (I can accept this… even though I’m the one who knows everything…) and I must’ve gotten a B from Fletch and C from Mr Halls… who I think hates me.

Physics on Friday we got our results back from the test on Monday. I thought I did well, but I was certain I stuffed up on some. Turns out I got 27/29. This turns out to be the highest in the class… It also turns out I was the first to finish, and I didn’t revise… *shrugs* how the hell should I know? I’m crap at physics… and no one mention that I got 98/100 on that Module 5 and 6 GCSE test which I was worrying about because I’d revised once and over thought it all and didn’t learn a thing… okay…. we then had biscuit related nonsense.

Then from Friday afternoon to about… Monday 3am… I spent the entire time talking to Bethany Huls via Head set and playing maple. Okay, so Sunday to Monday was mostly waiting for Bethany, because she had to clean because her parents were coming back… and I never got a chance to talk to her… sad face.

Saturday I cycled to Snape to buy my father a Christmas present. Alas it was raining… it wasn’t bad on the way there, apart from I couldn’t see by the time we got there from mud and water on my glasses. I got him some Marmalade and me 300g of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans… Then on the way back the rain was harder… I had to stop once because I couldn’t see a thing… and also my shoe lace got caught in the chain so I had to back peddle. When I got home… it felt like there was Ice in my brain…

Tuesday we (Mother, sister and I) went into Ipswich. I didn’t buy much… well, except Howl’s Moving Castle!!!! I then tried to watch it… but my brother and sister and mother came barging in every two seconds… eventually I decided to talk to my brother and we looked at University Prospectuses… well, the few he threw at me… being Cambridge, UCL and Imperial. He laughed and stuff… yeah…

Yesterday we went to the dentist… I hate this new dentist… he’s an arse… We then went to Ipswich to watch…. Up! IN 3D!!!! It is a Pixar production… so it will have one of the Pixar shorts at the start… this was AWESOME. Then the actual film… MY WORD! That was tear jerking. The start was a bit “WOAH!” in the sadness ratings… then later it got there again… and I admittedly had one or two tears down my face… I’m man enough to accept it.

Then today I did sweet F A… apart from the thing at the start and playing more Lunar Knights.

I’ve managed to finish Chapter 4 of my story, which is like 8504 words long. However, Open Office thought this a fun time to break… so when I tried to reinstall it… it wouldn’t work… I redownloaded the installer… it wouldn’t work… sad face.

I’d scroll down a bit Max…

I have also been watching Witchblade. It is a 24 episode Anime series that could have possibly questionable content… to say it is on youtube… the funniest thing is… the content is MOST questionable in the dubs. Basically, there is this thing called the Witchblade. It bonds to females… there are ones called Cloneblades, made by people. The people want the Witchblade. However both the Witchblade and Cloneblade seem to have a tendency of when the people transfrom leaving them with little to next to nothing on… the main character has armour on her arms… her nipples and shoulders… a VERY small bit on her… area… and then from knees and down… this is how it is for most characters… and nearly all of the people with this stuff on has GIANT boobs bigger than a baby… so much so the main character is nicknamed Melony. It is about episode 2 or 3 where you stop going, “OMG!!!! BOOBS!!! OMG!!! Her voice sounds like she is orgasming!!!” and get into the story… *cough* And about episode 20 – 24… I couldn’t take my eyes from the screen… and there were tears… The difference between the subs and dubs… the subs have black leggings on the main character… the dubs have fleshy leg showing her butt…

I don’t know what is gonna really happen between now and school… hopefully I’ll get work done… I SHOULD get work done… maybe tomorrow… that is if my brother and I don’t go into town… which I hope we do… I need to pick up my Deadpool Subscription….

So… I’ve also been listening/watching Tim Minchin’s stuff again… He is a genius… I suggest watching Dark Side from ‘So Live’ and Canvas Bags… from the Secret Policeman’s Ball… but I believe it is the first one you get when you search for it. Shame he isn’t a bigger name because he apparently doesn’t appeal to the TEEENAGE MAARRRRKEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Which is why he could have a dark side… if you wanted him to. He is epic at piano as well as vocals…

Oh… also played a bit of Portal on Tuesday. It was good!!! Never ending fun just running falling forever….

  1. Kirihart says:

    Nice drawings!!! You should have gotten an A instead of a C!

    I would have been better off just coming in and talking to you on Sunday… My parents didn’t appreciate my work at all.

    I have all weekend though!!! EWxcept maybe some of Sunday cuz I have a Stats test on Monday.

    • Chris says:

      I can’t be the cause, again (in my mind anyway), of you not doing as well as you were meant to have done due to the lack of revision. There is also ALL of Friday (he said hopefully) what with there still being no school… and you having no school… Q,Q

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