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So the song for the title!

Well, I should update more often… It is better and easier to remember stuff that way.

So Tuesday was its normal Tuesday goodness. This was mostly doing nothing ALL day… and I mean all day. Well, okay, around about 4th period Tom Baines, Dan Payne, Conoll (?), Nat Fairs, Nico and I all busted our chops down to Fram. Why? Well, I went because of a certain reason… everyone else went for heart clogging food… Well, seeing as it was tuesday it meant that it was WAFFLE LADY!!!!!!! Oh yeah. So, I went, ordered a waffle… then paid £1.80!!! Out of the original £2 cause of the school of TMHS!!!!!!! IT WAS FUCKING TASTY AS SATAN!!!!!!!! I mean really… it was soooooo good…

Physics we started to play with LENSES! Which was fun because it meant pissing Alfie off with Ash… ah… fun… I also picked up my art work… meaning I get to take pictures of it all then put it into a gallery… I just need to find out what the music is called that they have with gallery stuff….

Wednesday I couldn’t find a Maths book, then the day sort of faded into a blur until we got to the end of school… OH WAIT! Archery! So this time Rhy, Nico, Yasmin, Chloé and I were there to look imposing on the small children. We ended up getting everything out… FROM the english block… TO the Sports Hall… cause it was cold and windy. I did my best that go around. I managed to get two nines in a row… then I messed the last one up and got a five…. But I was getting a lot more golds this time around… Luck?

Thursday normally starts with Paired reading… BUT OH LOOK! My child decided he’d be annoying and go do Cross Country… I shouldn’t yell at him… I should yell at the lady that organises it… I waited for ages… she then told us to go their forms. I went to his, got told about Cross Country… went back told the lady, she said, “Okay, we don’t need you then, you can go. Sorry.” and the “us” are Ash (not Physics Ash) and I… I was annoyed by her… Then the rest of the day sort of blended into playing on Max’s iPod… Watching Chloé play the maze thing on Yasmin’s iPod… and getting 6.5/21 on a biology test that I didn’t revise for… oops… (that’s a U with 31% btw). The weird thing is it feels like I’ve written this all out already… but I haven’t… or have I?

Bethany Huls wrote another blog post. However, those that already follow her already know about it (Ben, I will never sing to you unless you somehow get me horribly drunk).

Friday, the Physics I’m not sure what happened… I’m really not… I think we learned some stuff? Chemistry we learned some new stuff that was pretty cool. It was Van Der Maals Forces and Hydrogen Bonds and the other one that I forgot… We then had a test. (brb, being forced to do the washing up… again)… now my hands smell….. so yeah… we then had a test… I was awesome and finished first…. I thought it was easy but like 4 questions… but I didn’t revise so… *Shrugs* but yeah, because I’m awesome and finished first, I was let out about… 20 minutes early, so I went to the common room and talked to Adam, Eliza and Chloé.

Maths was pretty good, we were in the surprisingly bright 60-4 instead of MC6… and I can just say, maybe it is the layout of the tables… it was VERY good. The relaxed nature was very good and it left you with more people near you to check with and such. I thought we should be there all the time…. shame that it is only going to be one more lesson in there then back to boring ol’ oppressive MC6….

After Maths I talked with Adam, Max, Chloé and Ben… oh and Rosie for a bit…. so yeah, we talked a bunch then it was home time…

The weekend was pretty boring. Not much happened, I just played Maplestory CRAP loads and Saturday I played some FF12, then I realised I was the only one in my house so I turned my tunes up onto “UBER LOUD!!!” (aka 11…. ah ha ha) and let that tear through my ears…. We Are Scientists with like 3 or 4 songs… I LOVE those songs…. like… FRUGGING LOADS! Turns out, most the family left to go buy the new car we’d been planning on… ‘pparently it is a Honda Jazz… *shrugs* and it will be picking me up on Thursday… alas, I have no idea what the car looks like… I’d also grown attatched to our old one… heck… it was the “Joo” (OH THAT FUCKING BROTHER OF MINE!!!!!! I think he just stole the bath!!!!!!! DAMN HIM! MY HANDS STIIIIIIINK!!! of dishwater) car… it had become known to all throughout the land…. and now it is gone… now I need to learn the last 3 letters of the license plate for this so I know it is my car… it does, however, mean that Thursday I’ll end up having Scud The Disposable assassin in my bag to make it HEAVIER!

I have written more story, I’m NEARING the end of Chapter 4…. but my aim of 1000 words a day failed after the third day where I got only 42 done… silly slight block… I know what to write… but I don’t like the bit I’m writing because it is, in my opinion, BORING! oh well…

  1. joethearachnid says:

    What is it with you and name spelling? Connell. Yasemin. Grr, dammit.
    I did some washing up earlier, but the water was so scouringly hot that it actually burned off any skin that might have smelled… so yeah.
    And that’s really all I have to say on the matter.

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