More on that later…. or if you don’t care much for my life, just Ctrl+F and type in Horde and you’ll probably find it.

So, sunday was pretty eventful I guess. Spent most the day helping my mum clean the pond. By help, I meant go inside until it was clean… then get lost in all the lining stuff, there was a lot, help with that a bit… then fill some of it in…. and then leave the hose going. HOORAY! I helped! I also downloaded Maplestory and played that a small time…. Then later I realised I had done VERY little work and crammed it in, with yells at some people/person.

Monday was just Monday really… the morning was boring… Chemistry was kinda chemical and easy… Physics… I forgot what we learned or what we were meant to have learned…. Lunch we sat on the garden and talked mostly about year 8 and other event things through school life… then Rose realised she had to read about… 8 chapters or something of her book in 30 minutes… so she got Chloé to read it to her.

Today, It was Tuesday, so this meant I did sweet eff all…. First period I was hoping to talk to Chloé, but that didn’t exactly work out… so I did maths… then I finished maths and did NOTHING… Period 4 Tom and I left the school for Fram at 12:30. We got into Co-op at 12:40 and back at school at like… 1:05… we ran down, mostly, just for funs… and then ran back some of it but the run up was worse because it was uphill and we were heavier… Then Lunch, I can’t remember much of what I did… earlier in the day, I taught Nat how to do Chemistry and let … uh… his name ends in E… borrow my physics work…

I watched Simon get covered in nail varnish and have his hair brushed into epic LULZ!

Physics, well, not much happened… lots of fun names like ZETAMETER and EXAMETER! Part way through our lesson Ash’s phone went off… and what was the tune… that’s right, the Metal Gear Solid phone noise… I think only about two people in the class got that… me, and apparently Doogie baby…. Well, we were told to plot the impossible… and then the lesson ended…

WHEN I GOT HOME!!!!! My brother and I played some Halo 3 thinking that we wouldn’t lag like a bitch because of my mum not being on work (or working at the office) and no maple story was up to drain the resources… we were wrong… however there was enough time on Halo 3 to change my player symbol thing to a black cat with a yellow Texan hat and a red bow-tie. My brother changed his to a white cat, with a pink hat and a purple bow-tie.

With that failing we started to play Gears of War 2 on Horde mode. We played a small bit then James Kieth came online and started talking to my brother via headsets… and here is the cool bit… my brother threw the other headset at my face… I plugged it in, and BAM I was talking with James… we did a bit of Horde mode then Ralph Churcher came online, so we got him into our game… it was BLOODY AWESOME! Hilarious… and just AWESOME! The main theme seemed to be tagging shit… like tagging the big guys… by tag, for all you silly people, it means getting a grenade… then SMACKING it onto an enemy, then it sticks… then they blow up. This is fun when you get a sudden scream of, “Help, I’m down!!!!” Then followed by, “Never mind, I tagged myself, I’m dead now.” or “SWEET! I tagged a Bloodmount!” well, we got owned at wave 30… because James has left us sometime before… and dinner was ready….

That was pretty much it for that…

Well, I then ate 6 lots of 29% of my GDA of sugar… in a row…

Well, now I’m bored and I am wondering what I did back in the day to pass the time until like 2am… well… tomorrow will be fun… with Luke……………………. TOWNEND!!!!!!!!!! OHHOHOHOHOH! in General studies… because General studies is shit…

  1. joethearachnid says:

    Yay? I killed 31 people in row on The Conduit. It was pretty epic.

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