When a Girl Gives You A Smile…

Posted: 26/09/2009 in Gaming, General, Life, Playing Games, Site improvements., Xbox360
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Don’t be deceived she only wants you to father her child! And he’s probably not even cute!

Thursday started with a let down of there NOT being Paired Reading because the lower sixth wanted to do it SO much that 70 people applied, and there aren’t 70 illiterate kids in the lower school…. instead, I had to talk to people… GAWD! I mean, I was hoping to be struggling through a book with a small child and resisting the urge to smash their face into a table…

The free period I had was pretty suck arse… we played cards in the common room and I completely destroyed a game of Go Fish. Then JJ came in because some arses were being too loud so he then saw our secret gambling circuit and told us to stop…

Bio was next, and boring as EVER! Break… well yeah, it was only break time, don’t expect like GIANT explosions of awesome to happen… only so much can happen in 20 odd minutes… or even15… I then had a double free, which I attempted to do some work. Then Melissa sat next to me and threw insults at me whilst I was trying to work. She can be such a bully… I moved away to work by myself and silently stab myself… on the inside…. that sort of metaphor thang…

Lunch, not much happened… I walked about a bit then talked to Chloé and people on the garden. Just as a side note, James Webster (I believe that be his name) can be a bit of a cunt… and lacks this thing called a sense of humour… ah well….

So DOUBLE Bio… so it was crap… for once the experiment worked… by that I mean shit didn’t spill everywhere and all over my hands, etc…

Then it was the end of the day. My aim was to stay up ALLLLLLl night to see how much it would mess my mind up for a school day… instead I was talking on MSN to someone at around about 2am or later… then I woke up at my desk to the sound of my phone.

Around about 8am my phone went off in my pocket… not only was it a fun Fanfare… it was from Chloé, shockingly, wishing me a happy European Day of Languages. We then had a short conversation then Simon was on the bus and I’d left the house.

Upon arrival, not much happened… I got a german sticker saying something in German, not of choice, not many left… Then it fell off, with force… “Accidentally” by my hand.

Physics with Fletch involved an experiment that involved some working out that I took 3 attempts at… making mistakes with all of them. Oddly, Ben relies on me as some kind of Physics back up… well that has to be the dumbest move of the year… Weights fell, I sort of jumped/quickly withdrew my limbs and feet as I was putting the last weight on…


Chemistry was FUN! However Naomi FINALLY got something and then wouldn’t shut up as Mr Peters was trying to tell everyone stuff… plus she called a triangular based pyramid a Triangular based Prism… this was for the little model of Methane…. She OBVIOUSLY has no idea what a prism is…. because that was anything but it… ah well, I’ll have to keep that to myself because she seemed pretty set on the idea of it being a prism…

Lunch, I ate lunch with Simon, Max and… uh L… Luh… Lu something… ah well, it isn’t important… Then I was on the garden for a bunch as Simon tackled Lu… uh… I keep forgetting his name… to the floor in a rather rough way… then spoke to people…

Maths was quite easy… then Period 6 I went on the Garden with Eliza and then talked to Eliza, Adam and Chloé for that time.

Then today I basically did not much… other than FINALLY catch up to where I had gotten to on FF12 before I’d managed to corrupt my data…

Also, at some point in those days Rosie did something….

You also may notice to your right that there is something new… cause it’s awesome!

  1. joethearachnid says:

    You have FAR too much crap to the right for me to bother noticing the gamertag thing that everybody on every forum has already got.

  2. Juice says:

    I didn’t even know what it was that was new……..

  3. Chris says:

    It was new for me TT.TT
    Some people are just jerks… It was the 360 gamertag (btw)

  4. Mary says:

    too bad with chemistry
    i had that for the last 2 years…
    now im in the other set 🙂

  5. An Angry Sixth Former says:

    this is chris… chris writes down all his deep feelings and thoughts on a blog that noone cares about… harden the fuck up chris!

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