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Posted: 23/09/2009 in General, Life
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So, I can’t be bothered to remember, as with EVERY blog post, when the last time I blogged… must’ve been….. Thursdayy? That is ignaoring the whole Nuclkear Meltdown…

Okay, so Friday was you know…. Friday. Not much to it. Physics had some experiments that I didn’t exactly pay much attention to. HOWEVER, I did manage to get a stain from throwing cornflower all over the shop in a rather… unlucky place… ah well….

Chemigy we learned about SPDF! Which still not many people know about… but it is to do with Orbitals… which are “fun”. Basically went all flip side on what we used to know…

LUNCH! Yes the few parts which would probably WORTHY of a blog would be the actual social parts, I mean, who CARES about what I learned in a lesson? No one, that’s who… So HA! Well, for Lunch I had the usual. Being nothing, so after a bit “The gang” Consisting of Ben, Max, Nico, Sam Butcher, Luke and I… featuring Peter, all walked outside and stormed the sixth form garden and sort of attatched ourselves onto the Chloé, Rose, Eliza and Clio group. The others sort of made a separate group to the rest… and I sat down with Chloé and co. I’m trying to think of something SCIENCY to say… but really, all I can think of is it being like  two glucose bonding meaning 2-3 people leave, which I think were Sam Butcher, Nico and Max (at points) so that sounds like a good analogy… Well, after much talk of which super hero would make a better husband, Batman or Superman (Batman obviously… Superman’s a cunt… (despite me wearing a superman T-shirt at the time…) Welll, really now that I think of it… this entire Lunch time period is actually monday… so…. I dunno, in short, not much happened Friday apart from trying to help Chloé with Physics along with Adam… BACK TO MONDAY LUNCH! So after that conversation (oh, Ben was the shared oxygen between the two glucose (just to finish the analogy)) I believe Rose and Eliza and Clio (yeah…) went away… so I skootched over to Chloé and we talked about all sorts… like how she wasn’t feeling great… and effectively a step by step guide to her Sunday, and just… well yeah… talky stuff…

Also, just a side note, Monday had been pretty boring till that point as well…

After school I continued to try and fix my computer… OH DAMN IT! Now that I just remember, because I caught them on the darn laptop keys, I managed to burn my fingers on a crucible lid that had split in two due to cooling too quickly then I went to move it off the table and went, “SHIT THAT’S HOT!” so yeah…

Tuesday is normally the boring day… I shared my first period with Chloé and Adam as they too had a free. Then when they went away I strolled into town with Tom in search of the Waffle lady… alas, NO! THERE WASN’T ANYHTING APART FROM FISH AND CRUD! So we stopped off in Co-op and then walked back talking about stuff… and how we may have sent a stranger to the completely WRONG place… that asked for directions on the way down… Ah well…

Afterwards… I believe I did work period 3-4 and spoke with James, Josh and Jim for the rest of Period 4. I managed to find Adam, Chloé and… Ellen (?) in the library who were doing work because Mr Halls was teaching small kids about their wind tunnels (and it shall forever be remembered as that!) so they were doing teh work they were told to do there… Then they left to have Fletch for a lesson.

Lunch came around and seeing as people were in greek or elsewhere, I tagged along with Simon all Lunch… yeah…

Period 5 and 6… where I WOULD have Double Physics, was gone… Due to Mr Halls with the kids and their wind tunnels… so we got some work, I did mine in the Sixth Form common Room where I bonded with Ash, an upper sixth who is a big geek, as we listened to GEEK METAL! (later on that) and did the physics work set… I thought it was quite easy… well, Ash and I combined could do most of it… the last question was the only one we needed help on, and thankfully, Adam was there to dumb it down for us…

Afterwards I spent the rest of the time talking to: Eliza, Chloé, Adam, Max, Ash and Alfie… well, by talk to I mean made fun of Alfie… so that is always a plus.

Then by tuesday afternoon… my LAPTOP WAS FULLY FUNCTIONAL!!!!!!! But my connection still drops… but I’m putting that down to just my room having walls apparently made out of thick lead or something… cause it is fine downstairs…

So… today, Lessons, break, not much happened I recall… LESSONS. Lunch! Upon entering the common room I was informed that the Physics learning was at 1:15pm, so we all waited for Ben to slowly eat his DAMNED lunch… then went to Physics room to do that shit up the face. I sat next to Chloé and borrowed some paper and shared her book… because I’m sort of useless… darn… plus it seems I can’t actually send texts any more… every time I end up trying to type something into predictive text as a correction… I accidentally send it… lamez….

Uh, yeah, Physics… so yeah… it was physicsy… Chloé and I talked to Mr Halls about something afterwards… well, waited for him and looked at his Lunch and how full it was… so yeah….

Then the end of the day happened… and it seems that Archery is starting again… WHY THE MONKEYS PYJAMAS WEREN’T I INFORMED?! I saw Wheeler setting up the targets as I walked out… and never though to ask about it…

So… now I have Biology work to do… and Physics work to do (May end up physics tomorrow, as well as that Maths… fuck, I’m behind)

So yeah…

OH SHIT! MUSIC! Uh… Poweglove = Geek Metal mentioned earlier… Listen… best song (IMO)

So yeah… that must be it…. apart from Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth was handed to me yesterday, it had moments I laughed at… It was good (I also have a big box to put them all in now…)

  1. joethearachnid says:

    Don’t say I never do anything for you.

  2. blackbeardslog says:

    Dear god, Ash doesn’t listen to geek metal does he? I thought he had standards

  3. Kevin :D says:

    I listen to geek metal 😦

    Oh wait, I don’t.

    Hey Chris’ friends, get to know me, you’ll find I’m truly….. average?

    Maybe slightly above on a good day 😛

    • Chris says:

      Kev, you’re gonna creep them out… and by anyone’s standards (apart from our own) I’d say we are anything other than average….

  4. Juice says:

    Oh, if they’re creeped out that easy they won’t like me then 😛

    That’s very true!

    What are we then 😛

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