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Posted: 17/09/2009 in General, Life
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So things have been all hands on deck since Monday… well, they might of if I were an interesting person…

So Tuesday, well, I believe I didn’t do much, really the first lesson was just talking to Chloé and Adam and distracting Chloé as she tried to read up on the stuff in physics she was about to learn. Which is always fun. Alas, they soon had to go and have triple physics. Around about here, I forget what I did for the 3 lessons that followed… because I didn’t go outside much, it was awful weather… but hey ho… who cares, right?

Lunch Simon and I went to go have a romantic lunch together I was having a pretty shit day… so I actually had forgotten my wallet AND phone… I thought, “A cheese bread toasty thing, that shouldn’t be expensive.” Oh guess what! Yeah, it costs £1.65!!!!! MADNESS!!!!!! Simon had only given me a pound… and he still needed to pay for his stuff… so I had to promise the kind dinner lady that I’ll pay her back. We sat down, Simon had money left! I went to go pay my debt… Well, I’d also forgotten to take out my retainer… SO… I ended up having it on the plate… and I tried to hide it behind my cheese toasty bread thing…

Double Physics was soon to follow this vague period of not-knowing-what-the-fuck-I-was-Doing… So, really, I learned more than last time, I also enjoyed when Mr Halls went, “Break it down!” and did some Gangsta hands… But that’s just me… I also managed to explain why X-rays can’t be used to map the sea floor… unlike a bunch of people *COUGH BEN! COUGH* Once home I believe I listened to more Muse ~ The Resistance on Spotify… THEN LATER LIVE WITH JOOLS HOLLAND! Bloomin’ AWESOME! Muse were there, they had two songs. That was one more than everyone else. I shall also watch the longer one on Friday, and it will be awesome.

Wednesday was more memorable… I mean, it was ruddy yesterday damn it!  So, it all started off with double maths, that I burned down into a fine powder and snorted right into my mind, and it was awesome. Break seemed to be one of those vague periods of time where I don’t really pay much attention.

Soon it was double Biology with double WHEELER! We showed the presentations on the organelles that we “Researched” realising a lot of ours was shit… and un-finished… I decided to bring some paper that had this one line that has what a Ribosome does… as well as a load of A2 and AS Biology and Chemistry drawings… which I hope no one paid attention to… I drew my sexy mRNA drawing with a Ribosome and amino acids synthesising into proteins, and it was awesome!

Oh look! Lunch! THAT MAKES ME REMEMBER!!!! (Edits Tuesday). So yeah, Lunch. I chillaxed with Ben, Luke and the gang… I then went for a quick walk… and then bumped into Chloé outside the common room. We went in together and then walked around there talking, then seeing Eliza… and then Rose came down asking where the fuck Eliza was because she said she’d be upstairs… tee hee… They both went back upstairs again, but Chloé stayed behind and we talked for the rest of lunch. Alas, we sat near the loud bunch… so we had to yell pretty much into each other’s ears to be heard… We talked about weight and me being abnormally skinny… then Marcus had his trousers pulled down… Then they were raping Mary and I got kicked in the leg, as did Chloé. We talked some more and then the bell went.

I had General Studies now… so I went to the lesson with Melissa Speakman, and then we waited… menacingly. Turns out Luke is also in my group! PLUS We are doing THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!! I ditched Melissa in seconds (leaving her with Chris Adlem) and then Luke and I started our “Religion sucks monkey ARSE!” Presentation… Soon some guy retaking general studies came in and wanted to help… by contradicting everything… Also, Luke kicked me off of typing, because he didn’t like me starting it, in the Creationism section on “What is it”, with “In the beginning God created EVERYTHING.” so that was fun.

We were let out early by about 10 mins so I bumped into some people on the garden and spoke to them until the end of period 5. Ben and I walked through the secret entrance to the surprise of a distant teacher… It was more maths, I’ve already explained Maths…

Afterwards I blew this town and went Home… Home with a Capital H (How would you spell that phonetically?), where I continued to listen to Muse, then I listened to some geek Rock… WEEEEEEEEEEEZERRRRRRRRRRRRR! With Spotify ~.^

TODAY!!!!!!!! I remembered to actually pick up everything (also Simon didn’t want his damn FREAKING money back.) so I got to school and then hung out near my form. Form time came, Mrs Treeby wasn’t here, so the supply came in at 9am… Then seeing as she saw the need to give a commentary to EVERY. FUCKING. NAME leaving us late… late for what?! The reading thing which I’ve now forgotten what it is called because now it’s funny because I hate small children.

I had a free about now. Brace yourselves, this shit is big. I… PLAYED… FOOTBALL! Well, a small kick about with Adam, Rhys, Ethan and Tom Cook. Which was quite fun really, I think I scored… Maybe… Period two was Biology with Miss Satan. This was the notes lesson. Where we wrote BIOCHEMIGY NOTES! Meaning it was EASY stuff… and plus I couldn’t be bothered to write out Glucose fully each time, I just drew the carbons used, and wrote “Glucose Alpha” where it should be drawn out. I know what it looks like, well, I don’t believe I need to draw it in exams, just tell the difference between Glucose Alpha and Glucose Beta. DOUBLE FREE AFTER a BORING FORGOTTEN BREAK!

This free was quite… eh… I finished some Biology I kinda forgot we had. Then I drew Scud: The Disposable Assassin but really poorly. Then Melissa went Satan on it and ruined it… so I went to the common room and bumped into Tom Baines.. I then hung out with him. We decided to go to Fram for some food, Tom Cook joined us. We went along the front and went to Zorber’s. There we got some PIZZA! Tom C had one to himself and TB and I shared as we walked. I had 2/3 of it, but I paid for it, so sucks to be him who decided to give me the last piece anyway… we managed to get back in 15 mins, which was weird, because travelling DOWN HILL by the same way, took us about 25 minutes, I guess it must be the POWER o’ PIZZA! I then waltzed into the common room and saw Alfie lifting Chloé in some kind of hug… that was odd…

Well, the common room was loud again, and because of Chloé’s short stature, I had to lean real close again. We ended up talking about… well, films, old TV, Disney films, Power Puff Girls… you know, the general stuff. Heck, Chloé was impressed I had food to eat!  Chloé and I talked some more as Ben beat up Luke in an Arcade style brawl to the DEATH!!! At least, it was meant to be, in my mind…  Alas, the bell went… and then we all went away to do stuff.

Double Bio was about now, a boring experiment that took too long. Plus the goggles crushed your temples, cutting blood supply to my brain, giving me a headache, especially after about the double period. Nico didn’t feel anything because he has no brain for blood to go to.

(also, “Flob-ah Dob-ah Dob” said Ben, because he’d had a stroke. (Ben as in the flower pot men))

The day ended… or ends anyway…

In other news, I bought some shit on the internet. Scud: The whole Shibang! A CD! A HOODIE!

Also, Those that liked my blog when it was full of hatred… and me calling people cunts and what not… You may see where this is coming, but you sirs, are a bunch of cunts. Mmmhmm

  1. joethearachnid says:

    Funny, that was the only bit of Mock the Week I saw, so that actually made sense…

  2. I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..

  3. GeneTinsley says:

    I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site.

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