Keep us a promise they wont stop BREAKING us down!

So yeah… uh…

Thursday was an okay day… I guess, it was just all Biology, so my review of Miss Cresdee….


100 minutes of notes and nothing learned… mmm mm MMMMMMMMMm.

Friday started with Physics… the problem seemed to be, that as I wrote stuff down… it seemed to make PERFECT sense, when I got to the homework, I felt like, OH SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! The conversions this is…. Thankfully I know I’m not alone, even Chloé said she doesn’t really get them, and she’s FUCKING smart!

I got my parents to explain it to me, I did the homework, by sunday I forgot it… lames… Double Chemistry was funny because on Thursday afternoon whilst explaining Ribosomes to me, my brother managed to teach me what I was doing Friday in Chemistry AND Maths… As well as about half the courses… yay… Really the only thing “new” was Dative Covalent Bonding… Chemistry is pretty PISS easy… I could write my chemistry in urine from 12 feet away and still get it right… That is how easy I find it…

Maths we were doing Surds… RIGHT IN THE FACE! So we got “taught” how to get rid of the surd on the bottom… but WAIT, my brother already taught it me… so LOLLOOLOLOL. The free afterwards Eliza and I went through the “SECRET Bush!” into the sixth form garden where Chloé and Rose were and chatted with them until they all went inside and away… then Ben jumped into my hip (or did so before) and it still fucking hurts… Then Ben and Nico gang raped me… and I didn’t enjoy it…

Then it was a matter of loling around the shop… and talking with Bethany Huls till the days of DAWN!

Saturday was very much the same…. but oh wait! I finished Assassin’s Creed. LOL! It was good, I enjoyed it, the ending was  a bit… weird… but oh well… I just have the flags to get… pass… Then I spoke with Bethany Huls some moar!

Sunday once my brother went out I played some Final Fantasy 12 and raped up some 102 guards in a row… aww to the yeah! Then punched a judge in the face and escaped their prison!

Later in the day… OH. EM. gEE! Chloé came on MSN, I was like, “BLIMEY!” and she was like, “Yeah I know!” and then we were like, BIG LONG CONVERSATION! Then she had to go and do stuff… oh well. It was good talking to her on MSN. It’s been YEARS!

Today was Monday. I had a lesson with Mr Tapscott… it seems he stopped going to me for answers… sad face… I’ll have my hand up going in my head, “Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer! I had the answer 5 minutes ago before you gave us time to think of it!” He’ll ask Alfie or something and they could get it SLIGHTLY wrong… ignore me… then I die on the inside…

Then was a free… where I geeked about with Ben and Max… Then Break (SNOOZE!). Chemigy was next! More easy work… I burned that work in teh face!

Lunch! I spoke with Ben and Luke as they ate. Then we went upstairs, I dropped my bag off… Ben “legged” it. Basically, he ran downstairs… Then out the sixth form block. Luke and I waited inside the sixth form block, and then saw that Ben (predictably) had run through the science entrance and ran past us out the other end… where we watched from STILL standing in the same place, him running onto the Garden… So that’s where we headed…

I plopped myself down with Eliza, Chloé, Adam, Andy and Clio. We chatted about stuff. Then Eliza and Clio left because they were cold… So Adam and Andy joined Chloé on the bench. Ben came by and we talked a bit more, Andy left at some point… then I sat between Adam and Chloé on the bench… We then chatted a bit, Ben mentioned something about Classics then we ended up having an odd sort of conversation about the Greek stuff… and giving it an odd sort of view… like Hades not being Evil… just misunderstood…

Soon some guy from STABbroke came over and was apparently covered in coke that had been thrown on him from a passing car… which SERIOUSLY, every time I type that makes me laugh. So we threw comments at him. Then Adam started to talk to him and I talked to Chloé till the end of lunch about films, Brothers and stuff… That was fun! TO THE EXTREME! Chloé asked if I’d seen 30 Days of Night,  I said I hadn’t then she handed me the DVD to borrow… I have yet to watch it, I’ll probably do that tomorrow… or later tonight… Probably! We talked about the Blade films and how Blade Trinity was AWESOME and Ryan Reynolds in it was pretty EPIC. And How Blade II was probably the worst…

Lunch was soon over… shame… well, it was Physics… which I can’t remember anything… again! DID we work? I’m thinking, but I don’t remember actually DOING anything… OH! We just talked about materials and how Bones are made up of Calcium Phosphate and Collagen. THAT better be on the fucking Exam…

Chemigy was next. Here I burned the shop up. Mr Hillier seems… a bit… well, I’m sure he likes me, but every time I asked him if this was right he’d go, “I don’t believe it! You don’t do it properly! You don’t label everything! *tick*” tee hee… I love getting things right AND criticism at the same time!

Well, then, I got home, and BLOODY YES! The Resistance by Muse is FINALLY out… my brother didn’t pre-order it… so I’ll probs buy it the next time I’m in town… instead I’m listening to it on Spotify… and I ruddy LOVE IT. Uprising had a sort of Marilyn Manson Base line to it. Resistance (where the title is from) is AWESOME! It seems to swap between slightly rockier Queen like music… so it will have the backing chorus. To then some awesome guitar riff or Piano Medley… I ❤ Muse… =3

  1. joethearachnid says:

    Be careful with that 30 Days of Night box – I’ve already broken it and had to repair it with a glue gun once.
    Other than that… yeah. More upbeat than your usual blog style but also with more crazy grammar, so…

  2. blackbeardslog says:

    nice entry, but I get mind epilepsy trying to read it

  3. Chris says:

    Awww how come? Cause it sucks in grammar? Because turns out I did A LOT of that? TO THE EXTREME

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