Ooo ah laaa dee dooo!

Posted: 09/09/2009 in DS, Gaming, General, Homework, Life, Playing Games, Xbox360

So I couldn’t think of a title….

Well, ahoy there matey! I believe the last time I posted was like Sunday or something… so I’ll start with Monday…

Wooo, ooo Ahhhh! Monday! Well, to my recollection, I got my first Mr. Tapscott lesson. To be honest, I FUCKING LOVE Mr. Tapscott, because he is just so darn negative! Seriously, being told you are going to fail if you don’t work and not everyone will get an A and none will get an A unless we work hard in the first few minutes, AWESOME! Others hate him, but I think he’s AWESOME, no nonsense… and his teaching is pretty good as well because he isn’t as slow as Mr/ Hydes but he still makes sure we know it…
Mr. Hillier was next in a double chemistry extrrrrrrrrravaganza! Nothing like a bunch of admin to burn a load of time… we then did REALLY basic stuff about the A subscript r and M subscript r because we are awesome! So it wasn’t really interesting…
Lunch, I can’t remember… well, when I think… I’d say, yeah, I remember. I’d say I befriended Luke, kidna, I guess… and yeah, talked to Ben and Chloé and Luke and stuff.
Physics was next, with the Fletch. Some Admin and… well, we didn’t work…
More Hillier and more simple work, with odd explanations…
Then home was fun Bethany Huls talk.
Tuesday was the day of boredom. First period I chatted with Chloé and Adam, whilst doing some work. Then I hung out with Tom on the garden. I think 3 and 4 I attempted some Maths work… Then the fire alarm, so I packed my bag up and tried to find some people in my form… woo, fire!
Double physics with Mr. Halls, where we watched some LHC rap, and did an experiment, that I wasn’t really sure what actually happened… I messed up the equation at the end… well, I had it down right, I just did it all at once, and failed… I’m gonna hate physics, I can tell…
Then at home we didn’t do much, I got to talk to my brother and tell him all the gosp… and shew him mah video about stuff… tee hee…
Oh look! Today! uh… I had two maths lessons, different teachers… Then double Biology… with MWh, yeah, Mr. Mr Wheeler… with Nico… eww…. Well, we didn’t do much, then computer room, the work was a bit, “whut?” but… I’m sure I’m putting too much work into it… (plus a certain annoyance isn’t in it. unlike my Chemistry and Physics…)
Well, I then had a lunch where Ben decided to be a Cunt (ooo stir-alacious!) because he didn’t sit with us… sad face… EVERYONE was sad face… EVERYONE! Then it was just talking about stuff and eventually forcing myself into Ben’s face… “face”…
I had a free where I spoke with Nico and Tom a lot… about Assassin’s Creed with Nico and then… Tom just came in and out to tell us we were being silly… and that people were outside so we should go there… but exactly, people were outside… PEOPLE! and sunlight.
Well, it was Maths, were Ben and I exchanged code names for the teachers… unlucky for Mr. McWilliams and his lack of code name… well, he went to go Further his Maths, I went to go and Maths… more surds work, where sometimes I think I’m the only one with a brain… apart from Eliza, who also answers stuff correctly (and can do square root 4…).
It was time for home next, or so I thought, turns out I had to wait ’cause my brother was talking to Mr. Jennings, “woo!”…
Then I didn’t eat till like 7:45… and even then it was mostly slop… Then I came here and did this upside the face… and watched some Elemental Gellade… because It’s FUCKING AWESOME, so I’m watching it again…

In other news… I’m surprised how pleasing it is to do homework the day I get it… instead of the day before it’s due…
Listening to things with my hand on my sub-woofer, taking away the bass, makes it sounds FREAKY!
But, glorious news! Because my brother has nothing to do for AGES, when I finish chapter 3, if ever… then he’s gonna read it as well! YEAH! But when I explained the first chapter, or just the opening, he thought about a Futurama episode where Fry says, “It’s the only film to have an explosion AND a vampire!” Then the film goes “*Vampire pops out* BLUH! *explodes*”
Really, life is dull, and so is wall punching… also, the bathroom has no light, so I get to now pee and what not… IN THE DArK! HELL TO THE YEAH! And who said I was negative…?
Well, uh… yeah… I guess… OH SHIT! I just remembered… I left my DS on in the car… blimey… I finally managed to kill Magus… now I’m back in BC… time to get more weapons…
Uh… yeah, I WANT COMICS!

Ben = Cunt so large that at some time in the month he’ll fill the room with Blood…
(Stirring is well fun, ain’t it?)

❤ you really Ben…

I also seem to be giving a lot of relationship advice despite the obvious reasons… hooray for paranoia psychology!

  1. Max says:

    *watches this space for epic comment battle*

  2. joethearachnid says:

    Chris, the fact that you are playing Chrono Trigger is enough to override any insult you could throw at me. The bit after Magus is kinda annoying ’cause there’s a whole ‘nother Reptite bit, but at least you finally get Ayla on your team permanent-like… Then it’s off to 12,000 BC (and awesome)!

    And root 4 is… well, it’s kinda the easiest square root there is. Have you ever considered a career in burger-selling?

  3. Chris says:

    I knew what it was… Others in my group got nervous and failed…

    • joethearachnid says:

      Thank Jesus’s left testicle for that. We’ve got Lloyd and Tom C in our group, as well as a few other less abilitied chap(esses), but we’re mostly pretty clever.

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