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Well, I’ll get onto that later…

I’ll start with late Thursday. Late Thursday, oddly someone on facebook read my blog, wasn’t happy, moaned about stuff and then this big long 4 HOUR argument between, Isabelle, Tasha Wooliams, Eliza, Clio (at points) and Bethany Huls broke out… well, it was the first three and me trying to defend myself… but then Bethany Huls came in and everyone was arguing about the same thing pretty much just differently… well, some were…

That is why there was the nicely worded blog… an attempt to get them to shut up… it didn’t work… it got 120 comments, now everyone is reading it… woo, I will post all the comments in a blog one day when I’m not having all my calls screened… if you catch my drift…

Well, Friday turned out to MUUUUCH better than Thursday. We started off by meeting the Upper Sixth, really, the people in my form are….. okay… there are two REALLY chatty ones… then two quieter ones… and two others… the quieter ones I like… because they are quiet… but it doesn’t matter, because I probably wont talk to them anyway…

An assembly which I didn’t revise for (sounds mental), I didn’t need to, later… there were… LESSONS!!!!!!! Chemistry to be more precise… Andy was in my group, so we both sat where we did last year… and rocked the socks off that class… There is this one girl, which a lot of people agree is a bit annoying… but to those that wont bite my ear off about saying something negative, they already know what I think…

Lunch was now, I met up with Max, and Sam -.-, and we went to the Canteen and cut in line like a surgeon… We soon found a table, where a child had left her stuff… and we were soon joined by, Oli, Simon, Nat, Yasmin, Rosie and Connell… AWESOME… PEOPLE! Max was happy! He felt popular… aww bless.

Maths was after lunch, and because of the DAMNED building works… I had to go through the english block, after registration… meaning it was like battling through currents… in cement… cause the lower school are a bunch of arses…. so there….

Maths was okay, Mr Hyde’s teaching style is a bit… different… but I guess it means everyone learns it… and THEY DAMN WELL BETTER! I sat next to Alfie… it was good… After the lesson was over, we headed to the Library to finish some of the Chemistry work we were given. Joel came along as well and he did some Economics… which looks HAARD… or… a lot to write… I finished my work, then went searching for others… met up with Adam, Max and Rosie and chatted with them the rest of the study… Nico came along providing the goods… of M ‘n’ Ms!!!!!!!!

Oh look the day was over… or was it, no, I spent the rest of the day talking with Bethany Huls because she FINALLY got MSN… at ruddy last…

Saturday, I woke up at 6:45, as per usual, thought, “maybe a bit more sleep”, so I “snoozed” my phone alarm for 10 minutes… this happened twice more, then I turned the alarm off… next thing I know… it is 10:15 and my dad is waking me up…  WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! Well, I didn’t get any breakfast… a quick brush of the teeth and I was OFF to IPSWICH! … ORTHODONTIST BIATCH! Well, we waited and waited… and waited some more.  Soon we went in, and because it was the Weekend, there was a different nurse like lady, she seemed friendly cause she had the decency to ask, “Happy that they are coming off?!” I was… then I wasn’t… the process of this, WAS FUCKING PAINFUL! I mean seriously, he says, “I’ll apply a LEETLE bit of pressure” (He is dutch) with some circle hand clamp thing that goes around the brackets… then SNAPS IT OFF THE TOOTH! This REALLY HURTS! The glue stuff they use REALLY WORKS… so it feels like some may RIP your teeth out… then you get an unpleasant feeling of him trying to scratch a bit of the glue that was meant to snap off with the bracket… that didn’t…

After a quick POWER clean he made ANOTHER mould of my ruddy mouth and then I had to rinse my mouth out for a bit… because there was a lot left in there… then I got given my new retainer… well it was FORCED in… GRR! Then I walked away… I’m saying my gums are still a bit raw, and need some toughening up… However, one of the things to keep it in my mouth, kinda cuts into my gum… I’m sure it’s fine… although I’m pretty sure those were someone’s last words…

Really, it started off being full of saliva and going, “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTHP” and having one HELLUVA lisp… but, that is NEARLY gone… now jusssst Sssss are lissped ssslightly… ssooo, that will be the tease of the day… >.> and saying K noises like the start of Chris… have a sort of husk to it… That will be fun tomorrow… -.-

uh…. not much else happened… eating is a bit hard, my teeth still hurt a bit… and currently brushing gives blood… eww…



I’ve finally caught up with the Funimation One Piece English Dub. There was a bit where some black guy was shooting at something yelling, “Hold still you quaker!” which sounded like cracker… ooo, a bit racist… but it wasn’t… SANJI SAID SHIT! I swear he did… it was like the proper swear in the thing… unless you count the quacker/cracker mishap… It was awesome. Can’t wait for the next lot.

They finally released DiamondDust Rebellion Dub, that was pretty epic… some of the most Epic parts were with Kenpachi, Byakuya… and seeing FUCKING Zangetsu… I fucking love him… plus one of the, “yeah, he’s awesome” bits was with Ukitake… cause he’s just so sexy xP


uh… not much has happened really, ‘cept I spent the rest of the yesterday and today chatting with Bethany Huls until the wee hours of the night.


  1. joethearachnid says:

    Kirby says hi.
    Yeah, my gums bleed all the time at the moment… I think perhaps I have always brushed them too hard, which is likely since my toothbrushes only seem to last for about a month or two at the moment. Hmm…
    Aussi, I didn't notice anything different about your talking or any lisp today, so that's all good.

    I'm glad that you FINALLY watched Bleach: DDR. Yeah, most of it is a little bit sucky, but the last half hour where EVERYBODY is going Bankai on shit and super-mega-awesome and then the last line… 'It's captain Hitsugaya to you'. I knew it was coming, but I still squealed when it came (and I came too).
    By the way, can you imagine Dance Dance Revolution Bleach? I could /totally/ get down to Asterisk…

  2. Chris says:

    … quesion… /why/? why the /?
    Also, I only watched DDR because it aired like last week or something…

  3. joethearachnid says:

    The slashes are to do pseudo /italics/ when you don’t have the time or skillez to do real italics. And yeah, I was mainly saying more that the film finally came out in dub more than that you finally watched it. It will be nice to be able to talk about it, though… I’ve seen it twice, but I have the subbed episode on a DVD…

    Actually, the subbed Fade to Black, I call Your Name will probably come out soon… the movie was being advertised in the turn back the pendulum gaiden, which was at least six months ago…

    • joethearachnid says:

      Just checked: The Japanese DVD comes out on 30th September. I’ll only have to wait ~1 month to see it.
      The Japanese Amazon is crazy…

      • Chris says:

        Great thing called Wikipedia, that normally has a tendency of saying when…

        • joethearachnid says:

          I actually don’t find Wikipedia that useful for DVD release dates, although it’s pretty good for game releases.
          Since DVD releases aren’t usually ‘put back’ then Amazon generally has easy dates just on the search screen. Plus was more of an adventure.

  4. JimmyBean says:

    I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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