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Posted: 03/09/2009 in General, Life
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So, today was the first day of the new year and Sixth form. It was fucking shit…

Yes, prepare for angry swears! So, the day started off fairly well I guess… I arrived, went to the common room, oh fuck me, turns out I forgot a sheet I didn’t know existed… So, I lined up, asked for a sheet, did it all, then skipped the line to find out I was in Mrs Trebey’s form… not exactly what I wanted… but what can I fucking do?

I got up to the room and waited as people were coming in. It didn’t look promising… People were coming in, turns out most the people in my form, are people I don’t actually talk to… Woop dee FUCKING doo… So I guess I can talk to Eliza, but then she hates me… so yeah…

We filled in a bunch of sheets… and stuff… got our timetables before everyone… go into that later… soon we went to the main hall to get worded at by Mr Hirst and then spoken to by Mr Jennings. Surprisingly it was still looking good…

It only REALLY got bad at Break… Everyone had their by timetables now… Quick run through:

Monday, Maths KTA, Study, Chemistry GHI x2, Physics KFL, Chemistry GHI.

Tuesday, Study x4, Physics DHAx2

Wednesday Maths NHY, Maths KTA, Biology MWHx2, Study, Maths NHY

Thursday Study, Biology RCR, Study x2, Biology RCR x2

Friday, Physics KFL x2, Chemistry SPE x2, Maths NHY, Study

Turns out I share no lessons with anyone, and very little frees with anyone… oh. Fucking. great.

Then began the long period of no one doing anything. Meaning the sociably inept people sat to one side hoping that someone might talk to them, oh… no, No one did.

Then Lunch, oh, it was the same thing. I got a drink with Nico, we watched Ben have verbal sex with his new found high fiving friend (who high fives in a very Callum S and Harry Ng way…) We registered, everyone went to the bus meeting, I was left alone… yay… everyone came back from the bus meeting. I tried to talk to people again, that failed… I then went upstairs to try and talk to people, fucking failed a-fucking-GAIN. I then gave up talking to people, but then Simon came to save the day and I spoke to him and Nat for the rest of the time…

Seems that the “cools” (or a large group of people) go upstairs and everyone else goes downstairs… Can’t wait for the Upper sixth to push me out the way some more… woo…

Also, turns out, Ben is a cunt… yeah, that’s right, I said it… why? When talking with your new bestest friend you didn’t even TRY to involve us, it was always, “We’ve already talked about it so you can go away now.” yeah… thanks… Another reason could be because you told Lauren that Max didn’t enjoy the film so now she hates him, despite the fact he never said he hated it, he only said it was a bit predictable but he got into it eventually… hahahahahaha, yeah, REAL funny… if you didn’t like us, just say so…

Um, I’m sure there was more to anger about… oh yeah, now when I look at my phone, I get depressed… woo…

so yeah, first day… in all the knee deep shitness there is…

  1. joethearachnid says:

    I’m sorry about earlier… remember that I haven’t really had many people to talk to over the summer, so suddenly finding someone who somehow likes the same things as me caused be to blurt a bit. I didn’t think we were talking about the sort of stuff that interested you, anyway. Well, you would have been interested in the Anime bits, but Max would have hated all of it and Nico would have complained… so…
    And err… Kinda oops about the Lauren thing. We were just discussing it, and I didn’t realise it was going to have that much of an adverse effect. I guess I did fuck up my first day after all.
    You know that conscience that made me apologise to Miss Archer? Yeah, that’s going to be haunting me for all of tonight now.

    • Max says:

      Fuck up your first day? Yes you did.

      You were a sly, annoying and deceitful bastard swanning off to talk with your new friends over anyone else. And banishing Chris when he was showed he wallet was just rude and arrogant.

      And especially with telling Lauren I didn’t enjoy the film we went to see, which was a complete lie in itself as I did enjoy it and never said I didn’t, in fact if you read my blog the only slightly derogatory thing I had to say was that it was ‘predictable’. I wouldn’t have watched it if I didn’t think I’d like it.

      • joethearachnid says:

        Hey, I did NOT shun Chris when he showed his wallet, I said, ‘Look at Chris’s Bleach wallet’. And anyway, I was taking your reaction of the film from when we talked on Steam, rather than your blog (which I hadn’t yet read at that point). And anyway, you two already know that you’re awesome, so I felt that you could survive for a bit without me. It’s like when Left 4 Dead came out, you went and played it for a bit but eventually came back to TF2, you know? And also, I wasn’t making any of you sit there… I believe that I sat down with Peter and Luke and then you all sat down nearby some time later.

        • Chris says:

          … actually… we’d ALL been sitting there… talking, then Peter and his boyfriend Luke came by and sooner than later you were high fiving in a way that made me have a Vietnamesque relapse of Callum and Harry…

  2. Chris says:

    *monocle pops out into cocktail*

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