Last Breaths of Summer

Posted: 02/09/2009 in General, Holidays, Life
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With Summer as school kids know it coming to an end, I thought I may as well keep it neat and tidy and have like the last… 3 days or something.

Well, it’s been an un eventful 2 days… but then, oh well, I’m gonna talk loads about it anyway!

So Tuesday, with nothing better to do we went into town! By we I meant my mum, my sister and I. So, we went to town, did something, that I forgot… then they went to go do girly stuff and left me in HMV for about 20 minutes… I’ve never been so bored… SERIOUSLY! I looked at all the albums I wanted, starred at them intensly until the prices went down, didn’t happen.

I decided to check out the DVDs for a bit… I looked at the price of Flight of the Conchords Season 1, 2 and 1 & 2… then I looked at the films… felt a bit out of place cause I don’t care much for films… then I looked over to one side… and By Odin’s BEARD! AN ANIME SECTION! “BY GUM!” I thought, I went over to the… section next to it… then casually looked over… they only had Bleach Season 1 and FMA something that I was interested in… no Elemental Gelade… sad face.

EVENTUALLY they came back… and I got two new snappy T-shirts from HMV! A superman T-shirt (to add to that underline of Comic geek) and a Space Invaders one (To add to the bold letters above my head screaming “THIS BOY IS A GEEK! STAY AWAY!”). We then went to CEX where I bought IRON MAN on DVD for 5 POUNDS! We then ate at Subway and got cheap drinks from Poundland… (2 for a pound… steal) we then headed off to… THE COMIC BOOK SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! It was the first of the month… but I just decided to drag them over cause I thought it wouldn’t be here by now… I looked around for some comics that I may be interested in… No Deadpool stuff I wanted… sad face… I may have to try and look into some Venom stuff… cause He’s sexy… I asked the guy at the till when the new comics come in… turns out it is every Thursday (or the first Thursday of the month for the monthly stuff (I dunno)) or a Friday if it is a bank holiday Monday Week. Coolio.

Speaking of Comics! Old news now, but Disney bought Marvel for 4 BILLION Dollars! Mostly for the film industry part, I mean, Iron Man 2 is thought to make shit loads of money… People are blaming Stan Lee… but he is retired… he’s 86! It would’ve been an idea to have some Marvel Shares cause Share holders got a nice pay out… Really, this wont affect the Comic book industry… unless they decide to stop shipping to Europe… (gay). It will be good for the Marvel Animated stuff… cause Disney’s animation department is very decent… like movies and cartoons…

So… after that… I headed back to HMV cause I didn’t spend anything and bought Season 1 of Flight of the Conchords… I think we then got some Ice-cream and went home. Mint Choc Chip (white Mint Ice cream…).

Today we went to play some Badminton.

Since yesterday and to this afternoon, I’d been watching the first season of Flight of The Conchords… and it was AWESOME! I’m glad I bought it! I now need Season 2… but I can get that some other time.. I need to slow down my spendings… Then I also watched Iron Man… I think the best bits, in terms of humour (which is what Iron Man is meant to have) is when he’s testing the starter bits of his suit, like the gloves and shoes… well, I thought so… It is a good movie… and bad at some points… but yeah, I like it. I mean, IT’S FUCKING IRON MAN DAMMIT!

Then… well, I did this!!!!

I did have Love Fool by The Cardigans first… but that was copy righted… so I had to go with some other stuff… and this wasn’t what I chose… but what ever… Call him, he’s single 😉

So, School starts tomorrow, and only just now, as I typed those words thinking about a possible early night did I realise that, OH SHIT! SCHOOL IS StARTING SOON! ah… whatcha gonna do…?

So, see you tomorrow, or Today!

  1. joethearachnid says:

    Yeah, Disney USED to be good at animated films. Now basically the only good stuff comes from Pixar, and I’m not sure how they feel about dealing with licensed brands and stuff – in all their previous movies they’ve kinda done their own ‘thing’.

    Also, the video is ‘removed by user’. Lamez.

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