Champagne isn’t what it’s cracked up to be…

Posted: 29/08/2009 in Gaming, General, Holidays, Life, Max, Playing Games, Site improvements., Xbox360
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Well, because we are awesome, some people went to:


So, “Some people” were Ben, Ned and I (originally) I was the first to arrive… So I saw Max’s room and exchanged the short talk. Soon enough NED arrived on his bike. He sat down, revealed the cans o’ coke he had. Soon Ben arrived! We hadn’t told either the other was coming… you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Alas, it was not to be. Ned got phoned up and was told he was meant to be working… he soon left. Well, we then exchanged more small talk and stuff and played Brawl, Double Dash and watched Ben probably put Max’s dad off Ben for life by playing Madworld… soon enough, Emily turned up… with her brother……… yeah… We all crowded into Max’s room and Ben ‘n’ Emily’s Brother (Alex) starred at Max’s computer’s and drooled over the shop… Emily sort of had a vague idea what was going on with the TF2 bits… but yeah… we soon crammed into the Garden house that was AWESOME.

We all made Miis that kinda looked like us… apart from Ben’s who was a small fat dwarf with a giant beard… and wore pink. Mine came with sleepy dead eyes d-(^.^)z

We then played some Bowling and got thrashed by Emily and her serious skills! We then had to do some ordering of food, which took FUCKING ages… We soon went to the park and looked with bewilderment at the grown up play ground… There were swings and shit… I jumped off swings… and the shit… swings gave my open blisters on my hand (two) and… Max wore shades (Agent Smith) even though it was quite dark… Turns out, Alex is lighter than me… hooray!

We came back for food, saw Max’s Pro-Kart… and watched Harry P-3. I didn’t eat… d-(^.^)z

We talked a bit, broke out the champagne… we all thought, “Ewww” apart from Alex who is too young… We played spin the empty coke can and tbh, it was FUCKING hilarious! Ben ended up eating a chinese take away menu for a dare… LOL. Emily and Alex soon left… and we then set out to set out the bed like things… Ben and I got left with the difficult one…  Well, that was after we watched Max’s mum and silly sister clear all the rubbish away (oops).  Alas, Max’s father came back and we had a REALLY long conversation with him about… all sorts really…

Soon we were left with not much to do, we interneted and stuff… then we watched V for Vendetta… I think I semi-coma’d through some bits cause I’ve seen a lot recently… like the lesbian story bit… oops… Afterwards, I watched Ben play FF7… and DIE!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA… ha

Well, really nobody said anything for ages… but I think we were all asleep, I remember Ben and I talking about who is most likely to be a lesbian… I also showed ’em this:

POSING! Posing with my leg!

My phone went off at 6:45… then I fell asleep at about 7am and then woke again at about 10am and starred at the ceiling for… about an hour and 30 minutes trying to see if everyone was awake… We soon had brunch… because it was noon… we ate Bacon Sand-iches… CUZ WE ARE MEN! RAWR! *takes a bite out of a baby deer* and after that… my 24 hours of no food was over (I just realised…)

Afterwards we tidied up some more and tried to pack everything away… the bag I had my sleep bag in exploded… so I stuffed EVERYTHING into my bag:

See how explodey that is? No? oh…

Well, we played Wii Bowling some more, with Max’s sister, and it eventually became Lazy Wii… so we sat down and flicked our wrist aimlessly… Because Max’s sister was busy texting and Max took half her bowls as really crap ones, I came 3rd and 2nd… then 4th… sad face.

My dad arrived… but we ate ice cream… So he had to wait… Ben’s mum arrived so everyone left… it was funnerific!

When I got back it was 2;50pm…  so I had a doughnut and some red grrrrrrrrrrape juice… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Then I played some creed for like well ages! One of the funnerific things I did today was throw a begger woman into another person making them drop their thing… I found it fun… Throwing Knives are still the best EVER! EVVVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

I also got some stationary stuff… like a staple remover (or I think it is… it is sharp…) a stapler, a tape thingy AND a hole punch! WOO! VICTORY!!!!!!!!

Then I ate… then I wrote this then I changed the theme back to how it was… Not sure what I’m gonna do until Thursday now… but my next blog will probzorz be the wednesday before…  I should hope… Unless something EPIC happens… like…  I dunno, I get something on my phone… *sits in anticipation hoping LOADS*

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    I honestly don’t know what to say here…

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