Well yes. It is about time, the weight of GCSEs, that never really was apparent for the last 10 weeks or so, is finally gone! Yes, today the results were released and students everywhere got kicked out of bed by their parents and then shuffled to the school they had once forgotten about… well, apart from me… I was awake BEFORE my parents… ha…

So, basically, I didn’t care much… but I knew we were gonna be going out… so I didn’t really do anything until… 10am… where I left… my mum took me, meaning I had to listen to the Petshop Boys the entire journey… We arrived… my mum hid in the car out of the way as I walked into the office to get my results… it was only 10:30 so no one was there really…

I got mine! As well as the year book and prom photo CD!

To cut things short:

Maths, A

Science, A

Additional Science, B (no revision)

Chemistry, A

Biology, A

Physics, A

English, B

English Lit, C

Art, C

Media, C

Drama, C (tee hee)


French, D

I blame DT and the lack of revision on Ben… Why? Simple, after an exam (Maths or something?) Max, Ben and I went to revise in Mr Wheeler’s room… and in seconds Ben had dropped his trousers… I’m not kidding…. Drama, my coursework was crap… meaning my expert acting got me a good C!

Also, Media… ellie got a B… she did FUCK all… I got a C… I did ALL the work for the second (75%) year… *twitches*

Anywho… slowly people began to arrive, and then quickly, there was a giant line… I ended up having to wait and latch from group to group for a bit… Eventually, Ben and Max had gotten out (Max after secretly escaping for a bit). Then there was nothing else to do other than talk until I got picked up…

I saw Simon escape and think, “He’s a sly one…”

Eventually, Max and I were left to talk to Nico. We saw Chloé eventually turn up and go in… Soon Nico left and left Max and I talking because Max’s chauffeur didn’t mind and my parent hadn’t arrived…. Chloé came back out after sometime then we all started talking (Chloé arrived at the school at about… noon, and was the last one to arrive). We talked and talked, exchanged phone numbers, talked etc. Then Max’s mum, after putting down the binoculers eventually pulled out impatiently after waiting for ages and Max had to leave.

Chloé and I talked a bit more about Braces and just general stuff… eventually, we realised it had turned 1pm so we slowly walked to our cars and left (we were the last ones). I did apologize to my dad for making him wait…

On the way back my dad and I did that rare thing where we end up talking a large amount… mostly about my brother, my mother…. yeah… but yeah…

Well, then I got home, ate lunch… flicked through the Year Book, saw a picture of me as a pirate thought, “WTF?” then played some Faffing-about Creed. There is only one thing that  I guess could be worth a mention… I was aimlessly running about killing people, being chased. I stopped… then it turned out a templar had been chasing me… and had then jumped off the edge of the building I was standing on… I didn’t notice it was a Templar until the thing came up saying, xx/60 Templars killed… FYI, Templars are just shit arse annoying knights that normally babble gibberish as they stab your innards up with their face…

In other news… I finish Final Fantasy 8… I got all the GFs… (e.g. Eden and shit) I got ALL of their abilities… spent about an HOUR in Microsoft Excel doing tables to see which GF i should have on which people so EVERYONE gets a speed junction and strength junction etc… so it is all fair… didn’t use it much… in the end…

I powered through the final dungeon, even with my crapper level 17s…. my main party being 80-90… Soon I went forth to Ultimecia. Her first form was easy… well, it would’ve been if she weren’t immune to Holy, which is what Squal’s sword did… but I need it that for Griever… So I eventually killed the lower levels till I got my party of Zell and Irvine. We beat up Ultimecia. Then Griever was summoned… we went to town on it… Then they merged together, more town… then… it went a bit more trippy… as it was changing to the last one, and before I could attack, the camera was zooming out from different angles… a few also had flashes of sort of Satanic images… Also, the final boss… has Eyeball boobs… well… white boobs with Irish like blue on it.. and to say it is a 12… very distinct nipples… that I looked a lot… This nearly killed Squall… but not enough… Thankfully, I also had all the good people’s final weapons… and the Aura spell… meaning every go Squall went all Limit break on it and tore it a new bum…

The boss exploded… a lot… then they all tried to go back to their time… Squall went back in time and it turns out that he was the reason something happened, which then later (about 10 years or 13 years later) made him where he was… then we get into a time loop…. Oh, Ultimecia is from the future… but she dies in the past… but in doing so, she can then control the people in the present… from the future because she died in the past…. yeah… isn’t that fun?

I think games should try and stay away from this sort of time paradox, Donnie Darko-esque endings… or plots…

*SPoliers* well, it turns out that because Squall is such a big Emo, he can’t use the power of friendship to get back to his own time… he is then stuck in limbo… oh noes! Then as he is about to give up Rinoa (the female love) has enough Love for them both and then she manages to find him… but oh no! He’s dead! It then cuts to the credits showing everyone at some party… Rinoa is out on a balcony by herself pointing in the sky… it switches to full screen credits… then… another cinematic… a different camera angle… she points to the sky… the camera swaps to behind her… OH WAIT! Squall is alive! GRRRR I fucking HATE stories that do that at the end… It happened in Final Fantasy 9…. Sure… I actually like it… but it is annoying, because I get too into the story, feel a bit like, “WTF?! He’s dead?!?!?!?!?!?!” Then only to, after a load of credits, to find out he is alive and kicking…. grrr….

*Spoilers over*

well… yeah, Final Fantasy 8 was better than I remembered… but apart from Limits… you end up having every character fight the same… plus there is only one row… no front or back….

Well, because I’m such a raging bag of geek… LOOK!


On Wednesday, with my neck in pain because in the morning I stretched and managed to trap a nerve or something so turning left  sharply hurts (still does) I got a phone call… I was like, “WTF? When does this crap happen?” Turns out Nathan invited me over.

“Sure.” I said!

So, I got to his house… knocked on the door… and it opened to reveal a topless Nathan… yeah…. Well, he soon got dressed some more… then we played some GH 3 for a bit… and talked about games whilst doing so… then we played Beijing Olympics for a bit fo’ lulz. We watched Zoolander, ate some Ice Lollies then played LBP. LBP, is fucking FUN! It seems the level editor isn’t that hard to master because there are a lot of good levels… there are loads that are FREAKING hard, which Nathan and I played a lot of. I made a top hat, mustached, straw eating, cat eyed, pirate topped, robot bottomed, cape wearing, wooden sword weilding, Tron skinned Sack boy thing quickly and we played some levels and had fun as we killed each other by grabbing onto the falling block making it fall quicker or onto each other to take them down… I think, if you want to be a game designer… you should give that game a go…. It’s very fun!

My papa arrived… I shut the door… cut my thumb whilst doing so…

Yeah… that’s it for this week… I finished chapter 2… started 3… only about 2-3 paragraphs in….

Although it’s no longer Wednesday, it’s still business time (FOR MAX!)

Still trying that new theme… I think it looks a bit… messy… and all over the shop… may go back… and hope something better comes along.

  1. Max says:

    I don’t really think anyone of us wants to remember Ben dropping his trousers in Mr Wheeler’s room. Perhaps he was still thinking about Mr Wheeler?

    My results are pretty similar to yours, in that I did well in the things that matter. I too failed languages, but I genuinely couldn’t care less.

    And nice wallet.

  2. Max says:

    Also, I like how you used my name as a tag.

  3. Chris says:

    It isn’t a tag… it’s an entire category… There is one dedicated to you… ever since your birthday!

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