It’s a “Masterpiece”!

Posted: 23/08/2009 in Art, Gaming, General, Holidays, Life, Playing Games
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Sarcastic air quotes…

Well, as with most great things (and a lot of my blogs) to avoid people just reading one bit then buggering off, I’m leaving the good stuff till the end. Like a sweet tasty something at the end of something that is sweet and tasty but ever so slightly less.

So, I forgot when I last did one, maybe thursday or Friday… But to make it easier, sweet fuck all happened Thursday or Friday. So, TO SATURDAY!!

So on Saturday was the yearly:


I wish those letters could be bigger and with more meaning.

So yeah, this is the shitty Blaxhall fate thing that is kinda suck-arse. Really it is a time for the large old woman to go outside in their… summer clothes… as they walk around being old… There is rarely anything to do. There are the normal things like the coconut shy, no one likes coconuts in the house, then various stuff where I don’t see much urge. There is normally a “White elephant” stall… although I don’t think there were many there. Then other things like books and plants and stuff… There is also a competition for those gardener folk.. Really, I just sat on the swings for about 2 hours… well, on and off… I also sat on top of some thing hoping not many kids would walk past and knock me off probably smashing my face… I came off to get an ice-cream, and a pancake… then a few times when I got super bored.

I also said “Hi” to Tom Roseveare and Chris Coe… the latter I don’t really know, but he recently moved to Blaxhall, and he is my brother’s friend from school… so… yeah…

Really, turns out swings aren’t comfy at all… from holding a chain for too long I managed to get blisters all over my hand, and I even began to take off the finish on it. The swings are fun, when I can swing to the point of X-Treme Buckling where I either fall on my face or backwards into my head… yeah… I spent too much time swinging or legs hanging over stuff…. now the back of my legs feel like ACID.

Well, I think it was yesterday, around about the time my internet cut out and I was too lazy to do anything, I wrote a bit more story, I’m getting there… I just need to run out of stuff… to do… *sniff*

Friday, I watched V for Vendetta, just as awesome as it ever is.

Yesterday, I also finished my “Masterpiece” (Sarcastic Air quotes) by “Masterpiece”, I mean I finally finished colouring that thing I was meant to do. My brother drew the person, however, I had to fucking hand fucking draw the entire FUCKING background with a FUCKING mouse in FUCKING Paint.NET. *foams at mouth* In all, I had 20 layers to work with… fun layers of FOAMING RABID FUN…


Well, as per the last 2 – 3 weeks (I’ve lost count) I’ve been playing Final Fantasy. I’ve now nearly finished Final Fantasy 8, I just have the final dungeon, and the bit that gets me to the final dungeon which I can go back from, it’s just a bitch to do so. Somehow, I’ve managed to get like 60 odd hours on it… however, I’m only 65 on Squall then 5x on Zell and Irvine… The time is so large cause you end up burning about 20 minutes on drawing spells (early on) when you find a new one that could be of some use). Another thing with Final Fantasy 8, is eventually in the final dungeon, you have to split your party of 6 up in to two parties of 3. No problem right? Oh no, the three people you don’t use, don’t actually gain ANY experience AT ALL. So there is only the small times when you have them for the first time and you actually HAVE to have them that they gain experience, so I have 3 people of like level 13-17. That’s gonna be fun. The good thing is, thanks to the Junction Exchange, they pretty much get about 5000 hp and awesome str even at that level. Final Fantasy 8 does compensate for this. All the monsters in the game, EVERYWHERE, will be the same level as your highest in the party. Then the monster’s hp varies depending on it, for e.g. If the monster has 350 hp at level 1, then at level 10 it will have 3,500hp, and so on. This avoids all your level 17s running into a large amount of level 50 monsters to be punched right in the face!

Why is it that I always seem to go TOO into this sort of thing.

Well, there probably wont be another Blog post until Thursday, when we all get results, or it could be earlier, when I finish FF8… TO TEH X-TREME!!! (I’m just getting the last GFs now, I beat up a giant Cactuar with a Moustache (LOOL))

So… yeah… now enjoy!!

Some Guitar to play you out, ya here?

I’m also trying out the new theme….

  1. Talking of masterpieces, leveling up your entire party is something that both Breath of Fire IV and Chrono Trigger do better…
    Also on the subject of masterpieces… CARDCAPTOR SAKURA IS FUCKING AWESOME. I just finished the series (but not the second movie) and it was so sad that I almost cried. Apparently, Cardcaptors doesn’t even get a developing relationship between Sakura and Shaoran Li for most of the series. That sucks for you…
    Anyway… uh… The new Bleach arc is pretty awesome…

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, nothing like a comment that implies you only read about half of it…

    • joethearachnid says:

      HEY! I read ALL of it. I even listened to most of Buckethead. I even left you a comment on the deviantART page.
      I was just… ranting a bit (see comments in my last blog for further ranting). Also, I like your new theme. Simplistic, but very easy to use and it’s got a bit of panache.
      I also lolled at the Fete Worse Than Death.

      Reading my last comment tells me that I should NOT be writing comments when dosed up on female hormones.

  3. Max says:

    I don’t like this theme. The old was was better and simply and beautiful.

    -Max 😉

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