Doesn’t exist where I went today. Just thought I’d attempt to draw you in.

So, where to begin, well, I might as well get the creepy geeky lack-o-sleepy bit first (no that didn’t take me ages to make up, only about 2 seconds). So, well, I guess, yeah. Really if you follow my twitter you’d already know. However, I FUCKING FINISHED FINAL FANTASY… fuh-nine? I’m on ball today!

*Large doses of Final Fantasy*

Anyway, yeah, I finished Final Fantasy nine for the second time. It has been a while since my first finishing, but I can say, that the final boss was ruddy hard. The main reason being towards the end of their life, they just SPAM attacks, so within just one attack from one person, that person would’ve already died from being attacked by Flare Nova (does a lot of damage to all party members) then Holy pretty much straight after (Holy being one of the strongest Magic Attacks). Not to mention the final two bosses annyoingly have the ability to use Curaga… Curaga being the strongest Curing move… The first final boss (Trance Kuja, the one that has all three above attacks) you just have to try and kill as quick as possible, hoping before you die you can go into Trance mode and really do some insane damage that just tears through him, and hope that he wastes a lot of turns curing himself (which you can normally eliminate the cured hp with just one attack). The second and Final Final Boss is some giant thing called Necron (which I’m not sure WHAT it is but sh) This I only got two attempts of attacking (cause Trance Kuja was such a fucking ARSE) the second I managed to beat with out realising that he was near death or anything. When that happened I dropped the controller on the floor, power slid on the carpet and removed my already displaced knee caps. I then watched the final scenes.


I can’t believe Zidane went to save Kuja. There was an EPIC effect how you thought he was dead till the VERY end when he is alive in a big reveal and I nearly pissed myself, came in my pants and pooped myself in excitement at the exact same time… messy.

*Spoilers are OVEAR!*

So now, with nothing else to do to pass the time, I started the game that I am not a big fan of. Final Fantasy 8 (he says with spite and spitting venom at the eyes of the viewers/readers brutally harming about 2 people). I am doing the follow-Gamefaqs-to-the-letter-unless-it’s-described-shit run… Also going by some other stuff I found out from watching a certain review. So I would hope not to be bad. As it turns out, by being awesome, I could rip through most bosses until…. well, still to now. This was mostly because I learned that I could junction 100 Curagas to my hp VERY early on, meaning I have about 2k hp at level 10. Shocking how Squall is the only one that levels up… could be because every single hit of his is a critical because of the simple time puzzle.

Really, if you have ever read my twitter, you’d know that I can spend about… hmm, 10 minutes just looking away from the screen mashing the x button, because I have it on Memory Cursor… This has only caused me death once… which came as a shock, but oh well. Getting better weapons is difficult because the items you need are rarely dropped by monsters so you have better luck with the crappy card game… which I really hate… I prefer Tetra Master in 9… although Tetra Master didn’t actually MAKE sense, it just did something and eventually you win or lose.

This ends up leaving me with some long periods of playing about 10 minutes of cards to try and get my gosh darn cards to turn into an item. I’m on disc 2 and I’ve done… about 20 hours. I did 50 on 9 and like 60-70 or something on 7… oh great, daddy long legs in my room… just fucking awesome… I can’t remember much else about the game… but I just beat up NORG and now this big arse school that has T-rex in can fly… wow, wtf, that daddy long legs looks dead already… it’s just curled up and dead… no it twitched…

*[/Final Fantasy]*

My brother finally got Assassin’s Creed back from his friend. So I finally started it! I was expecting the free running to be a bit more… complicated and woo. No, instead it is just hold A and RT (Right trigger) and you can climb anything as long as it is human length. Assassin’s Creed is fun. The main problem… or even unique thing is, at the start of the game you have everything, so you spend ages just aimlessly running about stabbing people in the face then running away (apparently just jumping when guards are edgy is the same as yelling, “I FUCKING STABBED THE DOUCHE! SO SUCK IT!” meaning every guard in the world now wants to stab you in the eye provided one can see you… then before you know it, after someone breaks their leg and you hear it popped into place, you lose everything… I don’t just mean equipment, you spend a while watching as you are told you seem to have had your mind wiped and have forgotten how to counter (easiest way of killing people). I enjoy it, I like how whilst people are talking to you, you can kinda walk about and like, be an arse. The memory glitches… are annoying, you don’t really pay attention, you are just waiting for the thing to happen so you can hit a button to hopefully get the achievement at some point. Ah well….

The geeky is not over yet. Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of you might know, depends if I posted it in a blog or not, that I recently found the English dubbing of Elemental Gelade. I seriously HIGHLY recommend this! Seriously! If you like anime, watch it, along with Disgaea! I love Elemental Gelade, it has a decent story, some of the humour in it is just so fucking hilarious, for example, at one point the male protagonist is explaining jealousy to the female protagonist (who both kinda have feelings for each other at this point). He describes it as a sort of burning feeling in the heart and the girl says, “Here?” and grabs his hand and puts it on her chest. One of the awesome characters comes in to say that dinner is ready, then sees and backs away saying, “I’ll leave you two alone…” and… well it is just so fucking AWESOME D=< WATCH IT!!!!!! NOA! If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, this means YOU BEN! The ending or parts of the ending send chills over your entire body (like in Disgaea). I just can’t stress enough just how good it is.

Well, also for the past… ever, I’ve been staying up late talking to Max, and waking up at 6:45am because that’s how I roll!

Now onto the main topic, I guess. Today I went to Pleasurewood Hills… I didn’t have high hopes. When I got there it turned out they had a ride with a loop in. HOLY CRAP! I thought….  it was the first thing we went on, and it looked so cool. Basically, you all get in, the cart travels backwards up the ramp, then when the back is near the VVEEEEERY top, it drops (note: you are virtually hanging in your harness seat at the top) you then go around the thing, which is up, a sort of corkscrew, into a loop then up the ramp again where you come to a halt and slowly climb up. “Hold on” you think, “I’m on the same starting ramp but there is no bit at the top to join the two” you continue, then just when the front hits the near top, you drop again doing it all again backwards. It’s sooo awesome, and you go so high if you are at the back or front.

The rides elsewhere were shit. Till we got to the “Whizzy Dizzy” which may sound lame, but it is a pendulum ride that rotates as you go back and forth. Which is pretty fun. You go higher than 90 degrees to the floor so you get the lovely feeling of being slightly upside down… I went on it 3 times, the last time I got to see the effects the ride had on the low cut tops of some large bosomed slags, if you get what I mean in a very teenage way… Yes, I sound like a pervert… but it was in the name of science… and it was only the corner of my eye. Turns out, nothing happens… at all…

We waited loads for a ride that was crap, jerky corners and just general crapness… I got to ride alone on a cable cart that was slow and boring and would’ve been quicker to walk with both my missing knee caps shot off. We went on another ride twice, where I spent the entire time with my arms up… on both goes (each go goes round twice) because I’m hip like that. Speaking of hip, the last go I had to be on my own, meaning I had a whole 2 seats to myself, meaning I had to brace myself with my legs… causing pain… it could explain the LARGE amounts of pain I get some times… hmm…

Well, yeah. Right now I’m getting REALLY painful pain in my left ankle and knee… it hurts soooooo bad… times like this I wish Automail was real… (I’d then have all my limbs metal…)

Well, I was expecting to write more, but I shot through the Pleasurewood Hills bit like a bullet being fired from the front of a ship travelling just under light speed (or at it, thus meaning in warp)… oh look, geek came back at the end… I’m going to play Final Fantasy 8 and cry over my limbs that are so fucking painful….

  1. Well… uh… yeah. Have fun with that.
    I would watch your crazy anime, but I’m currently in the middle of watching Cardcaptor Sakura (the Japanese version of Cardcaptors) and pwning n00bs to earn massive XPs in The Conduit. But I’ll see later…

  2. Chris says:

    I highly advise it, it is a short series (25 episodes *shakes fist in rage-ah-2-nol*)

    • You know that Cardcaptor Sakura has gayness, teacher fetish and MUCH better acting? Cardcaptors didn’t get ANY of those.
      Also, there’s a new filler season of Bleach where there’s a zanpakutou rebellion, and in the most recent episode Ichigo turned into Hollow Ichigo – with the proper hollow claws and tail and everything, AND instantaneous healing. Zangetsu got his ass handed to him.

      • Chris says:

        Sounds sexy! I’ll probably get round to it at some point.
        But yeah, watch Elemental Gelade when you have the chance. The English Dubs were good, not sure of subs.

        • Dude, subs are ALWAYS good in comparison to dubs because they don’t use actors off the streets on minimum wage.

        • Chris says:

          I find that is normally good… I find they can easily get emotion over. And seeing as they are normally “off the street” it means you don’t end up going, “Hey, that’s the same voice as ____” and spend the entire series thinking of someone else…
          But then, even some of the bigger names can dub well, Dan Green for exmaple….

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