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Well, or those of you that couldn’t have cared less, let’s face it, if you are reading this you knew and said something or you’re on a boat somewhere, yesterday was my birthday. Where I turned 16. Woo.

The day wasn’t what I would call fun. It started off seeiming to be awesome. It looked like it was to be a rich full day. Braces coming off, it was my birthday. But then I remembered, my birthdays are shit.

I ended up waiting for family to wake up. Mainly my sister, who woke up then went to sleep again… I then got my presents, woo present. Oh look!

So, there you can see that I got: Maladroit  by Weezer. I got Lunar Knights and Fullmetal Alchemist Season one part two from my parents. I got, from my brother, the Blade Trilogy (I’m watching Blade right now) AND (possibly the best one) a comic! I got a Deadpool comic. It rawks, very internet geek aimed. For example, Deadpool says about to take a chainsaw to someone, “Chainsaw! FOR THE WIN! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” but it is pretty epic, like doing a hard turn then opening the windows to let an RPG fly through. It is so epicly epic, that it’s epic, you get me? Alas, my brother got me issue 12, I’m gonna have to look into the rest of this and try and ebay my way into a collection of geeky awesome.

Back to the day and away from the geek. We all set out to the Orthodontist, my hopes set high on the fact that my brace was coming off. I walked in, didn’t even need to confirm my DOB. What a whore. I went up, waited. Went in and oh look, it isn’t off. No, instead I have even more junk in my mouth. Apparently it comes off next time (saturday 5th Sept) where I get the rest of my retainer, which is what I guess is what was put in in my mouth. So yeah, now on my lower jaw, on the BACK of my teeth, is a wire with a chunk of stuff to glue it on. Whilst this was happening there was a sucker thingy that was in my mouth, making it dry.  That wasn’t fun. The stuff on the back of my teeth is CONSTANTLY dry. This is the most fucking unpleasant thing for ever, EVER.

Well, after that pile of monkey droppings we set off to celebrate my birthday. We headed to a chinese buffet. Yay. I’m not a big fan of chinese. I don’t like much of the food, and I think a lot of it is very greasy. I like noodles and dumplings but there weren’t those on their own… or at all in terms of chicken dumplings… I had cheesecake and moist prafiter rolls for desert. We then went to Top man to look at some clothing… I didn’t get any (of course).

My brother, being the kind hearted person he is, brought down Rock Band 2 and instruments where we introduced it to our parents. This was quite fun… yeah… then was dinner. Then it was back to confinement in my room. My brother came into my room and asked if I would like to play some Marvel Ultimate Alliance… hell yeah, then we played a demo of Marvel vs Capcom 2. I got my arse wooped but I had no idea what I was doing other than mashing buttons… *slam goes the door*

The matrix was on, and I watched in Childish glee at the lobby scene. As well as the other slow motion nonesense. Oh childish glee…

Today because my phone didn’t go off I awoke at 10am… what nonsense.

The plan was to go see HP number Half Blood Prince. The Half Blood Prince would be my second favourite Harry Potter. The best being Prisoner of Askiban. I think it was good. The person playing Malfoy was very good. Harry Potter as per normal was bland and crap. But then the actual character doesn’t have much personality. So, afterwards we walked back to the car, then went to Tesco to get some booze.  Now I’m here…

The rest of the time, I’ve been playing Maple almost religously. This is because new stuff came out. And being passed is annoying…

Other than that, I’ve done sweet FA. So, I’ll just ramble like an old person on the 1 hour and 6 minute and onward that I’ve seen of Blade. Really, this is how vampires should be. Unlike in some things *Coughs in the Twilight* however, there are a bits of Blade which is a bit too black, if you get what I’m saying. Sometimes it feels like the people just go around saying “Oh no you didn'” and other stereotypical 90’s Black sayings. But then Blade also says some pretty sexy stuff at times…

  1. Max says:

    Nice blog entry. I gotta admit, I for one, love Chinese food. The pictures a little blurry though.

    Glad you had a pretty good birthday, young one. 😀

  2. joethearachnid says:

    I agree that the picture sucks. How can someone who is (apparently) sixteen be so grossly incompetent?
    And you think having dry teeth is bad? Try having a really painful half rotted tooth for three months that makes everything taste of rotten meat that is then forcibly smashed into bits and yanked out of your mouth only to find that oh, it has a very rare DOUBLE root, so we’ll have to elevate the pressure to Jaw-snapping standards. Imagine needing the sucker thing just to get rid of all of the otherwise choking flow of blood and bits of tooth and jawbone that are coming out. Yeah.
    But yeah, actually your stuff sounds pretty bad too.
    I’m hopefully going to see HBP at some point, but yeah. It might be good, but it’ll most likely be different from the books in some way and therefore WRONG AND DESERVES NO STARS AT ALL.

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