Testosterone may cause Bruising.

Posted: 28/07/2009 in DS, Gaming, General, Holidays, Life, Playing Games
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Well, the last week has been boring as per the normal. However, on Sunday I went painballing with some people.

The some people were my brother’s friends and Miss Fletcher. My brother and I arrived late by 30 minutes and got a rushed saftey talk (which was finished before the big flashy one). So we ended up talking for a bit then saw that we were mostly against women and children… GET IN! We got the free paintballs that come with a large group and set off. The first round thingy was a “Defend/Attack the Targets!” where the defenders crouch behinde a wall and try and shoot people behinde barrels and stuff… whilst the attackers hide behind the barrels trying to shoot the targets behind the defenders. This seemed pretty hard to defend, also it was the very first time I’d done this sort of thing… so I was missing like god knows what… we lost. When we were attacking, I buddied with Liam Williams, Chloé’s brother, because I was somewhat of a friend about a year or two ago when he played Maple. This was good… because I could talk to him and I could tell who he was because he had a different ammo pack thing. Using my lack of body to my advantage I hid behind a tree… and to my surprise, actaully hit a target… I was happy.

The next round was a “Go grab the flag!” where you run across, not getting shot, and touch the other team’s flag to win. Going with Liam again we moved from bunker to bunker… one bunker, to our surprise, had ankle deep mud, which we ran into… it was fun… I didn’t get hit, but I don’t think I hit anyone in the first round. We won. Next round, Liam and I made sure that where we were running was safe. This round I didn’t do much, apart from narrowly miss being hit in the face by a paintball and hitting a kid in the back of the head when it bounced off the corner of a wall. We won.

I believe this was roughly when lunch was. I being someone that wasn’t big on lunch gave my burger to Joe Mew, who yells “STRAIGHTY!” at me… well… not anymore (woo earned some respec’ yo!) He also got shot in the side at close range. You are meant to say “GIVE UP!” when you get close, he was halfway through doing it when the person shot him in the side. He had a big ring on his side ^.^

The next round was odd… it was a GIANT football game. There was a big football in the middle and two nets, most of the children in the mud seemed to be smaller than the ball. I think I tagged along with my Brother and David that time… I managed to shoot someone in the back of the neck. The best thing was, it went under the padding! I was pleased. We won. The next go of that when sides swapped, I had 4 paintballs left and a half tube. I shot one then got hit in the leg near the crotch… and was out… as I was walking off I was shot in the ankle a fair bit. We won.

The next round was the last “Regen” round, I’d been looking forward! Before though, was the Birthday Runs. Joe Mew got to go, even though his birthday is some time away… or 4 days… or something… this was awesome because he got shot in the back of the head, got stunned, stopped running then got shot up and down his left side a chunk (More than the other runners). We then started the Regen game. This I decided to go with “Fuck Stratergy” and moved up the field in a sort of Joker in the Dark Knight fashion (gun pointing down mumbling about “hit me”) I didn’t get hit doing this, I started shooting people, I must’ve hit at least one person, I got hit in the arm (my first proper hit that hurt like hell) and then up my other leg apparently… I ran out of ammo and was firing blanks for fun. Eventually someone got the flag that was in the middle to other side at the cost of losing shoes. Everyone then started either fake firing into the air or just normal firing into the air which caused one of the marshalls to yell, “STOP FUCKING SHOOTING!”. We won.

Joe’s arm from his “Birthday” run looked like he had been attacking by some kind of squid. Eventually we went home.

Oh look, pictures…

My jeans full of paint. Top Right: Right Crotch. Top Left: Left Crotch. Bottom Right: Right Knee. Bottom Left: Left Knee.

So yeah, this are the distinct rings on my body, I have a few other marks… my right side of my body aches with all movement because they were mostly on the middle of the muscle… so that sucks…

Elsewhere in the week my brother gave me a picture to colour, one full day of colouring and I had only finished the person, half a day and I’ve only started the background. However, it is possibly the best colouring I’ve done EVER.

I’ve also been bored, no duh. I’ve gotten further on my second playthrough of Tales of Symphonia, I’m up to like 84/85 hours in total (of two plays). I finished Jak II which I started to replay and now I’ve started to play Jak 3, which I didn’t play last time around.

Today, because my internet has been a bit shit, whilst waiting for maplestory to load I got this on Zoo Keeper on Tokoton mode (where you have to get 100 of one animal to level up)

Yes, that is 6 million.

I also downloaded Spotify, which rocks… however, it is a bit iffy when working with Last.Fm. I’ve also done a load of chapter 2 (which someone needs to read (as well as one)) and I’ve been twittering too much… eww…

In 6 days is August the third… yay Braces come off…. time to sleep for 2 hours…

  1. It seems to me sometimes that the only people who go paintballing are nerds who like FPS games and young children. If only there was a real-life sport that was similar to JRPGs that didn’t suck…

    Err… yeah. I’m still pissed that some people are having fun whilst I’m stuck in the Netherlands. We’re just about to go on a night run through Amsterdam Canals at 1:00am, so I’ve finally got internet for the first time in weeks.
    PS – Bruise pictures were ewwww.

  2. Chris says:

    Bruises are now just red marks!

    Yeah, But my happiness is spread out by two week gaps of keyboard face smashing.

    Sounds fun in Amsterdam!

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