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Posted: 15/07/2009 in Gaming, General, Holidays, Life, Playing Games, Xbox360
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Rushed and brief and boring.

WELL, maybe not the boring part, but I’m too lazy to do the ol’ “I did this, then I did this, then I moved 3cm to the left, Then I turned 3 degrees clockwise and walked forward about 4 meters then inhaled” I’m gonna do well… something, seeing as I was MEANT to start this at 9pm, it is now 9:37pm  and I’ve just started… someone (me) messed up there…

Ooooh  looky Bullet Points:

  • Over the week before this one there was a none stop Torchwood fest. I think it was okay. Everyone was welsh (woo) and everyone was crap at acting (the welsh). The one good actor was the man who shot himself. The entire thing seemed to just swap back and forth between, oh look he’s dead, to, oh look the alien is jizzing on the window and hitting it again… The threat was worrying, 10% of the world’s children, however, when it turned out that the Aliens wanted to get high from the children, it was crap. Captain Jack said “We’ll fight you head on!” A room full of people die and he suddenly goes, “I take it all back! Please TT.TT” The death was due to a virus. All the people in the building were air locked in to stop the virus from spreading, okay. The next scene has all the bodies lying in a large room. No one stopped to ask, “WHERE THE FUCK DID THE VIRUS GO?!” Seriously, all these dead bodies have a deathly virus in, then they decide to break the air lock and take all the bodies out… smooth move. The thing was also heavily saturated in either gay love or over the top death (e.g. Old man’s brain exploding inside his head, then child doing same).
  • I went to Ipswich with my brother on the Thursday, after failing several other times to go with him. We didn’t do much. We looked around shops and at clothes to see potential things I could buy…. We went to the comic shop in Ipswich, it was heavily out the way, half the shop was lit, half of the displays were covered in boxes and stuff then the comic book dude was fat, off putting and made you feel uneasy. Not like America at all…. AT ALL. We ate somewhere, got rained on… didn’t get on the 3 o’clock train because we hadn’t finished, but by half 3 we were finished… and the next train was at 5. Sat in Waterstones, looked at the bigger Comic (Graphic Novel) collection it had. Then went home.
  • I managed to moan my parents to getting me a new chair. It is much better than the old one:

This being made from cheap metal and venired MDF… probably the cause of my effed up legs due to sitting on them for comfort… I got my new chair Sunday, in a box. Father says he’ll make it tomorrow, being Monday, I got it Yesterday… being…… something :

This is black, on wheels, and spins. Nuff said! (taken at like 2am)

  • I think I may have decended into madness… from the lack of sleep, for the past 2 weeks I’ve slept at 1am-5am or not at all… Yesterday as I was going to bed at… I can’t remember, the green stripes on my bed…. kept on turning blue…. everytime I blinked, it would have a look as if Ink was running into it… plus my eyes aren’t really focusing…. woo
  • Today I went to town again with Simon and Adam. We did less than last time, just HMV where Simon got me an Early B-Day Present (Being Weezer (Red Album) by Weezer). We went to Top Man where I got a new shirt that is nice, soft, wonderful… but I’m DYING of heat o.o Seriously…. it is sooooooooooo hot…. We saw Ice Age 3, in 3D. The 3D made it quite good, there were the odd bits were I blinked in a sort of flinching manner… The film was okay, had quite a few verbal adult jokes and jokes aimed at adults. (Best one being when someone went to milk a male cow then runs off yelling “I thought you were a female”). I know have my Polarized Glasses on my head cause I am pimping… and they turn my screen yellow or blue depending on how I tilt my head….
  • I’ve ran out of things to watch on 4oD, I guess I can start watching The IT Crowd again, but I never seem to get round to it….
  • I GOT NEW SPEAKERS!!!!!!! This is what I had:

But now I have this:

Times 2. And of course my subwoofer with the thingy pointed down for sexy bass…:

  • My brother and I finished Marvel Ultimate Alliance, the ending was odd… Dr. Doom stepped outside… then Odin just made his face explode, from a lightning bolt… Now we do some thing and it is boring….

So now, I have NOTHING to do for the rest of the summer, like… one or two films left to do…. but that is it… OH! Turns out my Camera records sound AND picture…. but the sound is quiet… I’ll see…. anime and manga are awesome.

Well, I need to pee, this took so long cause it took about 20-10 minutes to upload 3 pictures….

  1. Max says:

    Nice masks. 😀

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks!!! 😀

  3. Max says:

    Also, Ice Age sounds good… but you still gotta hunt internets for Bruno.

  4. joethearachnid says:

    Damn everyone have some sort of social interaction apart from me! Oh well. Cloud will be my friend, with his big-ass buster sword.

  5. Chris says:

    WOO! Cloud! (Enters creepy geek) ❤ Cloud!
    I may actually finish FF 7 this summer…. but who knows…

  6. joethearachnid says:

    You mean that you’ve never actually completed it? WTF? It’s basically illegal to rant about a game you haven’t even finished.

  7. Chris says:

    oh, I have finished it…. I meant my third play through which I started I think in Xmas… then got to the last CD….

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