With two exams down in the fun thing that is GCSEs! What were these wonderful exams of excitement? Well, stay tuned to find out!

Well they were like Maths Calculator AND DT… because it is always fun to do two in a day *yawn*

The day started with Maths, in which I had done about 5 minutes worth of revision. I do regret it now… just because I forgot how to do the last part of the Sine rule… JUST before you do Sine to the -1. Other than that, I spent AGES trying to make an accurate drawing of a trapezium, with the angle vearing from 49 to 51 and eventually at the end with 50 and making a blind stab at the last 90 degrees in time for a finish.

After the exam Ben, Max and I went to find a room to revise in, there were none so we ended up in Mr Wheeler’s room after going through the secret path of science… the second Mr Wheeler left Ben said, “Let’s get naked” and dropped his trousers TO THE ANKLES and stood there for a bit… whilst we weren’t revising, he also frontal wedgied himself and probably got it out again. We left when he farted… which I didn’t smell at first, I walked into it and nearly vomitted… so we went onto the field and did shit all there but tackle and stuff…

DT!… was next this was a strange exam that turned out that you couldn’t have revised for it because it was messed up with something like “Without using any form of fixtures, fittings, adhesives or stuff like that, how can you secure the bracket to the shelf” so yeah, that was fun… The most of the exam was BSing for funz.

Afterwards we went and sat on the field with Rose, Emily, Sarah and Chloe. Chloe left after a while and we ended up talking about Primary school and then the Sims… it was quite fun because we ended up talking about Games… despite it being with a bunch of  none gamers…

Upon arriving at home I had discovered that my mum, despite being ill and probably working, went on my computer to play maplestory, it also turned out that she closed several tabs on my internet browser before closing that… one being important… the google tab that had the EV training status of my Absol as the search… I had to try and guess it back into memory and now I hope it stays. I didn’t do much until about… 6 ish where it was time for….


So, it started off with the Microsoft Press Conference. I missed the beginning which was Rock Band: The Beatles, oh no…, and the new Tony Hawks game that looks horrible because they are desperate because Skate is taking all their bacon. I didn’t have any sound, so I had no idea what was happening… I saw some FF13 game footage (AWWWWWW YEAH!) as well as some good looking games. The main highlight would be Project Natal. To expand and to rub shit in Ben’s face: Project Natal is a new motion sensor for the Xbox 360 that does not require any form of controller or anything, just your body and the camera that goes with it that sits on top of your TV or below it. This is much better than the Wii one because… well, there are no controllers of smashing the nearest valuable thing… and it isn’t a shitty 2D sensor… Like the Wii, instead it is an awesome 3D sensor. It looks pretty hawt. The 360 is getting some good shizzle this time round.

Afterwards my brother hid my maplestory from my mum so she can’t find it d(^.^)z

I also found THIS which I REALLLLLLLLLYY want, so maybe it can be a joint birthday present from all my friends? It’d make me the happiest girl alive… oh, Ben, I also haven’t made that prize yet, I shall soon…

Chris, wishing for the above, out!

Oh, I probs will be going home early tomorrow…

  1. blackbeardslog says:

    wasnt the drink a frothy milkshakey thung

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