So I shall jump straight into things instead of beating around the bush and saying silly things that are silly and both HIGH VOLTAGE!

So, Thursday being my second day of freedom, I had nothing to do. I was going to make cakes, however, not only were they a lie, we, to what I could see, had no icing sugar. So I just half heartedly played maplestory. When my dad got back he pointed out we did have icing sugar, just unopened and such… So I made haste in making cakes, this “haste” turned out to be a good two hours, damn my puney muscles… and lack of knowing what anything meant… so, I just managed to get them out in time for dinner, then after that I had to put icing and shit on them… this took another hour because the icing was ever so runny… making it on the verge of IMpOsSiBLe in making it thick on top, this is the end product:

It is so delicious and moist! As well as not a lie as stated above… They were tasty… I also got Pokemon Platinum a day early (Cause Play.Com is FUCKING AWESOME) so I played that for a fair bit… thus resparking my pokemon OCD and now I play either Pokemon Platinum or Diamond a lot now… they latter more (damn EV training). Along with Pokemon Platinum came some geek collectable…:

Aren’t I just the most normal person in the world? For those of you that suck at Pokemon Knowledge, that is Girantina in Origin form, a form that is only accesable in Pokemon Platinum. Also, Callum Stannard got Pokemon PLatinum… and seems to lack certain thing:

A: Some form of an organised box system (I do it by levels  and special factors (Legendary, egg, trade))

B: Any form of pokemon Knowledge… *rubs hands together in a scamming sort of way*

But then, I am kinda odd with my knowledge…

So that brings me awkwardly into Friday… Seeing as I was bored out of my wits, I decided to go into school for some lulz. I walked about aimlessly, sat in the DT rooms then went to the place to see where the study room is… which was occupied… So I walked about with Sam Clarke and then saw Cheyenne and Lydia on the field and sat with them for a bit until the rest of the world came out of their exams. We eventually moved to the front of the school where we artfully dodged water bombs from the UVI. Oh, for those that aren’t wondering, I didn’t go in the library cause it was closed due to dog turds being in books or something…

So we went and whored about at Fram Castle for a long time… well, the entire day… this involved rolling down the big hill once, the bumpy side, cutting my arm. Going down the smoother side and ending up on my neck thus forcing me to get to my feet mid-roll (very anime I gleefully though ^.^). Then in a threesome roll I went down on my thigh giving that REALLY painful feeling that has no mark but it FUCKING HURTS! Then after a trip into Fram to get stuff Nico and I just ninja’d our way around the steep hills of not-obvious-holes-and-shit-and-falling-probably-means-death-and-muddy-doom it was fun, there was a snake… which got Nico Laughing at me, cause I r scare’d of them… Then one time we stupidly walked on the grass-that-looks-like-grass-but-is-actually-bog and ruined some shoes… then we stole Tom’s shoes and such.


So, I was bored most of Saturday, played a lot of pokemon I believe, and not much change through Sunday. Monday we went into town cause my brother needed a suit so we did the normal trip to Ipswarch that we do… mooch about the shops, get pissed as my mum goes “where now?” over and over, and also “It is £3 to eat each here… Let’s go somewhere else, it is too expensive” and not being able to buy anything that is over about £10… which means my brother and I get diddly shit arse whilst my sister walks away with bag fulls because she gets her stuff from Primark… I also got Pinkerton by Weezer and some new IRONIC SOCKS!!!!

You work out why they are ironic… Later in the day, the evening, there was something awesome on Ch4… LIVE OPEN HEART SURGERY!!!!!! I missed the cracking open of the ribs… but I saw the rest of it, was awesome.

Tuesday shit all happened, I was EXTREMELY tired at about 10pm so I got an early nights sleep, forgetting about Big Bang Thoery AND the Concious Brain Surgery… The next day… was wednesday… nothing, Watched Keyhole stomach Surgery (LIVE!).

Thursday (something must’ve happened because it is a new paragraph) I went to the cinema to go watch STAR TREK!!!!!! This was surprisingly good… well, not surprisingly, I just liked it more than I thought. I did not know half of the linguo, but it wasn’t too heavy in that. I mind-giggled childishly when they pronounced Uhura as a-whore-a. There were some shocking breaks in the Laws of Physics, but I have gotten over those for now. It was a pretty awesome film, I liked the actors of some people, Simon Pegg was quite a good actor and played a good… Scotty (?) even though I have nothing to compare to… Zachery Qunito (Sylar) played a rather cold Sylaresque Spock, which fitted VERY well.  There was even a cameo from Lennard Nemoi playing Future Spock. Unfortunately, I did suffer the same thing that happens at meal times… my mum talking over most of it… this consists of her repeating a plot point that was just mentioned as if she just worked it out, to her just being annoying and such… Afterward we ate some McDonalds… I felt ill upon entering… the AIR is greasey… we had some Rolo McFlurry. We managed to get onto the subject of Superheroes, I think I said something about there being at least one big superhero movie each year, so my mum started to go ON AND ON AND ON about Smallville and did that annoying thing where she will do all the characters by name without even telling me who they are, I then ended up telling their superhero names (The Dash, The Green Arrow etc) and how she thinks there is going to be a Justice League spin off… that or a film… the latter more likely (my idea) I ended up ranting about Superheroes the entire way back and telling my mum how there are 3 differnt “The Avengers” teams (The Avengers, New Avengers, The Mighty Avengers) that are good and were at different points and then just geeking out really… I then didn’t do much until the late evening where I sat down to watch some Purgaratory Gland surgery UP THROUGH THE NOSE!!!! I only got to where they finally got to the brain, after being VERY violent and causing a lot of bleeding, then fell asleep and waking up at 1:51am thinking it was 7am due to there being music on and thinking it was that T4 music breakfast thing, I was reminded it was the night when my Dad was locking the door and said “shouldn’t you be in bed?” I then woke at 5:19 or there abouts…

Friday, diddly shit until after lunch where I went swimming for a bit (1.5 – 2 hours) and then went home and played a bit of Ultimate Marvel Alliance with my brother… day over… This is a good enough to show you what I will normally be drinking when I say “brb getting a drink” to you…

If you can tell me what it is, you get a special something…

Saturday, my brother was at work, seeing as I have Finished Fable, I began to play Disgaea 2 again, how I ❤ the Prinnies… I heart them ever so much… Then planning to play maplestory in the 2x exp event later I went on, got a channel. A friend wanted help with someone that was taking his map, by the time the person had left it was 5 minutes till the event… my channel was gone… doing good deeds gets you nothing children…. so I went off and shat in a barrel… that or wrote some super secret story that I may show the first chapter of when I finish it… maybe… or I’ll get my brother to read it first… if he isn’t feeling dickish…

Sunday, today,  I did fuck all ALLLLL day, played some Super Monkey Ball 2 and Simpsons Road Rage with my sister on the gamecube… then played Rockband until I started to write this…

I also managed to do this! which when I print it off at school shall go on my door, took me two or three attempts at doing it because it was sooooo big and also because my computer sucks when it comes to Paint.NET…. feel free to use it…

And Finally….




Spoilers over.

I watched the dubs up to 119 yesterday, Grimmjow has a cool voice I think, isn’t as bad as I was expecting…

*Anime Splurge over*

so, now I just have to revise for DT tomorrow, only 61 pages of the revison guide to go… in the first few lines “like many pineapples, it’s usually broken down into smaller chunks.” This will be fun… I have done like 5 minutes of maths… no DT, yet, and nothing else… I also need to bathe… which I shall do after this…

Oh, also, Have fun!

  1. joethearachnid says:

    You family seems a bit fucked up… also, you are a faggot who links to terrible, terrible things.
    I am, however, jealous of your seeing Star Trek. Although I bet you don’t know what ‘ptahk’ means…

  2. Chris says:

    There was/were no Klingon…. only mentioned in some training programm

  3. callum says:

    im no sucker 😛

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