2 down so many more to go…

Posted: 19/05/2009 in Exams, General, Life

I will count how many exams I have… some day… maybe.

So today was the English Exam of most likely literature! What fun… It did not start off well… For one, I managed to forget the pens I put to one side so I’d remember to take them in… goodie for me… Then, after reading the board of directions outside Miss Exam Lady’s office and heading TO E10 where we were told to go… it turned out that the numbers in there only started at 8137… so me being 8136 (and about 7 maybe 5 other people) ended up hurrying all the way back to the Crush hall where we arrived late… (ish). I got a “nice” seat at the VERY back in the VERY corner… I couldn’t have been any more in the corner. So it kidna sucked, I had the support beams in the way to stop me from seeing the times on the board and Miss/Mrs Rothwell is too quiet to be heard.

So, it started with that wonderful subject called Poetry, I wasn’t looking forward to this as we had really only learned about the poems that Mrs Peers liked… for instance, she thinks ‘Follower’ is boring, so not much done on that. Thankfully, although one of the poems we had to do was ‘Follower’ and one other, the other question happened to be the poems she liked the best (and I liked (well one of them)) being ‘Warning’ and ‘I Shall Paint my Nails Red’. I was glad to see these as I knew exactly what to write for ‘Warning’ but then due to the lack of work we did on the other…. I had to read the poem… I think I must’ve contradicted what I said at SOME stage… oh well.

It was the next two sections that I hated… On ‘Of Mice and Men’ AND ‘An Inspector Calls’. Truthfully, I hate them both… they are long, boring, and such. ‘Of Mice and Men’ was okay… I believe I had a rather severe drift away from the talk of trapped IN the ranch and them just being Lonely… ‘An Inspector Calls’ had the normal sort, one question on the characters and then the other on the sort of MORAL of the story and the message… which I still don’t get, so I did the first…

Towards the last 10 maybe 15 minutes of the exam… Every word I wrote FrEAKinG hurt! I mean, the underside of my thumb had gone red… I got freakin’ cramp in my hand… it all went wrong.

Afterwards… I went back into Fram and the castle. Today was slightly different, it started off with rolling down hills, threesome rolls down hills rolling down the bigger hill from the castle wall (which FUCKING HURTS specially when you get air) then when Oli’s Frisbee got caught in a tree all intrest in rolling was gone. I stood on the wet, slippery, steep, poor footing hill with Netals had the bottom pointing at the tree and telling them to go further… Eventually Rhys got the frisbee down… When he came out, he was bleeding… a lot… he had cuts all over him, as if he had climbed a thorn. He was bleeding a lot from his finger and was covered in scratches and all sorts. I think we did some stuff until 1pm where we went to the co-op to get some food. I got some Mini Eggs with my £1. Others tried to get some Red Rooster ENERGY DRINK! (ew) which they were denied due to something… I dunno, or care… I got held up by it. Then as we waited for Tom some slags/slag and Helena and some people (maybe Charlie McWhirter?) walked past us… you could really tell that the slag (Mia) hated me… the rest all said “Hi Tom” then “Hi” to me as they walked past… the slag on the other hand said “Hi” to everyone, then as she slagged around the corner went “Hi Chris”… what a slag…

We got back to the castle, rolled a bit more… then really we just lied on top of each other for about 2 hours… it was quite fun… we talked about stuff… watched Tom and Bethany have sex… yeah….

Then shit happened… and I clean my room tomorrow…

  1. Max says:

    Pfft, Helena, Charlotte are lovely people. Mia on the other hand, I agree, she is a slag.

  2. joethearachnid says:

    Wait, you don’t like Mia because she can remember your name? I’m confused…
    And max, you only like the other two because they’re willing to put out for you.

  3. Max says:

    Hey, no editing my comments. I DO think all three are lovely people and they’ve always been very pleasent to me.

    You are not Soviet Russia!

  4. Chris says:

    No I just hate Mia due to her hating me… there was a fairly long walk between her saying Nico, and then me… she always looks down her nose at me (which is difficult really, cause we are about teh same eye level) basically… she is a slag…

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