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Posted: 18/05/2009 in Exams, General, Life
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Hooray! I have material worthy of blogging about!!!

So today was the big Maths exam of fun and fearful. So today I woke up, managed to get the last oat cake for breakfast (YES GET IN!) then did some stuff. I had to linger about downstairs so I could tell my dad to take me in later for my exam. So I didn’t really revise much between about 9am and 11am… I watched the Ch 4 “Comedy” stuff… Then whilst everyone was out the house saw it an optimum time to quickly scan in some comics (two new ones for those that care) and then Facebook and Msn about hoping someone would go on so I could find out which paper it was. Whilst waiting I turned my room upside, outside and inside down trying to find my tie… this meant kicking through the pile of papers and stuff… not fun. I eventually found it on my bed in one of the folds… grrr…. Eventually Max and some peepz came on so I talked for a bit, not really revising. Before I knew it, it was 11. I did a quick check to see if I had everything, then I was off.

The funny thing is, only my brother knew I had an exam today, so my parents were wondering why I was going in today… Wonder if my mum actually REMEMBERS…

Anywho, I arrived, I signed in, I bumped into Tom, I found out what happened at Andy’s, I found where everyone was at. After some attempted revision, I mentioned to Ben that Max is probably in the Library so we hurried off to that area. We found Max, Nico had followed, Ben went to read his book, and talked to Amber from what we could see in the reflection. We all tried to revise, it was mostly tormenting Nico who knew NOTHING going, “Hey Nico, only another 10 minutes left.”

Then we were all forced into the exam in no order in the slightest, got yelled at a lot by the people for making a noise… We got a very brief reading of the paper from the lady (who was much nicer than the short red/brown/black haired woman…) and we had begun! Really, the difficulty curve was like that of… a step. It was really easy, then suddenly (probably the change from C/B (even D) to A/A*) it shot up and the questions required thought. However, there were some factorising questions that now that I look bakc on them, I must’ve royally FUCKED up..with things like 2h(mh)+5m(mh) but then I had no idea… at all. There was a question about Trapeziums and Parralellograms which threw me a bit. I was ahead of Cara and Abby (on either side of me) with like an hour left and half way through… (meaning i got there in 15 mins) suddenly, I was behinde two questions and had much less time…. Oh well, I wasn’t confident with my answer. The question that was to do with Circle theorems was easy (Diameter, 90 degress, two triangles and stuff) and then I did some long divison for the very last question to get a satisfactory 9.6 (most people only got to 9 remainder 15 (failing to realise 25 goes into 15 like 0.6 times…) I had about 5 minutes to quickly go over the question to do with the Trapezium… I realised I had done it horribly wrong 3x + y =230 (at first that just seemed SILLY) and from there I managed to finish it to a point where it didn’t defy logic… for example… y = less than 50 (meaning it would be a negative angle) y = more than 90 degrees meaning the trapezium would have to be reversed. I can’t remember what I got at the end… but it seemed right…

The exam was then over, we all moved outside to go through the ritual of being modest and saying how bad we did even though deep down we think we rocked the Casbar ( a bit) and then comparing answers to do with whatever. Then, Nico and I went with Tom, signed out and walked into Fram. In Fram we basically went to the castle to relax, eat and roll down the hill (not the big one, but this one is still VERY steep…). I rolled down once, didn’t spend much time on the hill… more in the air… which meant for a bad landing. Then we did a three way roll down (Nico, Tom and I) down, which was quite fun… hurt a lot… more of sliding over each over. We lay in a heap with god knows what sticking out of who knows where. Nico farted. Sam came trundling down looking like he was gonna jump, we ran. Soon we realised we had like 20 minutes left to get back to school in time. I decided to walk down the really steep, grassy slope with wooden fence of pointy… This was a good idea… until it became more verticle than my shoes could handle… I soon found my self running to not fall face first. I then did a nice, fun, awesome, Action/Adventure jump over the fallen part of the fence onto a small wooden bridge. After a hurried walk at holy-crap-if-we-don’t-hurry-up-we’ll-miss-our-bus-pace. Then we returned…

Oh, something that I remembered… To do the question about reflection… I used my protratctor 😀 I made a mark on it, then rotated it… I believe it was something like (0,1) was the point of rotation… or something

  1. joethearachnid says:

    1. I got 9.6/Pi
    2. I got that the rotation was about the origin. Hmm…
    Other than that, yar. Whilst you were in Fram Alfie was telling us about some weird dreams he’s had, including kissing Miss Fletcher on her desk and Juliette in his kitchen. You two should have a chat and compare infatuations sometime…

  2. Chris says:

    …. Well…. that was interesting…. Besides… I don’t have a thing for Miss Fletched, it is Josh that has the problem

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