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Posted: 17/05/2009 in Exams, General, Life
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So to start off from whence I left off… Thursday…

Thursday being Thursday meant it was destined to be the sort of game that you want to jab a knife into. However, due to it technically not exististing in a physical form, that could not be done, so we just suffer.

Starting the day by waking up and all that malark, it was off to school where I was numbed in the face by probably Tom’s love life. After a… thrilling talk with Tom it was off to the big wide wonders of art. We got a quick talk from Miss Williams… not about how she enjoyed our time there, of course not; that would imply she liked us, instead it was just telling a few of us that we need to do more work… and saying repeatedly that she shouldn’t be talking to us instead she should be marking, but some of our work was so bad that she needed to speak to us.., There wasn’t much work done in the lesson, I just talked to Hannah the entire time, played with Jesus, did a quick drawing on some card… which turned out to be half decent thus meaning I was doomed to never drawing it like that again… So I binned it…

Drama was next, this time it was time for our awesome quiz. Our team were awesome. We were polite… however, we were on the opposite side to most people, so we either didn’t quite hear or weren’t heard. Rose’s team were a bunch of annoying biatches that wouldn’t shut up and had such weird film questions mostly based around Kevin Spacey… Our round, being general knowledge, meant that we could pretty much do ANYTHING. Which we did, we changed from Science, to… wait, I’ve already said this… So yeah, as I had anticipated, a lot of the answers were incorrect… I can’t believe so many people thought Susan Boiyle (?) was the most viewed thing on Youtube… thus meaning GLOBALY! People in America, Asia Africa… anywhere but England, couldn’t care less for her… I couldn’t care less… And no one knew that Avast meant Stop… (Avast! Hammertime!) We didn’t win, but then neither did Rose… technically, they did, but then when a sheet had been handed in, they didn’t. We came joint second, then third.

Then the other lessons were pretty boring really, Maths we did work… French we did work… not much else, they weren’t the last lessons.

FRIDAY! This is a big day, I should’ve done one seperate blog for friday, however, this is how I roll. I decided to not wear my jumped, despite how cold it looked. I went to school, went to the maths block and saw the giant sea of people, most with shirts already fully signed… I went to JMc to get a signing from Simon and Hannah Cutting, then registration was over. In registration Miss McBurney got us some odd thing, it was a poem she had written that had two lines about us… mine were… hang on… “I would be remiss of me to not to Chris Smedley’s hair, I bet in 20 years his flowing locks will still be there,” Aww, bless. We also got the standard sheet with everyone’s year 7 picture… where I’m not smiling…

Maths we had a quiz, a lot of the class were at some form of Spanish Exam… I ended up in a team with Oli, Lauren and Max. We were named Team Awesome. We went with hard questions all the time (meaning double ouir roll) apart from one time, where we got up a ladder. Nathan’s (Smith) team were angry and claimed us of cheating… it was really only Oli doing the questions… so bleh.

English, we were meant to do work, instead we ended up doing nothing apart from sign shirts and take pictures, I got a signing from Miss Peers, chest on my back, and it took up most of the underside of my collar and one shoulder. We then had a big picture, which I have yet to see on Facebook, and then signed more stuff and did shit all.

Break was just more shirt signing and signing a few people with “<3 u ___” and I got Ned to sign on my heart… well pocket… but yeah. Physics was next, there was a bit of shirt signing, got my shirt signed by Miss Fletcher, which the people reading this blog know what everyone was doing. We then watched the rest of Role Models and ate assortments of food provided by teacher and pupils. Role Models was quite good, it didn’t have too much low brow humour…. like REALLY low brow from the small black child, thankfully he wasn’t really a main aspect of the story… There were two pairs of boobs on show as well.

Lunch was more signing of shirts and mingling with people, I got my shirt signed by, Miss McBurney, Miss Bray, Miss Osiow, Mr Hibbered and Mr Wheeler… As well as lots of people, I think this is really the only picture I appeared in…

Unfortunately it just looks like Simon and I are sharing our love. Oh well, I’m sure there will be more pictures soon enough. Also, it looks like I have anime hair!!!! Lol xD

French we watched more extra and ate a chocolate muffin thing… English we played some odd quiz to show that the opposite sexes don’t really know ANYTHING about the other (stereotypically) thus causing the odd one or two to show how intouch they are… Nico and I sat at the back giving one word forward, sometimes, and then just making fun of Nathan who was singing… I wrote LOL on my hand and an arrow pointing at Nathan, a few people found it amusing, endless Lols…

When I arrived home, I thought “I’ve got like 3 hours, I can relax” so I played Rockband until like 6:00 pm. I then paniced and then began to get worried because we were leaving near 6:30 pm and dinner was at 6:15 pm. So after a quick shower, a frantic attempt at drying my hair (to no avail) I ate, then tried to dry my hair again, it was still slightly damp. Got my suit on, which was a bit odd, got the bowtie done… then had a quick photo shoot then I was off. I waited at the school for a bit, then Ben and Nico came, got out to talk to them, I lol’d at nick when I saw his mum redressing him, pretty much. Max arrived then:

Another photo shoot, a bit odd. Not a big fan of the above picture, I was forced to move my hair from my face so I look silly. I found it funny how my mum was the only one that didn’t get out the car until we had left… it was all fun. A quick Pac-manless limo ride later we arrived to a round of applause and cheers and stuff, I felt a bit… awkward with everyone staring and such… :

We were soon directed in, inwhich I walked pretty much by meself, we soon found a table which had, Chloe, Rose, Eliza, Emily, Adam, Max, Ben and Nico (I believe). Overall, I looked depressed, however, I was having fun. I did dance a bit, which was mostly bobbing slightly occasionally moving my arms. Overall, the music was HELLA loud and I may now have either Corrective Lazer Eye Surgeory… OR have even worse vision than befor. I didn’t eat or drink at all… There were awards given out, Max getting a double for being awesome… Well Millionnaire and Ruler of the World. Ben got Primeminister, which if Max ruled the world would be redundant. Eliza got Gossip. Connel was wearing his kilt so that was cool, then Lydia was wearing…. well, the less said the better I would say… I did go outside as well to talk a bit but soon went inside after literally being choked by the smokers… Before not long had passed it was the end, tears were shed, hugs were passed, then we were all slowly forced onto the bus… Due to being one of the last on, I sat by meself… So I just hummed Tom Sawyer by Rush to myself, and Paranoid by… not entirely sure. The bus came back, said my good byes, got a quick hug from Chloe then was in my car and off. I was pretty tired due to no sleep, well not much sleep, for the entire week. So I struggled out of my suit and slept.

Saturday, I didn’t do much, I finished Fable II in which I need to do a comic on, I am really falling behind on those… I watched the Eurovision, they were all quite boring. Pretty much all Poppy Ballads… No hint of rock… at all. Surprisingly, we didn’t come last. Maybe Andrew Lloyd Webber did some good by striking fear into Europe. We came fifth I believe. Norway won by landslide. The tune is okay, the guy is annoying, the tune gets worse the more you listen to it.

Oh, just because I was filled with rage… Yesterday Maplestory had an event, this was a two times experience event for two hours. I had a map for like 30 minutes, several people came on then moved on when they saw me on, however, I believe a stupid botter came on and started killing, even though they were 18 levels below me, I believe they were a build which makes them awesome with awesome equips, no matter how nicely I asked, I got no response, I defamed him, got no reply, so I thought he was a bot. I got pissed off, swore a lot, then alt+f4’d my way out and interented and then I watched Eurovision and talked to Nico and shizzle.

Today I should be revising, not really happening… SHIT IT IS TOMORROW!

  1. Max says:

    Heh, about that Susan thing, it’s all a load of hype for nothing. I hate talent shows to be honest.

    Nice write up of the prom, by the way. I especially like the picture where people applaud us as we get out of the limo. For several seconds we were famous! It was an awesome night, I think an after party would have killed me though…

    As for revision, meh, all we can do now is pray.

  2. Chris says:

    From another angle:

  3. joethearachnid says:

    Getting out of the Limo was easily the best bit. I feel that it could have been much better with some actual decent music.

  4. Chris says:

    Lol, if we had some Shadow Masquerade playing!!!!!

  5. nico says:

    firstly the start of this is JUSt like mine and secondly paranoid is by black sabbath

  6. Chris says:

    My mistake, I believe the song I wanted was “I think I’m Paranoid” by Garabage….

  7. Chris says:

    Oh, I also forgot to mention that in most of those pictures of us and the limo, all I can think of is the “I’m on a Boat” Song… because i dunno… just fun….

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