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Posted: 13/05/2009 in Art, Gaming, General, Life, Playing Games
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we have facial hair! (stolen from the Spongebob Squarepants movie (Best film… that involves sponges EVER)

So…. I last spoke to you…. Friday I believe cause I spoke about Spoilers and what not… So what has happened? Well, where better to start than the end? Probably the beginning…

Okay, so Saturday I was work free… well, not really, but slightly, I basically lazed about until my brother’s work rang and I was told to get my brother, so he went to work, I hopped onto the xbawks tree shinxty to play some Fable II. I finished the Hero of Will thing, which was soooo boring, it also probably cut me off from my weekly money earnings. So then I did the two quests from that, walked about going “Ooo” at the new things, like Westcliff, the world now being all dark, dead and especially Oakvaille… which I kinda slaughtered…. Then I had to continue with the story after gaining about two achievements (took me ages to seel something for twice the price (replaced most the furniture for the max and took me a while to get the economy quite high)). This was doing some retarded thing about a Culis Gate… it was okay, got killed once, thankfull I have like 12 Resurection Phials from doing the Crucible twice. This fight of never ending guards, some of which have the gay magic attacks that knock you back and attack from afar, was basically, me charging physical attacks, hitting the one behinde, whilst it was then slow-mo zoom in, doing the same to the other side… and when I had no people near, pulling out my gun to shoot people in the head or Nuts… or charing up some Inferno level 5 and murdering some shit… So yeah, that was done, was in Wraithmarsh, was fun, lots of easy to kill Hollowmen (reason in the name… they are men… jokez) Then I got to Bloodstone… Within seconds I had gathered all the whores in the place (apart from the man whore) and then headed to the pub, picked up the bar maid and about 3 other people then had sex… in one large orgy, without protection… Then I married the most attractive whore… Then I did some retarded Pirate thing that took ages to find 10 chests, did some deeds for Toby, realised I should’ve given him a man whore instead… bought some stuff, found out that I may have accidentally killed the owner of the furniture shop whilst they were angry I stole something from a house that isn’t theres… Got my whore wife pregnant in the first time we had normal one on one sex… got another whore and had a threesome… went to go find my Gypsy Wife… cause she wanted sex… in front of my son… oh wait…. I don’t think I got to play on Sunday… if I did, what I did is worked in there… OH, I remember, saturday got me to Wraithmarsh… then Sunday was from that onwards (which was mostly sexy timez)

Saturday at 8pm there was a 2hour Maple story 2x exp event!!! So I got up like 50% or so…. the next day… there was another 2x exp event… but it was 36 hours long… so I leveled… then I think I wasted the rest of the time… because… the place where I train is only good in 2x exp… and I was trying to find other places… Sunday I also did some media work.

MONDAY… uh…. oh, Media is now out of the way for everz cause I got it all done on the monday. English was… some plans for essays (I never plan, I barely have enough time as is, let alone wasting ages on plans).  Durrr…. Drama, the talent show idea, which I may have mentioned (who knows) was dropped, we then went with a quiz thing, our subject was General Knowledge… which veers from Science to Pirate Nautical Terms….  Gonna be fun… our team name is ‘Ben and all the rest.’. French we did some work I think… yeah… I cannot remember (oh great, BBC1 is suffering from horrible picture on my TV screen) Lunch seemed to matter so much it ended up not existing. English we did some more plans… and one in the class that manage to take 30 minutes… shame plans aren’t marked… DT… we did DT? I simply cannot recall what we actually DID in that lesson…

So time for the same ol’ boring action by action of Tuesday. Mostly starting with PE I went to do Rounders instead due to Ned promising me I’d be on his team, plus he said it’d be fun. To be entirely honest, it was really anything BUT that… It was cold and windy… I got hit by the ball three times… Nico bowled  (?) a ball at my face so I put the racket in the way and got hit in the temple. Then someone threw the ball underarm to me, they were standing in the sun, ball hits me in throat. Then in another game, somone hit the ball along the floor going through Jim’s legs I went to pick it up, it hit my foot pinged into the air hitting my brow… that hurt a fair bit as well… I nearly got hit again whilst running in which the ball bounced missing my face…. And all this time I had Jim and James being complete dicks who at the time had no reason of existance and probably deserved to die a horribley slow and painful death… more on that story later. Break continued my craziness of talking to myself. It was slightly mumbling… but I was keeping myself company, the same happened in a bit of Biology, but once people left for RS exams… I went to see Ned and Adam and peepz and played some Charads… (?). Lunch… more talking to myself… RS was okay… the same mind numbing humour from Nathan. Then in Maths I was happy to see that I had an A* in a paper without finishing…

Wednesday started with the fun of a practice paper, this then lead to watching Role Models. From what I can see so far, it has the potential of being entertaining. The actor that plays Mike in friends will probably have the more higher brow sort of humour, then the small, high pitched black kid will appeal to the low brow, pre-pubesant humour of Nathan Jest. DT, no one did work, played with some plastic, watched as Ned’s thing failed then saying “I told you so” uh… we then just ate a bunch load of chocolate and put stuff in front of a cupboard… that had Ben inside… Media we watched Prom Night and ate a doughnut…

Which nicely brings me into the next part of my blog being about Prom Night. This was a horrible film. There was no fear because when someone got jumped on, you had already seen it in either the trailer or the DVD menu… plus, it was painfully obvious. There was one bit where the heroin had closed a door on the crazed killer, she casually walked down the corridor a bit, walked back, looked in the peep hole, he looked back. To escape the Hotel he killed a worker there by cutting the guys throat. Then taking his clothes that had no blood on at all walked out right under the police’s nose. The ending was horrible. Basically, the heroin was being attacked by the guy, frantically flailing on the floor not really screaming but just… worried. Then, the detective comes in, shoots the guy once in the heart, the evil guy takes a step forward, gets shot again, another step forward, shot another 6 times in the heart. He eventually goes stiff, holding up knife, drops to knees, then falls forward where the heroin rolls out the way… there is an embrace, then the credits roll… it was just sooo sudden. And the characters do such retarded things… guh….

So, in my time after school on tuesday I decided to start colouring in a picture that is REALLY old… like REALLY old… last year old… to do with a story I stopped writing. Instead of my normal select, fill select, fill, tactic… I decided to do it more comic book (least on webcomic) style, where I am doing it all in brush (apart from the lines (that requires a tablet really)) and in a lot of different layers so I can see how things look… layer by layer…. I might have that done by some time…

My brace is now hurting… I think a ring came slightly loose when I was half sleeping in the car leening on my jaw pushing my teeth down hard… Also, I have a big spot on my nose… that is totally going to be there for prom… and I think I got rid of alll the puss in it… so it is just red… and icky… New comics as well….

  1. joethearachnid says:

    Sounds fun. Especially all of those computer-generated whores.

  2. nico says:


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