We’re real men!

Posted: 08/05/2009 in Gaming, General, Life, Playing Games
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Yeah! Nico and I are now officially real men… Why? Why else? We watched some REAL Pain Olympics the entire way through… nearly vomitting… bu still… WATCH TO BECOME A MAN! NSFW… or anywhere really, but still… if you want to join the club house of MEN you need to watch it.

So, what has life installed since… some time in the past? Well… I shall tell you after I check the last time I posted a blog was… a week ago! OKIES!

SUNDAY! Well, it was sunday.

MONDAY! Did not much for a bit, then I went to Ipswach for a bit to look for some Prom shoes. Also stopping in HMV, Game and Gamestation (nearly wrote GameStop =X). I ended up getting some pointy shoes that don’t cut into my ankles… and to test how pointy they were I decided to kick my sister asking if they were still pointy. Gamestation told me they don’t have  Disgaea on DS whilst Game did but it was 30 punds… And Chrono Trigger DS is still 3000 pence…

TUESDAY! This started off with a  delightful game of Badminton… I can’t remember much, next week I may either wear my glasses, or play rounders. Did get arse raped by Nico a lot.  HA YOU READ IT! YOU HEAR IT! or something. It was quite good, I’m finally getting drop shots… and smashes… but then, Chris Adlem did hit them high in the air and close to the net… what else am I to do. Still haven’t gotten quick shots that are down yet… which sucks….  Biology… stuff happened… I think I drew like two comics that got horribly penned in, but I will scan them tomorrow morning. RS, what did I do? I didn’t learn… I had no revision books… Maths was the same nut grindingly painful lesson that had Nathan Jest. Turns out he did quite well in some things. I’d only handed in 1 and he has handed in two. Yet, I did at least… 75% of his work. Then with no Art after school  I went to the Library where I spent most the time colouring in one of my comics. Also, I did hand in the last of my DT coursework.

WEDNESDAY! This started with a fun day at the orthodontist. Not much, just a quick tighten, my top jaw must be pretty much done, it doesn’t hurt as much as the bottom. I can half bite… which means my lower jaw is replaced with my tounge… So the next time I go… it should be off! I came back to see Chemistry being boring… DT I learned about Gardening tools and slowly began to have pity for Josh Otter, Becky Oaks and Molly Ball as their group is a load of DICKS! Media we got all our work back… grr…

THURSDAY! Art was dull, we didn’t get much done, I half painted something… Drama was okay, could’ve been better if Ben and I were doing one of our famous (amoung my crazy) duo things. Instead we are doing some movie thing with Cheyenne and Hannah… so they have just emo’d it up. So they get a load of things from emo band interviews and put them in our thing, and they make no sense… my points were ignored heavily whilst this were going on… Maths… guh… mega dulz, French, Meh.

FRIDAY/TODAY! Maths, oh my days… Nathan is dumb. english… OH MY WORD, Nathan has the lowest brow of humour (all they have to do is use bum in a name of a film in ‘The Inbetweeners’ and he will go on about it for about 50 minutes… the same joke) Physics… Ben went angsty on me, listened to his music as I spoke to myself revealing spoilers about all sorts that turned some were fake… the one to do with Toushiro… OR WAS IT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then I had to finish my conclusion on my Chemistry, by finish I mean, add more to. Lunch, I ate some Veegan cake… was quite nice. French, turned out I’m bad at it. English, see Nico’s blog . Also look at the comments… that explains more xD and *raises eyebrows suggestively*

In general. We are all “doomed” from Swine flu but we really aren’t, cannt be bothered to hear your views on it… On the tuesday upon spending about to 2:30 am talking to Nico, I managed to drop my Laptop onto the side that had headphones in… this cracked the case, dislodged the port for the mic and headphones AND now I have no sound at all, I hope it can be fixed… and maybe by USB speakers if the first doesn’t work. To get my headphones (that are like 5 years old) out my laptop I used my scissorz as some form of leverage. Then spent the day after becoming a man with Nico until like 2am and then the day after played maplestory until 1am. Maple is rockarge right now… I went up like 140% which is fun… cause I was at 86% So I went from level 91 to 93. Uh. OH! Some stuff i’ve been listening to a lot. Just for funz. I’m on a (Mutha Fucking) Boat, LIKE A BAWSH, Real Life Chocobo singing final Fantasy and maybe something else? So perhaps the chocobo one wasn’t THAT true… but… oh well.

HA! took me just under 30 mins!

  1. nico says:

    yes we’re real men in that we watched men jacking off and putting fingers down their penises

  2. Max says:

    First off, too many links! Secondly, I defaced my German exam which I think I was meant to be doing with pirates and ninjas in an eternal battle; you should see it sometime.

    Also you forgot to mention the famous pirate Blackbeard Shat, Yarrr!

  3. Chris says:

    I believe I linked Nico … and it does seem that Nico is now cursed with Blackbeard Shat

  4. joethearachnid says:

    The vote carries on Nico being called Blackbeard Shat.
    Sounds like a decent week.

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