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Posted: 22/04/2009 in General
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Oh HAI! I’m Chris from Mozzilo.wordpress.com. I’m here from the futur… or maybe the past, or even the present to tell you that Chris is completely flogged with work right now. He knows that he promised a blog… maybe today, but exam bords decided to be a pile of whores and had all the coursework and things come to a close in the same week. I might have a blog on Friday when Chris is resting. Right now he should be doing some art but instead he is suffering a large amount of pain with EVERY piece of movement.
Please send him loving words of love and hope… he will read them and maybe even use them in a comic… at some point

  1. joethearachnid says:

    You may have slipped out of third person at one point.

  2. joethearachnid says:

    Plus, dude… You have updated your Twitter for a month… Not that I READ it, but still. Things like this are what Twittah is for.

  3. Chris says:

    I would probably update my twitter if one of two things:
    1: I could find my mobile phone.
    2: And plus, the second I go onto my twitter, I will get distracted… then find myself two hours later 12 chapters into FMA

  4. KAPaul says:

    quick question

    I’ve been lurking around the forum for a while but I have a question to ask. I’m trying to find a legit seller for r4 cards for my nintendo. I’m from germany and I found one site that looks promising r4 for dsi

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