The Hunger…..

Posted: 31/03/2009 in Art, General, Homework, Life
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Okay, right now, I’m STARVING! I’m actually going to go get something to eat now… maybe, brb anyway…. Phew, all hope was lost untill I remembered I had a fudge thing somewhere… I ate it…. still hungry… Need to pee now… okay… now that all my bodily needs are out of the way… let’s get the train-a-rolling…. even though trains don’t roll….

BADMINTON! Yeah, badminton was in PE instead of Rounders/softball (arm pumps) this did have its downsides…. the first being, getting out most of the court stuff, puttin the net up and everything… THEN HAVING OUR COURT TAKEN!!!!! Then, we asked nicely, they just decided to be mentally retarded and then continue to suck at badminton on the court…. I was thinking, “We are smarter than them…. and we also have Nick.” Logically, that means we get the court… no, Lindsy decided to be annoying… (by the way, this is probably going to be long). Eventually, when most of 6 on the court left, and only Lindsy and… Laura (?) were left we muscled our way onto the court. We played… jokingly because they all decided to play OVER us…. so we get Ben to play deep to get them to move, they moved further INTO the court… so I nearly got hit in the head by Lindsy, whilst playing I hit their shuttle COCK (tee hee) away and then returned a shot…. I like badminton because a lot of the underarm stuff, mostly underarm back hand, makes me think it is a lot like sword play…. mostly fencing, with the lunges…. Eventually Chloe went onto another court because she was annoyed by Lindsy and people…. Ben sat out, I was beating Nick doing my sort of…. uh… you know in Anime when someone has been beaten or just suffered a really long speech from the other one… then they go all limp and stuff and then barely hold their thing… but then go freaking insane and beat the snot out of the other person…. yeah, I was doing that stance… eventually, Nick and I were tired… we went over to Lindsy and said they can go on the court if they wanted… they decided to be a bitch about it… I umpired Chloe’s, Adam’s and Emily’s court for a bit… looked away for a second and then turned about to see that Adam hit Chloe in the head…. Then I was FORCED to play Run around…. I got bored after the first few knocks because I realised that Lindsy gave herself about…. 20 lives….. as did a lot of others…. so I just missed 3 times and went back to talking to Adam and people. We got forced to play King/Queen of the court. This is when I began to suck…. Harry was much better than originally thought out… so, my advantage of being the only person that knew what the hell they were doing, which is what I was, has gone out the window because people now know what to do…. so yeah, that was PE….

Biology due to… no one being there, we watched about 3 videos…. one, which was about the discovery fo genes, was boring, AND it also had this retared old, bald man who had the most annoying voice that sounds like he is sneering all the time…. Another, about muslces, had a lot of clips of a black man with bigger boobs than Lauren… maybe even DT girl… but he was CRAZY muscular…. as was the woman…. Then we talked….

Lunch was just how I feared. It was trying to mark my top of my thing with the other bits…. this is hard… to get it all marked up… I think we could’ve done it differently… specificaly, getting pins…… or nails… taking the tops off (the blunt end) then putting it on one, then placing the other on top…. then taking the things out… then using that to drilll…. making sure it is straight…. but…. too late now….

RS…. was, as it always is, Revision, I continued my Physics work, got confussed, drew this to depict my pain:

Too much talking in physics... comes back to bite you in the arse....

Too much talking in physics... comes back to bite you in the arse....

By the way… it is meant to be hand on cheeck….

Maths, it surely is all confussing… specifically… Simultaneous Equations…. the harder stuff that we haven’t learned well…. turns out Miss Bray is dislexic.

Home, I got my three big media pieces done…. and I did SOME science…. I feel sad….. I have a lot to do tomorrow still….


IMO, Byakuya looks the bestest… hint hint…..

  1. joethearachnid says:

    I also think Byakuya looks the best… Hmm… But the Kisuke hat it pretty darn smexy.

    I find it funny how you wrote an entire entry on one day that I summed up in about three lines in may latest blog… Mind you, I did have a lot of other to write about as well…

    Hooray for half-past midnight blog-writing!

  2. Chris says:

    YEAH!!! Woop! *high fives* WHY AM I AWAKE?!

  3. Max says:

    You’re not the only one who has tonnes of work to do. Remember that.

    I like your comics, they’re something I can relate to. And don’t worry, firstly I don’t think anyone apart from perhaps Adam understands ANY of the physics we’ve done in the past few months and secondly, and probably most importantly, I doubt any of the hard shizzle’ll come up in the paper. The exetremely hard stuff never seems to come up, instead they just ask you questions that are so stupid they are actually hard.


    PS: Update your linkage to my site. plzkthx.

  4. Chris says:

    lol, k i will

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