Oh how school becomes annoying!

Posted: 30/03/2009 in Gaming, General, Homework, Life, Playing Games
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So here I thought the last week before the easter holidays would be… fairly relaxed. Not TOO relaxed… but you know… relaxed enough to get by. I was oh so wrong however. Well, first I’ll say my original plan for this week. First, at school, I was going to print off all the pictures I Had ready for art. Decided against it when I was at the end of the day trying to format all the pictures and then realised I had to also re-size them and get them in a good place to cut out etc. So I decided against it. No biggie, I thought, I will just do it at home, it’ll only take like 4 seconds out of my schedule… Oh I was wrong. The printer has no Magenta Ink and is running low on… Cyan I believe…. so that idea part of the plan was THROWN away into the dusk. So after I was meant to have stuck in my pictures, I was going to draw a picture, then do some more of my Media then do a bit more art, my Andy Warhol research, then… I’d be done for the day pretty much, or even week. I mean, afterwards, I’d just have to do a small bit of DT, a bit more Art, and some more Media, the media being copying.


I was wrong. Today I got the wonderful privilege to realise, that this week is going to be like catching your balls in a vice, the vice falling off a cliff with a 1000 tonne wait to it, then whilst the pain slowly came, woodpeckers would fly in and start to peck at the elasticated….. and then an Angry cat would bite them…. and maybe turn sterile just for kicks…. Today, I found out that over the coming week… I need to do:

2 Radio show scripts and analys, copy up about 3 A3 sheets, finish my ‘The Orphanage’ film stuff and probably some more, for Media… all in for at least Wednesday…. the A3 Sheets and radio scripts are Friday.

About, 2 colour pictures, at least two pictures of myself in manga style and Roy Lichtenstein style, Andy Warhol research, 1 tonal study, some notes on about everything, slowly come to realise what I’m going to do for my final piece and know what to do for the bottom panel…. for Art… mostly in for Thursday.

About… 4 A4 sheets of paper and 1 A3 or 2 A3 Sheets of work for DT. Oh, and Finish my actual project….

One Practice essay and a redo of my Romeo and Juliet work…. for English, the Romeo and Juliet for period 5 today, and the other for Friday.

Research and crap loads of work for a redo of my Science in the News for Chemistry…. the title being something about copper in mobile phones being reused. FOR THURSDAY!

French Revision for my speaking… sure it is for after the holidays… but I still need to do some.

I’m sure there was one more… but that has slipped my mind.

So my relaxing week has gone up in my radioactive, sterile flames of my balls…. Today, I ended up NOT getting my photos printed off…. played Rock Band until Dinner… then I got 1 Tonal drawing done… and my media for the day done… started my Andy Warhol stuff, did one page on him…. found out his work is as dull as… art… I have a whole page blank… this is meant to be done for tomorrow…. Tomorrow, I have to…. copy the Media A3 sheets. Maybe do at least 1 radio show and get started or finish my science in the news stuff. Then Wednesday, I need to do more Art, more science and probably more media. THEN Thursday, I need to do that practice essay and any media left unsolved… Friday… I can make that 20% I need on maple… which is like 2 hours of gameplay…. What is worse, is come Friday, not only will I be knackered… but the day after… I am gonna be starting my, sleep for no hours routine… I have made a good haul…. of sugar…. during this whole painful time… the work and the no sleep, I hope to get a few more little sketched comic pages done….

So yeah, I am gonna go with no sleep again… “Why?” Well, because on Maple my friends were talking about how if you go 10 days without sleep, you die…. I instantly saw that as a bet… so I am now going to see how long I can go without sleep…. each morning and night, I will take a photo of my eye to see bags hopefully develop… this is really, when I should do all my art… or even work… but no, it all had to be done BEFORE Easter….

Gawd…. I’m soo… pissed about this work…. that I’ve forgotten what happened… OH! Media, we got told how there is much more work to do… I made a stab at Ellie’s lack of work she has done by saying, “Hey Ellie, don’t you need to analyse your work? Oh wait, that’s right, it’s MY work.” Which I quickly followed with, “Well our work.” Pointing to Cheyenne…. The annoying thing is… I’m showing all the technical PIZAZZ but also losing marks because… well Ellie, on her yellow sheet of keeping track of what work had been done, has written, “Photoshop” each time… we did any of the photoshop stuff…. In our group… we could’ve EASILY got this done quicker… but instead of the group splitting up to do different jobs…. it was more of, we all do one job at one time… meaning there is no change in the “What the group has done” box and the “What I have done” box… although, there should be for Ellie’s but there wont be…. Other than that… not much else in Media.

English, the second I walked in I was given back my crap and told to redo it… so I got sent to the Library to try about 3 computers ’til I found one that worked… rereading that essay… gawd, I sounded like Harry Biford….

Drama…. We were given our marks… oddly enough, Miss Archer gave me some work back that was like 10/20 or something to redo…. in my work, I found a piece she had marked 5/20… WHY  WASN’T I GIVEN THAT BACK?! This was the Blood Brothers work… Why was I never given that… for the time we were doing it… instead it was mostly just the work I wasn’t there for… meaning I got an 8/20 for that one… overall… I got like 78/120 and 27/40 for my practical… so that… is a nice juicy C or lower…. probably a D… sure the marks aren’t definite… but 27/40… to me sounds like a shit mark for the practical….

French was boring… cover lesson, no work done.

Lunch was dull… no one was anywhere, Simon was ill, Ben I can only assume was getting interviewed…. Chloe and the gang were elsewhere…. so I went to finish my English… the Nick was gone… even though it can get… boring talking to him, so I was left, sitting as the noisy crowds slowly made me think more and more of melting puppies and then pouring the melting puppies into their eyes and kicking them whilst they screamed in pain… *cough*

English, handed work back in, got told that I look miserable…. because well, if you don’t know why, you don’t read…. then we did some more notes that I hadn’t done then got given the essay thing to do… god I wish I hadn’t finished my essay at lunch… I could’ve dossed until the end of the lesson… sitting there.. typing eff all….

DT we looked at past papers…. seems like the people that are good at DT (Simon) aren’t good when it comes to the words… so, Ned and mostly I were answering the questions… which is odd… because we are the furthest behind…..

Then the whole ordeal started….. I’m a bit annoyed by daylight savings…. I know have to go through a lot of things and move it forward one hour…. which we all know is freaking annoying…. there should just simply be a “Daylight Savings” button… which when on, adds an hour, and when off…. takes off an hour… or doesn’t have the extra hour… or whatever.

So… tomorrow, be prepared for another blog…. most likely with a little sketch…. If I do enough I might start something… and make it on wordpress or something… not sure how that would work easily…. not as if I can get something in from DeviantArt… I could do some kind of Flickr thing… and just use that… I dunno…

So… this week I will be tired… grouchy… don’t be surprised if I punch you in the face… I’m serious Ben… I will…. don’t make a comment or… I will kill you, AND your boat…

have fun! ^.^

  1. Ben Brown says:

    Duly noted. I have no wish to be punched in the face. Or did you mean just don’t write a comment on the blog at all? If so, oh shit…

  2. Chris says:

    I was mostly expecting you to read this, then the next day say something like, “so, how is your work going?” With a big grin on your face….

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