So… today was meant to be the day of coursework…. However, this ended up taking a rather severe blow…. I was meant to do a bit of DT, do a lot of Media…. and if I was up to it, which I’m not, some Art…. Problems with all 3…. Dt, I don’t have my 3 designs, so I can’t compare them to the specs out of memory…. Media, I have NO idea which ‘The Orphanage’ Trailer I needed to work on…. So if I go with the wrong one… it could be bad… maybe…. Then Art… well… I have a bunch of stuff to do… like…. well, I need to take a load of pictures which I will do soon…. at least whilst the light is still good and natural, I think I also need to do some tonal studies and some artist research. I’m not sure if I need to do both of the last two…. but I think it was going to be one…. at the very least…. The small bits of Art are meant in for Tuesday… then I need to get more done for Thursday….

Well, whilst on the theme of art…. LOOKIE!!!!

So.... What do ya think?

So.... What do ya think?

So for Art I had to do some work on other Cultures… what better thing to do other than Ulquiorra? I did it all in black pen… a black pen that was breaking every few seconds….. my current main idea… is somewhat comic book based… and I hope it comes out as well as I can imagine it…. the main problem I have come to at the moment is:

A: Filling space in the bottom panel

B: Doing a tonal panel in anime style WITHIN the time limit…

Currently… I really need to get some pictures… of me TT.TT Which no one likes… specifically… pictures of me… in the wind…. hair blowing in the wind…. just ONE part…. I dunno how I am gonna do that…. I’ll get my sister to do it… or something….  I need to finish this Blog quickly before the sun sets….

What else? Media…. This is beginning to suck…. We have nearly finished our thing… when I say that… I mean, we I have done our poster:

The poster would be here had I actually saved it in a JPEG or any other picture format….

I, ended up making the most of it and supervising the rest…. The problem is, these sheets we are given, make it sound like the work we did was all even… whilst Ellie hasn’t done a thing… shown in a little comic I made… but I can’t scan it in because my mum has been on the computer ALL WEEK!!!! I could take a photo… however, that wouldn’t work…. because you can’t see any of the text….

DT! What fun! At the beginning of the week my product was doing awesome back flips of justice and sex…. I had some awesome rings… I had painted my rings…. I had then stuck one half of the rings down…. THEN! SOME DOUCHE decided to steal one… meaning Miss Thompson made another, it isn’t the same size as the others… OR the same shade of blue… this is more of a… purple… and there is also glue EVERYWHERE now…. Still behind on my coursework… actually… I’m not THAT far behind… I just need to do… like 2 sheets, REDO my entire Plan… or at least finish it… then I have like 5.3 – 6.3 to do… which really require me to finish my actual project… however, at this rate… I wont be taking it home ’till after The Easter Holidays… so…. I am gonna have to bring in a bunch of DVDs (Bleach FMA….) and stuff to fill the spaces… it is gonna have to be a day that I don’t have many books… Wednesday…. that day… I only have my DT folder… every other day I have either Art or French to crush things….

The sun is quickly diminishing…. uh… the overall week has been okay… Tuesday had the dreaded Maths Mock… My revision had literally been on the day… but I was in a sleepy state when I did it…. I thought it went balls up…. it did… I only got 98 marks… for an A you need 98…. so…. I actually NEED to revise… which means, the weekend after Prom… I am going to have to revise… and ONLY revise… maybe play some maple in the afternoon/evening if I am bored, to GPQ or if there is 2x exp…. or if my brother is at work so I can play some Disgaea 2…. Then there is all that time staring into the distance… maybe I will have Bleach Season 2 by then (I would hope so) so I can watch that whilst revising… and season 1….

Speaking of Bleach! Bleach Chapter 351 was a big let down… there was no plot development… it showed some awesome Ichigo bits… and gave me a theory which I will post in a second with a giant POSSIBLE SPOILER heading…. I had been looking forward to Bleach Chapter 351 ALL week… However, Bleach Episode 107…. was quite cool. Ichinose turned out to be alive… but not anymore as he went spiralling  off into the distance spuming blood everywhere, Karyia revealed his bount (Which is FUGLY) and yet… with two episodes left to the series… Ichigo and Karyira STILL haven’t started to properly fight… like the sort of fight that you get to see… there was a small bit that got spoken over by Toushiro or someone…. so… as if they were watching, but they weren’t….


I think the problem is that we know what is now going to happen… Ulquiorra is gonna get completely destroyed… Ichigo has no human conscious at the moment… Orihime is going to get scared and worried… then Ichigo’s mask will break… Orihime will freak out because Ichigo is now very scary… Ichigo may have hurt Uryruu or someone during the battle… or Ichigo got too crazy so people are going to be fighting him instead… he will end up badly hurting Orihime or Rukia… his mask will break… he will fall to the floor… all deep and emotional and stuff…. (That is my prediction)

Or! Orihime is going to protect Ulquiorra from Ichigo’s Cero…. then the above is gonna happen and stuff….


I have recently played a bit more Tales of Symphonia… 2 player with my sister… who sucks at the game… never playing with her again…. Today I played a bit more Final Fantasy IX and I must be nearing the end…. I think I’m on disc 3 of 4…. and normally the 4th disc is the final Dungeon and all the things you can do to get final weapons and stuff….

Not sure what else to say… I’m going to go take some pictures (I have no idea what of) whilst the sun is out, then I’m going to try and get my Media done… I need to get that done BEFORE 7:30… the 2x exp starts at 8:00 (I think) and I need to get there early to get a map… plus I need to bathe… so I’ll be in a towel most of the 2x exp….

Let me leave you with this god among men…

Uh, here is the media comic I was talking about….

Left to Right - Ellie, Me (Chris) and Cheyenne

Left to Right - Ellie, Me (Chris) and Cheyenne

  1. Ben Brown says:

    That drawing of Ulquiorra was AWESOME. Really. Were you working from a picture you had, or going from memory? And the cartoon was also pretty funny – I liked the style of the drawing.

    In terms of Bleach… 108 is the really awesome fight episode, and 109 is just the wrapping-up episode at the end of the story arc, which I found to be a bit sucky, but hey.
    Now draw Byakuya with Senbonzakura’s shikai all covered in rose petal blades and his hair flowing in the wind, maybe with the Bankai glowing swords all in the background… I might actually have a nerdgasm.

    So, yeah, more drawings and cartoons illustrating your hardships might be fun.

  2. Chris says:

    Trust me, if I get round to blogging today, there will be another little comic. I will… uh, TRY to do that, although, how on Earth can he have his shikai AND his Bankai?
    But yeah, it was from a page in the manga…. a sexy bit in the manga… just because it has Ulquiorra saying “That’s an order” with the close up…..

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