So, it appears that I failed… at everything, my excuse? I’m lazy? I procrastinate to the eXtreme… so much that I find myself procrastinating procrastination… So, no song lyric… otherwise all this maths knowledge that I REALLY hope is in my subconscious because I can’t seem to call any of it up… will go away.

So, what has happened? Drama practical… This was… okay, I had to tie my hair back… which down right sucked… I think I showed the bunch of people watching how well I got on with my group. This was by, just before doing the name thing I was having my hair all free and flowing, leaving it to the last second. I got round to doing it then I suddenly get ALL my group just turning on me laughing and grinning (specially Donna (want to punch her NEARLY as much as Jade Goodie…)) saying, “Chris you need to tie your hair back.” I ended up going, “I’m FUCKING DOING IT!!!” Saying that about 3 times…. Overall it went well… Donna cut one of my lines/paragraphs in half making her next line making no sense…

Not much happened…. Drama on Thursday we watched some groups… it seemed, oddly, the only ones shown were the only ones I had any interest in. Rose’s (just for 2nd lost of lols), mine then Ben’s. I’m now known as a woman beater… just because I get to back hand slap Lydia in my piece… her clap was in time (unlike Donna’s in an earlier scene where Lydia slaps Donna… there was no sound from her) so that was… okay….

Then… the only other thing that comes to mind… is playing a lot of maplestory, and today…. OH! I have played a lot more Tales of Symphonia…. I’ve also played lots of Disgaea 2… but I didn’t progress the story… I’m hooked on the Item world and how I can get easy exp… Basically… because for a long time and still now slightly, I had like 1 or 2 people that could move further and had more hp and did more damage… so they ended getting to higher levels… so they can just power through. Not to mention I got one (the main character) to learn Heal, so he can nearly not die as long as he has SP… but that runs out at some point…. The annoying thing is… I managed to get a level 35 monster to like 23hp…. and the main character who is one of the awesomes, was dead… I only had the other awesome, who I didn’t want to get too much exp, and someone who used to be an Awesome but then ended up getting left behind as others run forward chopping crap…. After two hits he managed to take away the 23hp and went from level… 17 to level 23…. I ❤ Disgaea… my 5 fave games are:

1) Final Fantasy 7 (duh)

2) Tales of Symphonia

3) Dark Chronicle

4) Okami

5) Disgaea 1 or 2….

Skies of Arcadia was a close 6th as was another game which has slipped my mind… Rogue Galaxy… and…. KINGDOM HEARTS!!! But of course….

Nothing like filler….

So yeah, I’ve also read ALL the Bleach Manga… I have also found that you get some nice, pictures, every know and then…. Chapter 350… slightly predictable but not in the way I originally thought, if that makes sense… I was half right… it is pretty awesome…

In other news… tomorrow that be a Maths Mock… as with ALL my revision I have ever done… it is all last minute… as I have mentioned… I’m only a racy of Rangiku picture away from failing this mock…. I hope Nathan fails….

I also heard Jade Goodie is dead… and Ironically on Mother’s Day…. her bastard children of ages 4 and 2 will be upset…. I don’t know what makes her so special…

Right now I’m trying to remember everything I had come up with to put in this blog other than apologies and short things about death and failing….

OH! You may have noticed but on the side I have made and placed, my account onto my blog… I have no idea if it is actually going to update or not…

Right now I’m full of Lemon Marange… so… I might try to get an early sleep for tomorrow and have nightmares of my angles being bisected….

I also hear the lattitude line-up sucks.

  1. Max says:

    I didn’t do any revision either. I came here for comfort as I knew it was unlikely you or Ben would have done any either.

    I don’t get the Jade thing either, people hate her at first for apparently being a racist (no idea, I don’t watch crap TV), and now everybody loves her. Do not get.

  2. joethearachnid says:

    ‘kay… Those Bleach pictures are certainly weird.Especially considering that they appear to be official.
    Anyway, yeah. I need to find more JRPGs that I can get in to. Most just seem to overcomplicate things way to much with freaky upgrade/combat/magic systems that take about half to game to learn.

  3. Chris says:

    Disgaea (IMO) was fairly easy to get the hang of. It is a bit like FF Tactics… but UBERLY AWESOMELY BETTER! I believe Disgaea 1 has been remade onto DS (need to get) but it is only lacking in a few voice overs… But it did have one of the best characters in it… well in my opinion… this being, Mid Boss… who appears a lot, he is also the boss at the end of each area a few times….

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