Not a song…. I know… it might be… you never know…. well… apart from the fact that I do know… well I don’t so… I dunno….

So…. my bandage came off Friday… yay…. it was all scabby and pussy and EWWWWW I did take a picture of it… so I’ll upload that some time for your viewing….. pleasure….. or something higher…. ecstasy?

So those of you to have the common decency to look at my front page instead of just RSS feeding straight to this may have noticed that:

A – I have a snazzy new thing which I can put notices in

B – The snazzy new thing that I can put notices in which I have, contains something about a competition….

I know… contain your excitement and applause till the end. “What will this competition be?” I hear you yell out in a totally none excited way. Well due to the amount of changes I’ve done to the blog… I have also decided to go with a new banner. However, I do not want to be the one making the banner…. So I have put it down to you, the viewing public to make a new spiffing banner for me. I dunno, if you actually read this blog… you would know what to put in it… something that is actually about me… perhaps…. Some kind of logo that I can use throughout the world for advertising and other things…. It needs to be…… 920 x 180 pixels unless you want your fancy image to be all distorted… which I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.

“Surely with a competition there comes a prize?!” I hear you holler from the back with a hint of excitement… firstly… bad! To the back of the class for you…. … secondly… but of course! There couldn’t be a competition without a prize…. Currently, the prize is a mystery but I am sure EVERYONE will love it! It is in my room right now… maybe… I dunno…

So, it can be in whatever style you wish, hand drawn then scanned into computer, entirely computer art, images copy and pasted to look swanky or any other form of medium you can think of that will fit into 920 x 180 pixels.
“Why do this?” I hear you ask irritatedly… Well… because I have nothing to do…. other than school work and stabbing my self… so what better way to fill the time than by…. you doing a load of work ^.^ So just email me the picture… somehow… OR you could just post a link to the image or the picture (if possible (best keep it secret!)) in a comment or a private message or something.

So yeah, I will be getting… 0 or maybe 1… if I am lucky….

Dur…. other stuff…. Weekend consisted of Rock Band…. I’m pretty good at bass (on medium) I should move up to hard but my brother always goes for mystery play lists so I could get Hysteria by Muse which is crazy on the bass…. Lead…. I’m on Medium and I need a bit more practice till I can go to hard…. Drums… I can do medium on a fair few songs (not muse) (or run to the hills) but my leg gets tired at some point as the drums slowly run away from me. Vocals…. Well… I can do an Emo song… I can’t do Still Alive…. (on Easy) the emo song I got 80% and I don’t think i completely failed once…. it was pretty cool… WAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM! …. o.o

Other stuff in the weekend was Disgaea 2, writing a bit more story due to server check that lasted 6 hours just to put the clocks forward one hour and also a power cut Saturday morning…. And eating…. Key Lime Pie…. well… my mum said it was… it wasn’t very nice….

Monday is what I was calling my worst day EVER! Media we were told how we are now completely fucked over backwards because there is radio Coursework in for tomorrow (final draft (didn’t get my papers or the things from my pen drive)) and also the film is in for next week…. we also need to start putting together some of our things… our Media thing is in…. *checks calendar* 6 weeks from tomorrow… so i think… the…. *checks calendar a 2nd time* Wednesday the 22nd…. of April… the 2nd day back from Easter and the day before my French speaking… I think… Some of them may be on the Wednesday… so I am sooo Effed in the Aye… and there is no Em in the middle to make it sexy….

English was depressing as my lower than average Cs came in again…. I used to be getting Bs until we just drilled practice essays into my eyes until I weeped ink…. um…. Drama was gay because when I thought we had finished it turned out that Lydia, Donna AND Sarah all started to forget lines… skip cues and then start to comment on a line which I used because it sounded too similar to a line I use the next time… these being, “The doctors know what they are doing.” and “She knew what she was doing!” So Lydia… being the drama expert can’t tell the difference between them….

French… more confussion… I hope to get another B in my latest coursework but I am one mark off right now… so I should be able to get it done…. I hope… *crosses ventricles*. Lunch involved Eff all in the DT department… seriously we got nothing done… then English again, but DT again we got the backboard cut out… then started to try and put it together when I realised I need to cut the bottom a bit and that my backboard is too small due to an irregular edge….. getting the base cut… didn’t happen… not to mention that Ben, “accidentally” kept on knocking my wood that was precariously balanced down meaning it is getting more and more dents in it making it look even worse…. Currently I don’t think I can finish it… I think tomorrow if at the beginning of the lesson we can actually get some of it together…. Then I can power sand the top flat (ish) down the entire time…. and by the time that is done… the most of it should’ve dried so I can start on putting in the dowel joint! Then I can sand it down loads and whilst doing this watch as it will fall apart like a wrecking ball to a sand castle made out of the finest of sands…. and driest…. in a windy day…. Then cry and then just say that I wanted to make a musical instrument and use the backboard as a thing that makes noise.

Now, I thought that day was bad…. this day was utter bull shit! Badminton I didn’t win a single match…. so I lost even in the bottom of the bottom against Becky and Sam… even Ryan and Amy Henderson… What, the, FUCKING SHITTING DOGGING KASPLUNGING FACE STABBING ANGER RAGING SO MUCH PAIN THAT BLEACH CANNOT HEAL GRARG hell…. I shall admit… I was playing quite poor, but after watching my partner mess up… I was playing limp armed most the time…. this involved letting all the blood drain from my arms or into my hands…. whilst I wait… then trying to play… I guess I could do better if I had my glasses on and could make out how far the blurred white spot is from me…. but that is no excuse for Gemmah (?) / Gemmiliah (?) who was just SHIT, I ended up being in the bottom of the boy list… why did I end up with her!?! Thing is… people didn’t go with the opposite person… so I guess she was like… REALLY far down…. I mean, she was trying to smash from the back of the court…. hitting the bottom of the net (WTF?!), drop shots she would ballet leap at them and not hitting them upwards but instead going for an over arm movement (the sort that people do when doing a boring Rally that goes nowhere) hitting it into the net…. She also managed to hit it into the floor… OUR side of the court a lot of times… not to mention a really easy shot she messed up and it fell onto her head. Grant is a cunt that should be stabbed by penguins so much that his innards are replaced by regurgitated fish which decomposes into a vagina….. and then eaten by the most hated of Walrus in the WORLD! He was doing cheap shots, which were hitting it high… VERY high… so high that you go to the back of the court cause that is where they are going… but you see them then hit the ceiling and they plunge down quickly to the court, also… the most perfect of serves… from me… I hit… it was pretty much on the middle line… but not quite it was just over so they thought it was going on the other side… Grant decided to catch it…. his hand was OVER THE FREAKING LINE! He obstructed my shot!!!!! Then told me to take it again… in anger I messed up… then he was smug and a dick… I sooo want to snap the head of my penis racket off and then stab him in the face repeatedly so he dies… I think I could’ve done MUCH better if:

A – I wasn’t playing with a bunch of dicks and playing with people I like

B – Had a partner that was capable of playing badminton.

Something that also came to mind… in about 5-6 shots not once was it hit at me… so I become un-focused…. and sort of drift off… then… surprised that the point is still going I finally get a hit towards me… but because I was totally out of it…. I then just flail and hope for the best…

Biology… I didn’t learn anything… Ben and I should REALLY stop talking….

Lunch was like being shat on…. nuf said, word.

RS was snooze vil. Maths as well… it was a bunch of long winded questions that (specially the first one (5 from the text book)) didn’t leave you feeling like you accomplished anything… when the answer to the question is just colouring in your entire axis in grey…. I’m not very pleased to have spent ages drawing them in the first place….

Art after school… boring… Roy Lichtenstein is a lucky son of a female dog….

So… I also watched Bleach 104 before I left school… didn’t see the end cause what I was watching it on cut out half way through telling me to go to a different website… one that I also use…. but when I got home I watched it all again… Toushiro Hitsuguya…. was really messed up in his drawing in that episode… and his hair was blue instead of white…. but he was still AWESOME with Matsumoto Rangiku with him and seeing him fight with his sword, Hinomaru…. You don’t see Rangiku do much with her sword, Heiniko (means Ash Cat). She used it once in series 2/3 when it got really heavy…. then like once or twice in the Bount arc…. she does do more than Chad… I once liked Chad… like in series 1… but now… not only does his voice change when fighting a giant rock whale but he also does FUCK ALL! Rukia is of more use than him…. I’m glad that there are only another 5 episodes until the horrible bount arc is over! Then I get to go see some Vizards! Which means MORE HOLLOW ICHIGO ❤ !!!!!! And also… Rangiku in a school uniforme…. and more Toushiro…. and that guy that is bald…. and maybe even some Byakuya!!!! I think there is also a lot more Urahara!

Well… for the last…. 30 minutes? Hour? I have been listening to the 1st and 5th Openings none stop because I just…. “legally” downloaded them….

I have also recently thought of what to say when people ask, “Why so serious upset?”…. to which I reply, “I’m not very mature when I’m happy…” which is fucking true! It is as true as saying that I didn’t even have to use Wikipedia ONCE for that Bleach rant…. which is true… as true as me saying…. Today is the 10th….

(wow, I nearly forgot the beginning of my blog… I only remember the rant and Bleach)

You may now show your excitement and applause.

  1. joethearachnid says:

    Maybe I’ll coerce Mrs Thompson into helping you with your project. Every time I get involved I always completely misunderstand something and everything seems to go tits-up.
    I loved your tags, even if a few are a bit cheap. I might even make you a banner, if you remember to shout at me about it.
    Rangiku in school uniform? I’m totally there. And Tōshirō is also (marginally more) awesome. Wikipedia says about Rangiku : ‘Series creator Tite Kubo identifies Rangiku as one of his two favorite female characters in the series, citing that he “has a lot of fun drawing her and creating stories with her.”‘ – Sounds kinky.

  2. Chris says:

    lol, specially when he says, “drawing her”. he draws the clothing on last …..

  3. Max says:

    The DT projects are going well for all, I believe. I have certainly made good progress, most of mine was done during PE lessons.

    And I won’t be entering your obviously exciting competition ‘cos I suck as graphics. Seriously. Whenever I do images for my website or anything, I have to use PowerPoint. Ya. True story. 😉

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