Did you free the feelings in your spine…

Posted: 14/02/2009 in General, Life
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Sleeping way inside all this time.

This will probably be short… I mean, I couldn’t BE any hungrier right now… Where to stat the day that is today?

Maths? Sure… Uh, this was slightly trickier than the other stuff, I just made a phew more mistakes were things weren’t very obvious to me to begin with. Overall… it was the same as most maths lessons… Nathan getting confused… I REALLY hope I get a better grade than him… I also hope I’m not in his Maths group next year (he is only doing AS and not A2).

In English we were doing another practise essay thing… I suffered the same problem of never having enough time… it wasn’t that bad… I think…

Physics was the same old lesson full of confusion and bewilderment (Dear god, I shouldn’t have moved just now… Wedgie!!!!). However, I was hungry at about… 11:30…. so that was rather annoying…

For the first bit of lunch we were meant to be doing some form of rehearsal… this ended up just being them faffing about with music which I don’t think we need but they seem pretty set on it… I mean, putting music in it completely destroys it… Now, the random dancing… doesn’t seem right… and it just makes me actually think of a disco where I would probably be on a wall instead… We ended up getting our picture taken, then I legged it to Ben’s form to put my bag down them went to the Canters to get some lunch with Adam, Robbie and Max well, and Sam Butcher… but he tagged a long, didn’t say anything then just left when he had finished.. (why do they have the weather at 1:10am?)

French meant we had more coursework which I was dictionary translating everything again… I will google translate a lot of it over the half term…

The second English exam meant we got like an extra 5-10 minutes on our essays… We then got the ones we did on Monday back… I naturally got an E, I had no idea WHAT to write AT ALL, but here’s hoping that I get a pass in the one I did Yesterday (being Friday). We then got some cake… and watched the rest of An Inspector Calls.

It is the half term! I haven’t done much or eaten much… so… I dunno… I think I will sleep now…

  1. Chris says:

    Once again I am left to fondle the golden balls of late night hunger…

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