The cost of my desire…

Posted: 12/02/2009 in Art, General
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To sleep now in the fire.

Okay, well, I was too tired yesterday to really post anything. Which was annoying. This meant I got an early sleep, before midnight, and a late rise, 7:15am…. this meant, the bags under my eyes pretty much melted… I did have like GIANT bags under my eyes before I fell asleep, and in the morning they were big enough for Callum to notice… which was hawt. Wednesday morning that is…

Wednesday was the Art trip (woo?). The trip there was a bit lame, I ended up reading and listening to my MP3 player and fighting the sleep, this was all fine and dandy like sugar and sweets… until my MP3 died on me… So I had no loud music to keep me up… I fought the urge to talk to Stacey, who was sitting next to me. So I glanced out the window a lot. When we arrived at the Tate Britain, we walked up the stairs… then were told about some times… we walked about the Gallery a bit… I heard a small child look at a picture of the civil war and say, “I think that is the first world war” which made my laugh maniacally. We did have to draw some things, I did one decent drawing, one rather rushed out line then worked into drawing, that then got smudged and now looks shit, and one crap drawing of a crap picture by Tracey Emmins…

After a while we ate lunch on the steps then headed off to the boat. We were “lucky” enough to go on the second boat, so the boat with most my friends on, Tom, Calum… Connell, I missed out on. The boat trip takes 20 minutes, and there is a boat every 40 minutes… so, after a bunch of waiting, and then an awesome boat ride with Rose, Hannah and Lucy we finally arrived at the Tate Modern… an HOUR after everyone else…

The Tate Modern is…. weird… there is a bunch of mutilation pieces and all sorts… some of it was cool, others just made me angry, e.g. a red canvas with a darker shade of red line going down the very right hand side, the line being like 3cm wide… the canvas was quite big by the way. There was a funny sign on the floor saying “Please do no touch”… I spent a lot of time trying to track down Tom…. And when I did find him, it turned out the thing on the agenda was kissing Bethany… this took a long time…. and then from then on…. it didn’t stop…

I managed to swap buses so I was on Tom’s Bus which was much better. I then got to see Tom and Calum playing the “Nervous Game” with Sarah and Bethany… so it is pretty much the “Get your crotch felt up a lot until you* get an erection and then move off game”. After a long trip of boredom and hard to see shenanigans we eventually had a restroom stop… me being the Camel like thing I am meant that I had gone from like 6:30am to about…. 9:30 PM, without really peeing or drinking… or eating…. But Calum and Bethany swapped places… so Tom and Bethany were eating each other the entire trip. Connell pretended to phone Tom’s mum then, after getting his mobile number from Tom, I started to text Connell pretending to be Gary (Tom’s step-dad) which made Connell worry… a lot. This banter and threats in texts went on to about 11pm… where I told him to stop the nonsense and apologize to Tom… Which he did then we broke the funny news to him.

Thursday, other than having that, was pretty boring REALLY. Art was the same old. Drama was freaking hilarious. Mostly because two groups ended up having one person turn up for rehearsals. This being Mac’s group and my group… we being the only ones that turned up. This made Miss Archer VERY angry… it then caused my group to have a feud for about 30 minutes involving Lydia storming out, me just laughing silently not really giving a second thought about the matter and just mentally going over my lines. Eventually Lydia came back in but when saying her lines it was all monotone, quick and annoying… she also forgot a lot of them. She claimed she “Wasn’t in the mood for drama”. She eventually came about when we had like 10 minutes left…. I don’t know which I hate more, Depressed Lydia, or normal Hyper Lydia….

Maths involved more easy stuff and Nathan not understanding the concept of finding a freaking common denominator!!!!! He just read it as always do this and this… never realising that if you already have 4 as both the denominators, you don’t need to do anything… Then he got confused about multiplying them… and even dividing… he flipped the second fraction… then multiplied it as if it wasn’t.

French meant there was Coursework to be done. I was kinda laughing though… mostly because that lesson made me feel:

A: Like a complete DUMB ARSE! This was mostly because I ended up having to go on the two pushed together tables with the assistant, Chris Adlem, Nathan Smith and James Rogers…. No one else was put onto a table… I couldn’t help but think that Jim probably passed a comment to Chloe about our stupidity or something. So far though, I am certain I am the smartest on the table, excluding the assistant, at French… i have also, after using the dictionary to translate EVERY word, gotten it all right. Occasionally the assistant will look at my work, pull my paper away, read it, then give it back saying it is all correct… I only asked for one thing with help, which turned out to be correct anyway.

I ended up doing DT after school as well, this was VERY fun. I marked out some more stuff… Then I waited for about half an hour for Miss Thompson to get all the stuff for the Router… this part didn’t go well… the Jig thing we used… sucked… It got tighter as you went along….so you had to wiggle…. it also meant that neither Ned nor I could get a straight line… instead… we got plenty of messed up lines and I am going to need a lot of filler…. I also got a whole loud of wood up my sleeve AND covering my bag… and me….

Upon arriving home… I did nothing… then I wrote some more of my book! That is write! I managed to get 481 words into Chapter 3… and so far… no action! What on the earth? However, I have partially introduced the Ned like character, aka Mr. X now known as Kevin….

  1. joethearachnid says:

    I didn’t know that Tom and Bethany had become that… intimate.
    I went into the Tate Modern once when we had some spare time on a Drama trip that was mostly for Sixth Formers; we just wandered around and looked at the nudity.
    And Kevin? KEVIN? That’s a chav name. Mind you, so is Ned. Oh wells. Looking forward to chapter 3.

  2. Chris says:

    Kevin is also the name of an Irish chum… Another character is going to be called Sean… I might rename Reban to Rob… because the name is soo out of place with the other normal names….

  3. Max says:

    Yeh, yeh… Blame it on the jig.

  4. Chris says:

    It was! Ned couldn’t do it! Then… that isn’t saying much…

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