It’s been a bad day…

Posted: 11/02/2009 in Art, General, Life
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PLEEEEEEEEEAAAASE Don’t take a picture.

The title has a kind half meaning to the blog… It is slightly true…. and the song on pause…

Today there was rain… and plenty of it. In the rush out of the house I forgot my PE kit and I only just made it in time to get to assembly… yay? Which was all about not saying “I can’t do it!”. However, Mr Chitake didn’t take into the account of men ovulating… I mean, try and get, say, Ben to ovulate, no matter HOW MUCH he tried and even if he tried to strain himself sooo much his face exploded and landed on a wall in the far east… he wouldn’t do it… that is where leaving it at “I can’t do it!!” is probably best.

*hears light switch so quietens typing*

With it being Tuesday it meant I had PE to begin with. There was the problem of no PE kit… however, I managed to find a white T-shirt with some pinkish redish stain on one of the armpits suggesting someone sweat blood, I borrowed Simon’s shorts which were actually Ned’s and also Simon’s trainers… So lo and behold, I was playing badminton looking like a freak… Normally badminton is really good… However, this lesson did kinda suck… I would like to say half and half…. but I think it was more 70 and 30 to the crapness. We started off playing “run around” a game which I normally rock the medieval socks off of people at… However, with there being no lives system and thus meaning no elimination, there was no end to it and we always had the people who could never hit the shuttle cock (tee hee, cock). So after a short amount of time, in which the people left playing should’ve really been Ben, Chloe, Nick and I… possibly Molly my lack of playing for like 5-6 weeks was beginning to show. Mostly shown by me hitting it to the far left most the time and missing stupidly easy shots… If anything that game of “run around” was purely for honour!

Then Chloe and Ben walked off to talk to the very un-active Max. So that left Nick and I to go against…. 5 people… unsurprisngly… we won… easily… well, if there was a scoring system… Either way, all you had to do was return the shuttle cock (tee hee) and they would miss it… it was… Painful. After being kicked off the court because Nick and I had set it on fire with our mad skills (They say I’m too modest) we had to sit and wait until it was available… during this time I do believe to have had a small rally thing with Chloe… I seemed to have been doing most the work… well running…. But then I did have people like Rosie commando crawling infront of me or just standing infront of me… in the way… either way… I was tired…

Eventually the court was free. A doubles game it was! Nick and I (woo(?)) against Chloe and Ben. This was fairly good, apart from my suck kept on creeping up… and the game always stopping for what would seem like stratergy talks between Chloe and Ben… Seriously, what the hell were you talking about? Anywho, that soon ended, so I did a small rally thing with Ben and then Nick. Then Chloe and Ben ran off to do a rally thing and I sat and did nothing for ages because there were only singles going on… I missed out some of the crappy bits…

Break was rather boring…. Biology had not much of interest apart from being a pirate is all right with me (possible future blog title? (yes)) Lunch included the same as it has been for like the last few days… annoying and somewhat lonesome…. like talking to a wall… but then I would get more response from the wall….

We were watching The Matrix in RS and I left for about 2 minutes to go have that Sixth form interview thing… upstairs(GASP). It was boring and not worth my time… At least I got to miss Nathan Jest going “Why did he do that?” “What just happened?” “Who is she?” “I would laugh if…… owned!” “HAHAHAHAHA (comment suggesting that the person did something different)”. But then there was maths… at least with this I was slightly puzzled… and Nathan, for once, wasn’t completely baffled out of his spine… I did manage to know more than him… but I think that is natural…

Due to my drama group being retarded, I had no drama thing… but I also didn’t have my art books… SOOOO I had to wait behinde school for a long time… I ended up doing some of my coursework redo… woop de doo….

When I got home… I basically had a trecal tart *drools* and then spent about…. 30 minutes picking off the back of my sketch book… all just so I could draw a Human Transmutation circle on it. It is pretty cool, so much so that I wish it were real…. So I could try and do some human transmutation then lose my arm and my leg then get it replaced with robotic limbs… which I can turn into blades and shit… all at the clap of my hands…

In other news that isn’t today, Death Note just got gay by killing of L (Main antagonist) who is just soo freaking awesome… I makes me want to stab N (Near) in the face because he sucks… they also have this other guy… Mello… but at least I think he is still a guy, he has a guy voice but looks REALLY female….

I have the art trip today!!! And I need to wake up in… about….5 hours… I get to sit next to James Bigford all day… yay…..

I also did colour in another picture… but I think I saved the scan file differntly to how I normally do it, I think i did that as a PNG in stead of JPEG… meaning the file was like 2.4 MB large… with no colour… meaning it took me 2 days to colour it in… mostly due to my computer (weird I wrote monster their originally) not being able to take it all in… this picture has nothing to do with anything… It will also be ages until I get more of my story done… maybe a Study leave thing? I hope to get some done over half-term…. In which… I will stay awake… a lot… then when I come back… I will look SOOO dead that people will think I stayed up all alone for the entire Half-term not going outside due to the lack of friends and stuff… ˙ʇɥƃıɹ ǝq p,ʎǝɥʇ s,puɐ

  1. joethearachnid says:

    I totally love REM. That song, anyway. Actually, I think that’s the only song by them I’ve ever heard… Never mind.
    And you are jolly good at badminton. What were we talking about, on the other team? Hm… One time it was because Rosie came up and said that Yasemin had an erection (?) and another was where Chloé couldn’t hear me because she has an ear infection and I couldn’t hear her because I listen to loud music.
    How was the Art trip? You missed a pretty shitty day, but a very good DT lesson. Max got all his routing done, and he actually did it himself and I finally got Mrs Thompson to cut out all my wood, then I got a splinter which involved going up to the textiles rooms so Mrs Jeffery could get it out with a pin… Max had to be there in case I fainted and he had to carry me to the medical room.

  2. Chris says:

    Way, to, be, a, man…. Art trip… well you’ll find out about that after I cram my art homework…. It was a shame I missed Yazoo day….

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