I have played in every toilet

Posted: 08/02/2009 in Art, Exams, General
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but you’d just want to spoil in to prove I’ve made a big mistake!

So yeah, not exactly sure what to put I just finished watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. Which, even though I have it on DVD and have already watched it, was still quite good.

I can’t really think of much that has happened between my last post and saturday today. I mean, Saturday yesterday. The only thing I can really remember is that Media pissed me off because the one piece of coursework I thought I’d done well, Mrs Goodwin decides to tear it appart. Most people at least ONE good comment. Mine was all negative. It is soo annoying. In my print ads I think she wants me to say WHY pink and yellow and purple and stuff are considered Female colours. I don’t know why! That is like asking why a French Stereotype has an onion necklace or the black and white stripe thing…. It is crazy.

Some bits she said were a bit too short but we still have like a word limit of about 500-600 on the bits where we compare two things and then for the analysis of our own it is like 200-300. All in all, I am failing most of my GCSE subjects.

I got my art exam title, “I, mine and me” or something like that. I have mixed feelings about this. It is good because I can have gaming references. I can try and symbolise insomnia. The bad thing is, that I have two main ideas. Both she would say are too messy. My second one I came up for… just out of the blue is crap whilst the other… as with ALL my art pieces, look good in my head, but the second it is on paper it is like shit on stick and you grabbed the wrong end….

We also got to enjoy maths challenge. I don’t care about it really, I did the questions to pass the time. No more no less.

Drama involved spending a whole double lesson working out 1 scene which we still haven’t done because we cold say we have got it, we then try and do it, Lydia/Donna/Sarah will laugh or forget something then they spend like another 5 minutes talking. They just don’t know how to end it but I thought we had come up with an ending at the very beginning. When I remind them of this they just go, “That’s a good idea actually.” Then I am foolish enough to expect to start practising because they are still talking….

French, Same old. Maths, Same old… Quite easy still annoying Nathan who doesn’t seem to be able to work unless it tells him that he has to work this angle with these numbers. He gets royaly messed up when we get the ones where you have to work out something else BEFORE the actual question. Or he looks at the wrong triangle. I’ve decided not to wait up for him in the lessons. I’ll just power through, he can get confussed I laugh silently, yet evily, to myself.

Friday was just the same as ever. As was most of the week. I think, I’m too tired….

I did, however, just spend about an hour and a half just playing tetris… This is what keeps me up for so long. Oh well, I’m sure it will have no affect on me at all.

  1. Chris says:

    I am sooo Hungry right now….

  2. joethearachnid says:

    I thought that the art title sounded a bit shit when I was told it… And I understand in Drama, cuz everyone in my group is sucky as well. It was pretty meh week.
    Go and eat something, dude.

  3. Chris says:

    I would’ve eaten…. But… it was nearly 2am… and I think it would’ve made FAR too noise….

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