So you were born in an electrical storm…

Posted: 14/01/2009 in General, Homework, Life
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Took a bite out of the sun, saw your future in a machine built for two.

Well, whoever can tell me what song that is… gets a super special secret prize from the ages of secret private in the Nul-dimension… I know right, rare?

Well, I didn’t expect my french homework to be sooooo piss easy… So I’m glad I spent about an hour playing Tetris on Facebook….

Where to start… WELL, I think I last did a blog on Monday… soo I’ll go with Tuesday? Tuesday had a good start of eXTREME Table Tennis, no rules in the slightest…. this meant that we can play against each other from across the room and stuff… then get hit in the face…. fun was to be had by all… even me… and I normally HATE Table Tennis….

The rest of the day was revision in biology and having to have my brain numbed by Cara, Amy and that lot…. Then a boring lunch of no Simon….. Then RS we were watching a movie which we watched in Year 10…. about that guy that dies then his exploration on Heaven… with a black guy taht is actually his dead son… and some air hostess girl that is actually his daughter… then his wife kills herself so he goes to hell to save her and they all died happily ever after (they were all dead eventually)…. Maths was more BORING lines of simple nature… I seem to be able to rape work in the face without Nathan there needing explanation every 2 seconds…. I forgot what else I did yesterday cept talk to Bethany from Florida on Maplestory till about… 1am…

TODAY! This was a sexy day… There was the manly contest in form time… which was seeing who could make themselves cry the first… this was mostly by keeping our eyes open for ages…. Tom won, because he cried first… it took me about 5-10 minutes till tears came to my eyes… in which Tom had done it twice… Callum was too cool to prove how manly he was… because his muscly tear ducts would stop any form of a tear coming out meaning he is a pussy…..

CHEMISTRY! This was some sexy revision session in which I surprisingly knew pretty much all the answers but the questions I answered weren’t the ones for the prizes… apart from one…. Then we had an annoying 20 question quiz thing… This was annoying because I didn’t get picked at all!!!! This always happens with me…. I never get picked to do a question… Stupid competition so people try and pick the weaker people…. which was even more annoying due to the fact that NO ONE went for the higher questions…. Only Andy went for one… and he fucked it up…. With all the questions that had something to do with The Periodic Table and people struggled I was nearly having fits of rage due to the fact that people were so dumb they didn’t realise it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FUCKING FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just reading a list of numbers of a name…. Guh……. Oh and by the by…. I’ve done no revision yet… apart from that lesson….

DT… was annoying and un-productive as always… this time it was because there was only one pencil to the table so we had to wait…. BUT ALSO BECAUSE OF MISS THOMPSON! I mean, she did to me what she did to Max… I did some template thing and when I showed her she said, “Oh wow that is really good, I’ll cut that out for you.” Then after having to follow her around the room due to her helping other people…. She then upon finally looking at my work again said, “I don’t like that line, it isn’t very good you will have to do it again.” Then after doing it again she has said it is good and that she would cut it out… So I left it out expecting her to do something about it…. but she wont….

Media… was fairly good, we recorded our radio thing for Media… My script was originally 4 minutes long but we added points where it just read “Discuss” so it got to 10 minutes…. we did this as well for Cheyenne’s…. I also found out I have a lisp AND a freaking GAY voice…. I sound like an IDIOT that is GAY!!!!! GRRRR!!!!!!!!! I also found out more disgusting stuff about Ellie Wilding….

So then, I played Halo 3 with my brother when I got home… in my book I’m reading (The Magician by Trudi Canavan) everything is going tits up in how the evil guy is finding out that people know about his evil-ness and it is like, “HOLY FUCK I THINK I WET MYSELF FOR THAT GUY” or something…. Then I played a lot of Tetris and then wrote this…. and stuff….

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  1. joethearachnid says:

    You didn’t mention the one golden rule of eXTREME table tennis: The First Person Shooter naming part.
    I got pissed off in Chemistry as well. I answered LOADS of questions, some of which were quite hard, but I never got to do anything for free for food.
    What about Ellie Wilding?

  2. joethearachnid says:

    Oh, and OK Go – Do What You Want.

  3. Chris says:

    Well, You will receive your super special prize… In physics….. but yeah… Chemistry was a bummer really…. I mean, I had my hand up for EVERY question…. it was super mega gay…..

  4. Max says:

    On the subject of DT; I feel your pain.

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