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FOOOOOOOOooooOOOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! And I’m feeeEEEeeeling good! I am not really feeling that good… it just felt like a thing to do…

So yeah… If you dinnae notice, There is a new year…. As with New years… There are resolutions to be made and never kept….. Last year I only had one…. Which I failed…. So what? Do I get a flogging or something? Stoning? Impalement? What? Just the feeling of not caring? Oh, that is fine by me…..

This year!

  1. Do well in my GCSEs and NOT fail a single one (Fail being below C)… Currently this is the fail-train…. As far as I know, I am going to fail French and Art… Some say I’m pessimistic…. I say…. I probably am…. but I have a good feeling about this sort of thing…..
  2. Go to a party…. AND ENJOY IT! Or… at least half the parties I go to, I have to enjoy….. I mean, about…. all but one of the parties I went to, that I can remember, I didn’t really enjoy… This mostly came down to the amount of booze at the party OR just the fact that I could be talking to someone and then they started having an intimate hug with someone leaving me to just support the wall in case it decided to fall and crush everyone….
  3. Revise for my exams MORE than just the day before! All last year I waited till like the last day before my exams mostly goofing off and playing games the weeks before. When it came to that day… I goofed off till late at night, about 11pm and then opened a revision book and then goofed off some more….
  4. Enjoy Prom.
  5. Try and read my book more. I think this has mostly been due to the season, but recently in the morning it is too cold for me to read my book due to VIOLENT shivers, then when going home, it is too dark to read…. I only really get the chance to read in car journeys because I have this laptop made of magic and FIRE.
  6. Try and get back onto the horse that is socialising…. For the past 3 weeks I have done NOTHING but sit in my bed under my quilt due to the lack of heating (it broke a lot) with my laptop on my lap, playing Maplestory. Nothing but, I went on MSN for about 2 hours…. from 11:30pm to 1:30am or something, which I mostly spent my time talking to Simon…. that was the day I was meant to not play maplestory… funny how that turned out.
  7. And then the one from last year… which I think I’ve forgotten… I think I have it written down somewhere.
  8. Do more of my story.

But now, it is time for my 2008 year review! *Trumpet sort of medley*. 2008 has been very blurry…. I mean, the earliest memory of it was Ben’s Birthday party, which to be honest completely rocked and was down right sexy. Then that is followed by Adam’s birthday party… which wasn’t a party… more of a gathering…..

After that, it just sort of melds together in a big Coursework filled mess of work. After that, is work experience… I hated it…. so much that I slept through it… well some of it… but it turns out I wasn’t even wanted ANYWAY….. so nuts to them I’m glad I closed the door to that HELL HOLE! This is also broken up by a few exams which went well and the days were well spent… or at least… I hope they were…

From there we go into the summer Holidays. There was about two weeks where I got my birthday presents a week early, and then spent that time playing them…. Then there was two weeks of Florida, which were quite fun apart from the sun burn, the heat and the lack of a birthday I had…. The excuse was, “You’ve already gotten your presents.” and yet when I did it was, “It isn’t your birthday yet.” I was just thinking, “This shit is bananas.” (I think that is my new line of the year (or month)). I did get to “pick where we went for the day” where the choices were Sea World and Busch Gardens I think… we were going to go to them anyway…. so my choice did nothing… we ended up going to Sea World… which we went to again later anyway…. After the two weeks and one HELL of an annoying plane trip… I had two weeks left to do my homework… Due to jet lag and going 44 hours without sleep and then the 5 days with only 8 hours of sleep…. this meant that week was burnt away…. So I really had one week left… which turned into a weekend…

Year 11 came… and I still feel like it is the start of year 11…. I didn’t get the best seating plans…. but pfft to them…  Somewhere in this time I swear my laptop broke…. or it could’ve been earlier in the year… either way… it was a dark week…. Anywho… I spent a lot of time goofing off and not doing any work…. I think before the summer holidays there was Hannah Church’s birthday party which was kinda odd and lame… there was also Andy’s first party which I tried to go the entire night outside till I was forced in by a short short wearing Ben… I woke up outside anyway due to being on the VERY edge of the tee pee….

Year 11 Mocks…. boring and not very well done…. Then there was the recent party I went to… was okay… to start with… Then there was the 3 weeks of feck all…..

In the year I was lucky to be one of the three to get the LOWEST mark in drama… this was along with Nick and Harry…. To be honest… I think I should’ve gotten a higher D… instead of 1 mark INTO a freaking  D… our group came back at lunch times repeatedly… I came up with a lot of ideas…. I didn’t spend a lot of my time mucking about like Harry and Nick… Instead… Hannah and Cheyenne get all the glory… I also got my Art teacher not helping me by telling me that my work isn’t very good… and that was it….

Is it over? No… Films! I saw…. 3 films (>.<) in the year… from what I can remember…. These were Jumper… which was uber pants apart from one bit where a freaking BUS is “Jumped” into Sameul L Jackson…. which was cool… There was Ironman… which was good, VERY good…. Then there was Wall-E…. Which just effing Rocked! Nothing more can be said! Well there can! It had EVERYTHING. Emotion at the end, humour, a robot…. fat people…. an evil ship…. it just rocked to the extreme!

Oh! I just remembered another thing for my resolutions! (adds #8)

Okay, now then, in two weeks it is Ben’s Birthday… But it is also a few Science exams… I haven’t prepared for them…. and I might…. soon….. so I am worried…. Other than that…. I am not really worried about the new year apart from exams…. I am sure I will be pissing myself when it gets closer to Prom and I find out that my “date” will be my shadow… but even then… I doubt it will enjoy my company and then go and WHORE IT UP!

Merry New Year…. and stuff…. Long live SATAN!
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