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That’s right! I seek BLOOD!!!!!!! Why you ask? “Is Chris just being is normal ol’ CRAAAZY self?” you ask? Perhaps, this time I have a reason for my hateful blood lust!

I have just spent about…. an hour and a half to about two hours drawing and colouring in a background for a picture…. As an experiment…. It took me sooo long, it was tedious….Thankfully, I had Black Books to keep me company. “That doesn’t sound like a good reason to want the head of the world on a plate with a glassful of its blood as a side dish!” I hear you cry, and it isn’t…. What is though… JUST as I was finishing…..  JUST as I was about to put SHADOW on the bottom to make it look fairly good, the LAST few details…. Paint.NET FUCKING FROZE!!!!!!!!!!!! I hadn’t saved! And now about two hours of my life have been wasted…. and this time there isn’t any form of gain…. I mean, sure I’ve wasted about the ENTIRE 2 week break…. But I could prove that I did something from games and shit…. NOW there is no record of my pain and work…. THIS is why I don’t like hard work…. Cause it ALWAYS goes wrong at the end…..

Also using Paint.NET I tried to make draw a picture just using my mouse…. this turned out to be fucking HARD! I mean, My mouse although moving in a diagonal motion came out as a more horizontal…. Stupid Square way of doing things… WHY NO HEXAGONS?!  Or… nanogons…. Or just a shape that fits together… that is better than square….. The picture looks shit because there was a bit where I mindlessly accidentally selected ALL the black lining then only deselected one bit because I was trying to get rid of some of the black lines on my shading but all at once…. and ended up turning a lot of the stuff I did to one colour… Like the sword… which looked shit to begin with…. it is even worse now…. You will have to search pretty damn hard to find it….. Chances are Sean and Kevin might’ve already seen it… or will when they check the forums…. but Nut sacks to that…..

I wish Paint.NET had better brushes…. it would make grass easier…. but then I guess it would be nearing Photoshop standards…. so then you’d actually have to pay for it…. It would appear that Paint.NET is not really that great for doing something from scratch….. I’ve only drawn one picture this holiday… I haven’t even coloured it in yet… let alone SCANNED it in….. I might do some more… then try and CRAM them all in on Monday…. or maybe some day like that…..

I’m not ready for school…. Before I went into town…. I pretty much hadn’t left my bed since…. about boxing day evening…. apart from to eat…. sometimes and pee….. Or to play on the PS2 in my Brothers room but even then I had something to stop me from going into Withdrawal….

I’ve also forgotten when the Science exams are…. so no revision THERE!
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