So bored it hurts.

Posted: 09/12/2008 in General, Life
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Well, I have no work to do, and I seem to get bored VERY quickly…. So I am bored…. Onto the normal awesome (or what evers) stuff.

Well, today being tuesday meant a loverly start of PE, this included BADMINTON! YEAH! I think I did the most work in that PE lesson… I mean I did more in that one lesson than probably most of the current school year… or at least all of the Basket Ball bit… I did do a fair bit in Football and Rugby. In Badminton we ended up splitting into 4 separate courts each with about 9 people on. Our court started off with just plain ol’ matches which means whilst waiting doing the odd rally with someone. We got bored of that and did some kind of “King/Queen of the court” which was okay…. going against Alfie was a bit gay…. I was okay…. but I ended up making silly mistakes or the shuttle would hit something hanging from the ceiling and make me run forward nearly into the net….. After that, we did a “Round Court” thing, where we ended up running around the court a lot…. this rawked…. The first one I didn’t lose a single life (I was on 3 (I have no idea why)) and I got to the final two, but I was too tired and the shot was too far away to run for, so Caroline won… The second Adam and I made silly mistakes at the beginning so we went from 2 lives to 1, then I lost my final one when we were down to about 4 people which means you don’t stop running at all…. and when coming in from the right of the court and the shot is on the left…. you know you are going down…. the same sort of thing happened in the 3rd match but there were far too many drop shots so they were getting closer and closer to the net and it was inevitable that one would hit the net…. Then Badminton was over 😦

After break we had none other than Biology, we did a bit of reading about those wonderful things called Kidneys… and glomerulus being the word of the day…. We then got to dissect some now unfrozen kidneys! This was good, I missed out on the eye dissection last time but the heart Dissection was fun… Adam and i didn’t know there was gloves for that one… and Adam put his thumbs through the main artery and vein…. This time we had gloves on… the only tools we used were the blunt scalpel AND the scissors…. Turns out that the Ureter is VERY hard to cut through… and smells like pee pee from the private part place.

After a lunch of watching Ben and Eliza play what was effectively VERY violent pong…. there was RS Core…. we watched more of “When the wind blows” which was sooo boring… I was wondering how long it takes for radiation to kill people…. I didn’t care much for the annoyling old people….

Maths we were doing something that I forgot the name of… but I can remember the long formulae that we used…. Which was quite easy to use… yet I constantly had to remind Nathan how maths works…. which was annoying…. HE DOESN’T GET THINGS  yet STILL has an ego….

AH HA! When I got home (woo Rewrite came on via Windows Media Player) I had nothing to do…. I think I started by checking my normal stuff…. I then decided to start drawing pictures ready for the winter…. and those sleepless nights…. I ended up drawing Seth in Darkness Knight Uniform (Reference for Ben there) I think I got it pretty accurate to the original description, but I think I’m gonna have to change a few bits… like a better description of the trousers and a change from belt to sash…. Once I had done that, I finally finished Chapter 2 of my awesome thing which you have to hunt down over the Internet to find….. I think I worked it out as 130 A4 sheets as the end… or something like that… which is apparently… about 221 normal book pages… BUT! That is every chapter is the exact same length…. I hope to get it finished… soon… maybe summer?

Who knows and or cares! I’m too busy Procrastinating and not sleeping and thinking of plot for differnet things and stuff…..

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  1. joethearachnid says:

    Do you know what ‘,’ is? It’s a comma. Fucking well use them in your stories. About 90% of mistakes involve putting in commas.

  2. Chris says:

    oh well… what else are proof readers for……. So there…. in your robo-erotic face…

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