First “Quick Press”

Posted: 06/12/2008 in Uncategorized
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Just a quick heads up, played lots more FF IX, played a lot of Maplestory….
Internet juice being eaten alive BY Zomealarm update….

  1. joethearachnid says:

    Lulz. I had ZoneAlarm once. It nearly killed my computer and it broke my internet. I went Norton, but now I’m going freeware.

  2. joethearachnid says:

    And now I have AVG free and Sygate. Re-sult.

  3. Chris says:

    I also have AVG, ZomeAlarm is perfectly fine…. The updates just take a long time…. Those are the only two things I have…. as far as I know…. I decided to go with “FUCK WINDOWS DEFENDER!” Mostly because it didn’t trust ANYTHING….

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