Such internet problems!

Posted: 02/12/2008 in Uncategorized

As the name suggests, I have internet problems. It isn’t my computer’s fault. I know this because it is also happening with my brother’s computer… It is the crappy little box downstairs…. I know my internet has gotten bad because it used to takke about 10 seconds for a video to stream on youtube EVEN IN HD…. NOW, it takes a good long 10 minutes… It is worse with my anime episodes… I mean, those used to take about 1 minute till I could watch it without buffering stopping me, well 1-5 minutes… now, it takes soooo long…

Another thing that has gotten my nuts in a bundle is the fact that 4oD seems to be acting up as well… probably my internet, but the image is all jittery and pauses whilst the sound goes on, this was happening whilst I was watching the live Prince of Persia footage.

On that note, I didn’t get a single question read out, sad face, but it still rocked….

Almost as much as this, which I had stuck in my head… ALL french writing exam…

I just finished my Media redo, which was MUCH shorter than first anticipated…. I even managed to download all the sounds I need, which Ellie is meant to be getting…. But she can’t be trusted… at all…. EVER! The media redo was hard… because mostly of the fact that Mrs Goodwin’s hand writing is UNBEARABLE! I thought she had written lcuy, turns out it was key…. or so I guessed…

Today I also got my Biology mocks back…. I got a B… oops, I didn’t get much revision done, and the guides mentioned NOTHING about a guard cell…. I think one day, I’m just going to sit down, turn off all my electrical appliances, and just read all my revision guide up to where we have gotten to… in science AND maths….

Tomorrow is Yazoo day!!! Woo, where Ned goes off on a few Yazoo rounds during DT, which rocks… mostly because it is before the lunch time rush, so there are still some chocolate ones left…. Oh, turns out that my DT thing was good, I just got some of the timing bits wrong….. I think I’ve found a place to put my soon to be creation, BUT I will have to have the ladder to the bed I don’t use taken away…. I mean, I can keep the bed, I can still climb in from all angles, the ladder just takes up too much room. Otherwise it goes in front of my radiator…. which wont be good… fire and all that jazz….. Also, looking at my other desks, I have decided that if I ever buy anything from Ikea or somewhere and it is flat pack, I’ll put it together (obviously) then varnish it… it would look MUCH better….

Tomorrow also includes Chemistry (Secret obvious arm pump), Which I hope to get good marks from the mock… if not… I will be confussed… I got an A in my Physics! Physics is my weakest one!

Buuuuut…. I think… I’ll end with a quick shout out to those that I think read my blog….. So hello to:

Ben, Max, Sean, Ryan, Kevin, Callum…. dang…..

If there are anyothers post a comment down there (V) to get a mention… or at least make me feel better.

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  1. Max says:

    Hello to you too.

  2. Sean says:

    Ah dia dhuit a Chris cad é mar ata tu? Go raibh maith agat faoi an leirú a tabhar tu dom i do sliocth nua =D

  3. Chris says:

    Dammit Sean, I don’t speak your Crazy language…. Google translators closest match is Portuguese, which there is something mentioned about naked, march and all sorts….

  4. Sean says:

    0_0 thats nothing to do with what i said. Try drinking a few pints of Guinness, it will help you understand.

  5. Chris says:

    or being Irish?

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