I’m not exactly sure WHAT is rearing its head the most, is it Christmas, procrastination or something else….

Well, I’ll start with the shortest first, Christmas! So today is December the 1st (If you didn’t know) which means the first day of advent. I was glad to finally be getting the small bits of chocolate from my Winnie the Pooh advent Calendar. But I’m not sure WHY I have a Winnie the Pooh calendar… I think it is because those were the only ones left, (apparently) so everyone has them…. With it also being the 1st of December AND a Monday, this meant that there are only three whole weeks of School left until we break up and I can spend about 10 days playing games! sure we get about 14 days off of school BUT one of those days is Christmas, SOOOO that is going to be taken up… by Christmas, then there will be Christmas Eve, which is like I think My grandparents will get to my house, so not much there, at least one day I will expect to go to Ipswich with Family…. The 4th… I couldn’t remember what happened to the 4th…. but it was SOMETHING! But other than that I can play games from morning till night because I appear to have no friend capable of organising things….

This brings me onto my second dish. Procrastination. This seems to be a main theme of my blog and or life…. I wonder why. It has been it today because I was meant to get some Media Coursework done for Wednesday BUT instead I told myself I will do it after dinner, so I played Maplestory for about an hour and a half…. After about a half hour long dinner of a GIANT bowl of pasta with Cheddar cheese, I decided to change my bed sheets (all by myself) which turns out is REALLY hard. I managed to get it done…. but I managed to push my mattress off of my bed at least twice…. I have also been watching more Spoony Experiment and having Bleach Episode 90 English Dub streaming, after finding it of course. I’m not sure what else I managed to spend time on, but yeah…..

Other news,  Ctrl+Alt+Del’swriter/illustrator/creator and Awesome God of coolness, is having his second comic arc of the whole, “Choose your own path thing.” This is a continuation from the first (which rawked). It is simple to get your thing in, and is always funny. So yeah check it out.

As I mentioned earlier there is some new Spoony Experiment, This being a continued Fallout 3 review AND some more of Phantasmagoria 2, which is High-larious.

ALSO, I have started to play Final Fantasy IX again, last time I played it, I was young so I didn’t really read the stuff and I ended up in a boss fight with only two people one of which was REALLY weak…. I like IX because it is my second favorite Final Fantasy game owned by Sony, the first being VII of course, (DOI!) so far it has taken me about two to three hours to get to the first actual unscripted “Introduction Boss”. This being the Plant brain which on my first attempt raped me in the arse fodder…. I will get some more of that done at the weekend maybe…. One of the main reasons I like Final Fantasy IX is because the system in which abilities are learned is VERY awesome. It works and it does give equipping weaker weapons and stuff a purpose instead of the second you find a new weapon ditching the old one. Also it has Zidane and ViVi who are in my top…. Five Final Fantasy Characters…. (Cloud, Sephiroth, Zidane, ViVi, Vincent).

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I played a bit of Final Fantasy IV which I had stopped because I got to a hard boss battle which was four bosses with 25k hp in the same battle with no break between, all of which had moves which could kill me in one….. But, I beat it, Beat the CPU, stopped the Giant, Found out the HORRIFIC truth about Golbez, got rid of Fuyosha (?) (FINALLY) then went to kill Bahamut… who was surprisingly easy…. In my opinion… Now I just have the final dungeon to do, and to take down the DREADED Zemus… Then I can concentrate on finishing Final Fantasy III (the ACTUAL one (Not the annoying one pricks call III, also known as VI)) and do the final dungeon and defeat Xande… RIGHT after I finish training my characters jobs up… which will take AT LEAST an hour…. if not more…. Then who knows what I will do, play some pokemon…. try and Finish Heroes of Mana….

Due to it being Winter, it is getting dark by about 4:00pm… this means I can no longer read my book in the car!!!! =O!!!!! I can only JUST read it in the morning….. which sucks…..

I got a B in my OTHER English paper (the one about the poems and ‘Of Mice and Men’).

Decorated an Xmas Tree on Sunday….

ALSO, I’m hoping on getting my question called out on the live Marathon of Prince of Persia.

OH! Also, I’ve managed to level to level 73 on Maplestory and at least once on my Bandit and Pirate….. Just to let you know…

Also, I think this has to be the WEIRDEST way someone has found my blog…. they typed this into a Search engine, “i have got my french mock exam tomorrow” and got to my Blog… weird.
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  1. joethearachnid says:

    Best FF characters: Rydia and Terra. And also, the people who call FFVI FFIII are not pricks, they’re just retro. And yes, Bahamut is piss-easy. Not as easy as the wife one that keeps on healing itself, though… And It’s FuSoYa, and he’s useless and shit. I want Yang back!

  2. Chris says:

    lol, I found the wife quite easy… you just cast reflect on her… Or at least, That is what I thought i did…. I think I found Leviathan harder than all the others….
    I mean GETTING to Bahamut was harder than fighting him, the monsters there were tough, i.e. Behemoths… those things were insane…. I mean, I found a way to beat them (by casting Blink on everyone (Cept Edge who uses Ninjutsu Mirage on himself)) but still, if one wore off without me noticing, I would be royally screwed, those things hit hard….

  3. joethearachnid says:

    I just made sure that I had around 400 Cure2s at any one time. And yeah, I got the reflect trick.

  4. Chris says:

    Cure2s? Curas? Hi-potions? (Only knows the proper names of things (unless it is FF 7)

  5. Vonn says:

    Could have been worse than winne the pooh the others were Ben10 and BRATS.

  6. Chris says:

    What the deuce? You said you wouldn’t read my blog of wonders….

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