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It is now Officially CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy December teh 25th at midnight! (exactly)

Maybe I can catch Santa in the act….

Sorry for the lack of posts…. I uh, I’ve been gaming a lot…. till about midnight each day….. so I’ve never had much time to blog…. As well as Christmas

Okay, so… today, is… MAX’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Max…. from the school I go to…  So, Max is a wonderful person who is sort of a addict when you come to…. Steam products…. So Max is now 16 so… go over to give Max a big ol’ Happy Birthday, even if you don’t know him!

On to other news that isn’t Max as hard as that is to believe…. Wednesday, Chemistry, Titration was the name of the game…. I found it pretty good… A good ol’ lesson that had many positive points…. so that was pretty good… the rest of the day that wasn’t lessons didn’t really have ANY positive points 😦 DT, this was pretty fun, not only was it Yazoo day…. but I also now have some material to be sawing and cutting and gluing and nailing and more cutting…. and stuff… I marked out my first stuff…. which was fun…. THEN, I Tried to cut my wood…. but me being all weak and brittle meant that I didn’t last long…. So I got Ned and his Panel Saw to cut through all of my wood that I needed…. the main problem is that I am not sure if I need a bit left over…. Media was next… FINALLY finished my trailer with the help of Cheyenne and not much help from the crappy camerawoman Ellie… who failed to help in the slightest… unless you count beating my arm to a bloody fine pulp helping….

Thursday today…. Not only was the positive-ness of Max’s Birthday ruined due to the crappy art lesson that had me doing the same thing I was doing the week before… nothing…. Because she hasn’t given us ANY direction… she didn’t tell me what I could do to improve my pieces… she just went through saying, “I Don’t like that” “That isn’t doing anything for me” etc…. So… I am just going over my oil pastel in more Oil pastel…. Barrels of fun… even better knowing that the last lesson next week we will be doing…. WORK! woo…. She is a bitch and has never given us a fun lesson… Max is MUCH better of a person… Like GOD compared to her… or Gordan Freeman. Ah HA! Drama was next, this meant that it was time to do my super duper piece of mock drama piece…. Ours was going well… until in the dark I couldn’t find my hoody and I found it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get into… I spent too long going, “I can’t find my hoody!” and running about backstage searching for it….. and then trying to get into it….. oh well…. the rest of the lesson I could FINALLY get back into some kind of comedy….. with a Drunken person going home by car after beating up a hobo, Me (a policeman) coming in, telling the hobo off then telling the man to “Drive Safely”… and even though we didn’t intend on it… we somehow managed to get something about “How the modern world is made mostly up by Binge drinkers”…. or something like that…. I can’t remember what Miss Archer said… but it was something we weren’t aiming at…. We then had Maths, this was boring and simple…. and having to yell at Andy because he lacks the ability to hear….. Grr…. and getting REALLY annoyed listening to Nathan tell me how he is going to beat my legaly trained and obtained and blood stained (my own blood) pokemon, with his pokemon… which he used Cheats to obtain, train and the like…. Rare Candy cheats… from the internets… AND having Darkrai but found on like route 201 or whatever the first route is…. He annoys me ever so….. After that there was French… all I can say is Oops… I got an E in the higher reading, which was just a lot of guessing…. and I only just got an E…. I mean the lowest mark to get an E is 18… I got 18…. She didn’t put the grade boundaries for anything lower…. Oh well….

When I got home, with it being Awards Evening and my Brother having an Award and my Sister off to do soem Judo (which I quit after doing about 8 years of it and not getting anywhere apart from underneath the bodies of people twice my size…) I had all 3 computers free…. I decided to use 2 because 3 would be too hard… I think I might’ve shattered my knee…. How you ask?  Quite simply, by having both computers have Maple Story on…. each with one of my characters… one weaker than the other…. I was training the weaker with some Carnival PQ… this meant I had to sprint so fast up and down stairs that if I made one false step I would’ve either fell up/down some stairs or in to/ out of a wall…. either way… my knee hurts… but I got one person leveled up…..

Then I made Max’s fun awesome thing…. and then there was this… woo.
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Well, I have no work to do, and I seem to get bored VERY quickly…. So I am bored…. Onto the normal awesome (or what evers) stuff.

Well, today being tuesday meant a loverly start of PE, this included BADMINTON! YEAH! I think I did the most work in that PE lesson… I mean I did more in that one lesson than probably most of the current school year… or at least all of the Basket Ball bit… I did do a fair bit in Football and Rugby. In Badminton we ended up splitting into 4 separate courts each with about 9 people on. Our court started off with just plain ol’ matches which means whilst waiting doing the odd rally with someone. We got bored of that and did some kind of “King/Queen of the court” which was okay…. going against Alfie was a bit gay…. I was okay…. but I ended up making silly mistakes or the shuttle would hit something hanging from the ceiling and make me run forward nearly into the net….. After that, we did a “Round Court” thing, where we ended up running around the court a lot…. this rawked…. The first one I didn’t lose a single life (I was on 3 (I have no idea why)) and I got to the final two, but I was too tired and the shot was too far away to run for, so Caroline won… The second Adam and I made silly mistakes at the beginning so we went from 2 lives to 1, then I lost my final one when we were down to about 4 people which means you don’t stop running at all…. and when coming in from the right of the court and the shot is on the left…. you know you are going down…. the same sort of thing happened in the 3rd match but there were far too many drop shots so they were getting closer and closer to the net and it was inevitable that one would hit the net…. Then Badminton was over 😦

After break we had none other than Biology, we did a bit of reading about those wonderful things called Kidneys… and glomerulus being the word of the day…. We then got to dissect some now unfrozen kidneys! This was good, I missed out on the eye dissection last time but the heart Dissection was fun… Adam and i didn’t know there was gloves for that one… and Adam put his thumbs through the main artery and vein…. This time we had gloves on… the only tools we used were the blunt scalpel AND the scissors…. Turns out that the Ureter is VERY hard to cut through… and smells like pee pee from the private part place.

After a lunch of watching Ben and Eliza play what was effectively VERY violent pong…. there was RS Core…. we watched more of “When the wind blows” which was sooo boring… I was wondering how long it takes for radiation to kill people…. I didn’t care much for the annoyling old people….

Maths we were doing something that I forgot the name of… but I can remember the long formulae that we used…. Which was quite easy to use… yet I constantly had to remind Nathan how maths works…. which was annoying…. HE DOESN’T GET THINGS  yet STILL has an ego….

AH HA! When I got home (woo Rewrite came on via Windows Media Player) I had nothing to do…. I think I started by checking my normal stuff…. I then decided to start drawing pictures ready for the winter…. and those sleepless nights…. I ended up drawing Seth in Darkness Knight Uniform (Reference for Ben there) I think I got it pretty accurate to the original description, but I think I’m gonna have to change a few bits… like a better description of the trousers and a change from belt to sash…. Once I had done that, I finally finished Chapter 2 of my awesome thing which you have to hunt down over the Internet to find….. I think I worked it out as 130 A4 sheets as the end… or something like that… which is apparently… about 221 normal book pages… BUT! That is every chapter is the exact same length…. I hope to get it finished… soon… maybe summer?

Who knows and or cares! I’m too busy Procrastinating and not sleeping and thinking of plot for differnet things and stuff…..

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Okay, So, I guess I haven’t written a proper blog post since…. Friday? I have a very good explanation for this:

1) Final Fantasy IX is very fun so I got caught up in that

2) I spent a lot of Friday going about the world of Maple with Bethany and Max, and getting the feeling of the fifth wheel… or in this case 3rd… on a bike…. it doesn’t matter though, they’ll never read this ^^

3) Maplestory = Addictive, Unfortunately, I have started to go all grinding on my bandit…. HOWEVER, this isn’t my main, Stupid events making me have to NOT be where I would normally be…. I think, I might be able to train him some more on…. about, the start of the Xmas hols, which i’ll start on the Friday, to see how long I can go without any sleep…. I think I’ll “Twitter” The occasion…. just for that one time…. I mean, this time i’m actually going to do it….. I’ll need to draw CRAP loads of pictures, but yeah….

4) My internet was on the fritz.

Okay, first things first, Final Fantasy IX. I played it a lot, killed some black mages (poor ViVi) kicked some butt and then some more butt… then I got to the bit that always breaks…. which is the small FMV, this means I have to wait until the PS2 is free so the superior laser on that will read the disc better than my crappy….8 or 9 year old PS1…. (The original LARGE PS1 broke (a sad day (when I was about 6))) So I might get round to playing a bit more Tales of Symphonia… my second play through….

Maple, I managed to get my Bandit up 1.5 levels… which is hard doing an area which isn’t great experience for my level, but I hate grinding on monsters…. I ended up getting my mum’s pirate up about 2.8 levels…. Ren came back (Ren from Israel) from Base, which is awesome… it gets boring when he goes off to his Israel Military Base place…..

Uh… LIFE! Okay, I FINALLY managed to get Media Player working again, through tears…. So I ended up listening to a LOT of Bloc Party, heck, I still am…. they are tres awesome…. I’ll probably add some Muse and Foo Fighters into the mix… at some point…. along with Rewrite of course….. But yeah, In life… it seems to have become quite the shits…. WOO! BUT! I finally got my DT Material ordered, so WHO knows when I am going to get that started… which I’m not looking forward to, because the other group scares me…. If I went into the other room… I may not make it out without parts of my person missing with blood spuming about….

Obviously winter is here…. I mean, tomorrow’s weather IS, Sunny, with a MAX of 4 C… a maximum of 4 C…..

(NOTE: Is that Apostrophe correct?)

I got a B in my DT thingy ma flapjack…. A D in my french HIGHER listening…. And Media is being a whore… mostly because…. I’m not sure….

Drama, we didn’t end up performing our piece today, which sucked because I would rather get it out of the way NOW than worry as you see others thinking that yours wont be as good then really hamming it up in an attempt to make it look better…. Woo?

OH! I spent about an hour doing THIS:

Woo, lots of shadow!

Woo, lots of shadow!

This guy, well, I haven’t even begun to write the story he is in… speaking of which… I REALLY need to get that story written, I’m only Half way through chapter 2 >.<

I swear I had more stuff to write… but all the stuff that pops to mind I might’ve already mentioned in my previous 3 posts…..

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I’ve spent about the last 30 minutes if not more on a posting Race with Kevin from Ireland on the forum… and it is still going! WOOP!

Yeah, okay, So, I know that I have done a lot of these ‘QuickPresses’ I appologize… but, as you know, I have had internet problems so doing a big blog post would take too long. These are also useful for when I spend like all night playing on a game, then so I can say, “Been playing lots of [insert game here], I’ve done [insert something here] so, [insert etc here]. I’ll do a bigger one later”
So, unless I don’t end up gaming for too long, I will do a longer one later.